Monday, August 4, 2014

July 28 - Aug 3

July 28- another fantastic p-days! they go by so quick its crazy!! We hung out with the YSA sisters again! we are so grateful for them and all they do for us! we then had zone activity and we played volleyball which i suck at! but it was still really fun just being with all of our friends! We then headed home and had dinner dropped off to us and we biked quickly over to Christine's home for a lesson we rescheduled with her. We were able to talk to her for a minute but she rescheduled again. she felt so bad but she just had one of those days. we decided to go over to Diana's home and talk with her. She told us we were an answer to her prayers cause she was just praying for us to come over tonight because she has court in the morning and wants us to help her keep calm. She feels comfort and peace when she is with us. We were able to watch Mountains to Climb Mormon message and she was sobbing by the end. its her life right now. we were able to have about an hour lesson with her and helped her. We brought up baptism again but she again didn't give a direct answer but we still have hope for her. She really needs to come to church but she just wont do it! We will help her with that though. 

July 29- this morning we had district meeting which was flipping awesome!! Elder Paulson did a wonderful training on the atonement and having faith in it. I was able to learn so much and to take many notes in my study journal. after we had lunch and then visited sister T for a little bit. we extended the 30 challenge with her and she was excited about that. We also visited Betty Coleman who is a LA and is super crazy!! she reminds us of a vudo (sp?) witch person its sketchy!! We chatted with her for a minute and then she got up and got us something to drink. Sister Mayall and i both looked at each other freaking out! uh should we drink this?! we ended up doing so and we didn't die from it so that's a good sign! We then had dinner with Lucy Brady and she took us out to dinner and we came back to her house for a message. I was hoping to see Jolie but she wasn't there :( 

July 30- This morning we decided to go tracting in area 11 and that went better than expected. we gave out a few BOM but haven't heard anything back from them since. Hey seed planted right?! We then went home for lunch and then went to Dixie Murray's place to talk with her. She was on her way out so we were able to chat for about 10 minutes. We were able to talk to her about church and how she like it. she said it was good being back there. After we had an appointment with the Hernandez family. We were a bit nervous cause this is like our first real lesson with them. We had Emma Remington come with us. I did most of the talking which im not use to but it was good for me to do. It was also a bit of a challenge teaching the kids cause they were everywhere but we will get through it! we were able to do half of the Restoration and we will finish it next week! We have visuals though so that will help tons! We are loving this family alot! We then had dinner with the Morales family which went well. 

July 31- Today we were able to finally meet with Christine! We were super excited about it! We watched a talk on the BOM that was given in conference in 2011 and she loved it. she loved that the question is really this a book from God or the Devil? she never thought it was that easy. She also mentioned how she wants to come to church more with her girls! I have never heard her say that before! that put a huge smile on my face! She is planning on coming next week! yay!! We had dinner at the Coria's home which went well and then we went and worked in area 11 for the rest of the evening. 

Aug 1- Happy Birthday Papa!! 
We had weekly planning and then we went out and visited many potentials and less actives until dinner with the Delatores. that we went well and we had a good time. We then went and visited with Lina and extended the 30 day challenge with her as well. After we stopped by and visited with Diana. We talked at her door for about a good 30 minutes. she would have invited us in but she had company over. She isn't doing very well because she didn't get custody of her grandkids. she told us she is not at a good place at all and has nothing to live for anymore. they were her entire life! They are going up for adoption in December. its super sad to see this happen and it makes me nervous for her but all we could say to her was how the Gospel of Jesus Christ will help her get through this and will heal her. I hope she will realize that. We are going to meet with her next week sometime. Sister Mayall and I stayed up super late talking again hahaha We get along so well i am so blessed! 

Aug 2- this morning we helped move in a new family in our ward. they are so nice and so great! we are excited to get to know them better! we went to the baptism of Venus and that went really well! Pres. and sister Hobbs came to that one and sat with us! it was really good. We then had a great lesson and dinner with the Birdsalls! we taught about the priesthood and Everett was so into it! :) we are so excited for him! 

Aug 3- Everett and Grace came to church!! after church we got a new investigator! Her name is Francis and she is 12 yrs old and wants to get baptized!! we are stoked about it!! We had a lesson at the Stocksdale's since they are the family that referred her! We are loving it! we then ended the great day at the Matheson's for dinner!! 

It was an over all great week! sorry i had to rush to get the rest of the week done! love you all so much!!  

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