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Sept 22 - Sept 28

Hello everyone! 
I cant believe another p-day has approached! the weeks are just flying by! This week was a good one and we have another one coming our way! 

Sep 22-- It was super strange not having a p-day today. Sister Mayall and I didn't like it but we were able to stay focused and worked hard! We had an appointment with a potential but she rescheduled cause she wasn't feeling well so we were a bit disappointed with that but we didn't let it get us down! We then went to the library to do some time. Pres. Hobbs has been really pushing us to do this so we will get familiar with all the church sites for when we get ipads. We haven't really heard any more updates on those yet, I doubt I will see them come into the mission. We then went and visited some less actives and potentials but didn't have any success. We went back to our apartment to get picked up for dinner by Sister Barton. We had a good dinner with her and then she took us to the Tulaks for our appointment with them. We did the family mission plan with them and that went really well! I love that family they are so great! We then went over to the Salmons to do FHE with them and the family mission plan. It was fun and they were so excited to set these goals as a family! We had dessert with them and chatted! We had quite the busy evening! We were pooped! 

Sep 23-We had district meeting this morning which went well! sister Mayall gave a training and she did a great job! we then went and had a lesson with Ikeyda and Linda. Linda is doing great! she is keeping all of her commitments, Ikeyda on the other hand isn't very much :( We were able to teach them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were able to extend a baptism date as well for Nov. 15. they both said they would pray about it! We then went over and visited with Sister T who is doing well! She is her same self and we were able to do a follow the prophet lesson and talked about conference! We are just so excited for conference!! anyway haha we then went to dinner with Sister Remington which went well and then went to a lesson we had set up with a potential family Joel and Rosario. He wasn't home from work yet so they had to reschedule :( we were super bummed about that! We did meet another guy and talked to him as we were walking home. He wanted to bash so we just bore our testimonies and walked off. some people just love to argue with us! goodness! 

Sep 24- TEMPLE TRIP!!! it was so wonderful to go to the temple again! We went to the 8:30am session. It was so great and just what i needed! its crazy to think that the next time i go it will be my departing trip. woah it has gone just way too fast for my liking! We then took pictures with the zone after the temple and then went and got in and out in San B. so i saw a little of the place I was called haha so happy that isn't in our mission anymore! We then did our normal p-day things with sisters Cobabe and Wall. we had a good day! that evening we ate with the Mathesons! and went to mutual! We were able to teach them how to door contact! it was fun and then we were able to go into a classroom and they had to contact us and we let them in and they taught us a few things on the topic they gave us. it was a fun experience! they did pretty well! haha I wish I was able to have that kind of practice before my mission! 

Sep 25- Had a long morning. Everything just kept falling through :( We visited with a few members and then had a lesson with Monique and Joseph about tithing and fasting! Monique is super cute and wants to pay already even though she isn't a member! She needs to get baptized already haha after we went to the Mejia's home and taught them the 10 commandments. Sister Mejia wanted us to talk about honoring our parents so we decided to just talk about them all. they are such a fun family! Sister Mayall then was able to play their guitar and sing! she is so good at it! I want to learn how to play when i get home! We then stopped and picked up pizza on our way home since we havent had dinner yet! When we got home we had many missionaries at our door haha we had the STL's and the ZL's they all needed to drop things off to us! it was lots of fun! We then ate our dinner and planned and went to bed! 

Sep 26- some of our appointments canceled or didn't work out today :( Its okay cause we were able to meet with Ikeyda and Linda and had a super great lesson on scripture study and prayer! the spirit was strong there and they are still praying about their bap date! We then went home and weekly planned for a few hours and then had dinner at Jazmin's and Ivans home. it was good that we were able to meet with them and to catch up and see how everything is going. they haven't been coming to sacrament as much any more but she comes to her primary class weekly! We are trying to help them set their priorities straight! Hopefully they will one day! they are looking for a place on their own which is good. i think it will help them grow up and help them feel like their own family. 

Sep 27- This morning at 8am we had service at the Vondersaars until 12. we helped them take off their roof cause they have to redo it. Its one big project! we had lots of fun though! We love doing service projects it helps us missionaries stay sane haha We then had a lesson at 12 with our new investigator Cecilia but she wasn't able to meet with us and she left a note on her door. that was sweet of her most just wouldn't be there so we are trying to reschedule with her. We were able to meet with two of our less actives Dixie and Lina and invited them to come to the womens broadcast. They were both able to attend! We then went home and got ready for lunch/dinner with Sister Newey and then we headed off to the stake center for the broadcast! It was so great but we weren't able to see most of it. the picture wasn't working but at least we got to hear it! some people were watching it from their phones and ipads so I was able to see some of it but it was delayed but hey it was still really good and we felt the spirit. Frances and Melissa who is a potential were able to come! We were thrilled to see them there! they both liked it alot!  :) We then went back and had a meeting with Bro. Swart and the elders. 

Sep 28- We had church which went well. Everett and Frances came along with the zone leaders haha it was a surprise to see them but they were helping out with the thrid hour meeting in two wards but wanted to take the sacrament so they needed to come to our ward so we had 6 missionaries there! the ward loved it! haha We went home with the Stocksdales and had a lesson with Frances. We did the cups lesson with her and extended a baptismal date for Nov 8 with her. she said she will pray about it but got excited when we asked her! We also asked her to ask her parents about it too. So we will follow up with that next week! our fingers are crossed! :) We then met with Diana for a little bit. we haven't talked with her for a long time since she has been up the hill so we told her we were passing her off to the elders up there not in those exact words but that was the extent of it. We then went to Lucy Brady's for dinner and then went to the Birdsalls for a lesson on missionary work. Bro Swart was able to come which was good. The lesson went great we had lots of discussion which was wonderful and then we brought up baptism again with Everett and he said yes about that.... I have been thinking... ( my heart skipped a few beats!!) and i want to get baptized around my birthday...( well when is your birthday!?!) Nov 21st!! We were super excited!! It isn't going to work that weekend but we are trying to find a weekend in October to do it! We are figuring it all out with Dawn on the exact date. But we were thrilled that he has overcome his concerns and is ready to make that covenant with God!! yay!! One of the best nights ever!! :) 

Well that is my week in a nut shell! i hope you all had a wonderful week! I am so excited for conference and hope you all will be able to watch it and get those answers you are looking for! I know you will! :) I love you all so much!! thanks for all the love and support! 

Love Sister Johnson :) 

The Sisters in our Zone at the Redlands Temple

oh sister Mayall tried her very first corn dog... she hates it!! haha 

our usual curbside pictures!! haha we are such dorks! 

our service project at the Vondersaars :) 

Elder Ercanbrack and  Elder Francis

This picture was a surprise sent home from Sister Vondersaar. She said
 "We are re-doing our roof and she is working very hard:) We love having her over at our house!!

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