Wednesday, October 15, 2014

September 29 - October 5

Hello everyone! well im sure most of you know that transfers are today and yes I was transferred to Apple Valley to the Granite Hills ward. its the desert but its starting to cool off here which is nice cause its been in the triple digits! goodness it doesn't feel like October at all! also im still on bike....yay. not too thrilled about that cause ill be on bike for more than half of my mission but hey at least im getting in shape haha My new companion is sister Lampanin and she is from Finland. She has been out for almost 9 months but she is super quite so I hope I can get her out of her shell! Wish me luck here in the desert! ah im feeling like im more of a valley girl haha

Sep 29- for our last zone activity we went to the Vondersaars gym again. that was fun and then we went and did our normal routine! We had dinner with the Coria family which was good they always make some yummy food!

Sep 30- We had district meeting this morning which was a really good one! most of us missionaries did trainings. I did my training on when you or comp has a bad day. I focused it on the Mormon message Good things to Come by elder Holland and it went really well! We then went home and went to the Matheson's to drop some CDs off to them for them to copy for us and then went to Sister Vaea's who is in the Tongan ward but lives in our area and help her paint her home. That was a blast! we ended up having a paint war with the zls and Sisters woodward and manumua. We then went home to wash up and then got picked up by the Stocksdales to go to the stake mutual activity with Frances our investigator. that was a party for sure! it was a Lu-al sp? put on by the Tongan ward so it was legit! We were able to learn a dance and perform it! hahaha I got it recorded so don't you all worry you will see it when I get home hahaha it was lots of fun!

Oct 1- We got to see meet the Mormons movie at the mission office! it was super good! you all better go and see it cause if you don't you will regret it for sure! The last story really touched me maybe cause im a missionary but that one made me get a little teary eyed. We then went and stopped by Rosy a potential and then had a lesson with Sister T and then ended up having dinner at the Tesimale's home! Love them so much!!

Oct 2- We had service at one of our members home doing yard work with our district and then we headed to the Mountain View elders area to help a lady paint a room in her home. We have been doing lots of service lately which is super nice! We love doing service!! We then had a lesson with Ruby who became a new investigator! We taught her the Restoration and she loved learning about it! We hope she is really interested and isn't someone who has a hard time saying no haha We then went to Moniques and had a lesson with her and Bro. Swart came over to give her a blessing for her huge exam she had the next day! We then went out to dinner with her. Im so sad to leave her but she will get baptized one day! I just know it!!

Oct 3- We went back to sister Vaea's and finished painting the rooms! that was lots of fun! she made us lunch too! she is so sweet! I love them! We then went to Lina's to have a lesson with her and she bought us lunch so we were lucky to have two lunches that day haha good thing we are on bike! We then went home and weekly planned until we had dinner at Jazmin's and Ivans place. Later that night the training calls went out and Sister Mayall got one!! yay! im so happy for her! but sad that we weren't going to be together again. She is going to be an awesome trainer!

Oct 4- General Conference! I love watching it especially as a missionary!! We were able to watch both sessions at the stake center. During the break the Tesimales took us out to lunch which was super fun! Im going to miss that family! On our ride back we got our transfer calls. We all were screaming in the car haha it was so funny! After conference we home so I could pack so on sunday we can go and visit some more families before I have to leave. We then went to the Birdsalls to have dinner and a lesson. Everett had the best surprise for us! He is getting baptized on NOVEMBER 1st!!! yay!! we were so happy! I sure hope I can come back for that one!

Oct 5- we watched the morning session with the Stocksdale family with Frances and then we watched the second one with the Birdsalls. so that was lots of fun! the last session of conference was by far my favorite! I forgot my study journal to write a bit of what I learned so I will try and do that next week! We then went to the Mathesons and then Sister t to say bye and then went to dinner at the Wattersons where we had a yummy dinner. We even had blue jello!! its the first time on my mission that I have had jello! hahaha I have missed it since we have it all the time at home especially with sunday dinner. haha I know im weird! We then said bye to the Hernandez family! they are too cute! they got me a goodbye present and we had cake! I love them so much! their little son Fernando but they call him Nano was super sad cause he had a bit of a crush on my haha the youngest boy is in love with Sister Mayall so he was happy to see her stay! After them we ended the evening at the Dades! love them all too. man im going to miss this ward a lot! They have taken great care of me! and I was able to see many miracles here!

Well that was my crazy week! I love you all so much! Hope you have a wonderful week!
Love Sister Johnson :)

our district! :)

again! With Nani Vaea!! she is super cute we just love her!

at the mutual activity!!

the present the Hernandez family gave to me!

I look gross but the Hernandez family :)

Dade Family :)

Sister T :)

funny faces with Frances! :)

the stocksdales and Frances :)

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