Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Aug 4 - Aug 10

Aug 4- this morning we all went on a hike as a zone for zone activity! we all met at the stake center at 7am and headed to Mt Baldy in Upland! it was lots of fun! we were able to take many fun pictures. On our way back the zone leaders got a call from Pres. Hobbs asking if we went up on our hike. they told him we were just coming back from it and asked what was going on? he was surprised that we didn't notice all the damage that was there from the flash floods the other day. they got 5.3 inches of rain in less than an hour! it was crazy! He just wanted to call and make sure all of us were okay! He sent a few zones up there right when we left to do some service. We felt so bad that we were up there hiking while others were up there working! We went on the rest of our day like normal. the day did feel super long since we didn't have zone activity in the afternoon haha funny how that happens. For dinner we went to the Perkins home. we were hoping that Monique and Joseph were going to join us but they weren't able to make it. It was a shame but we still had a good time.

Aug 5- Today was a bit crazy cause we were suppose to have zone meeting but we got a call from Bro. Swart last night saying we are actually going and doing service up at Mt. Baldy from 1 to 5. we were super excited to do that! Bro. Swart found us rides and we were able to go up and have fun with the zone while helping these poor families. We drove up with sister Marx and she drove us and the Mountain view sisters up! we all met at the Fire station and they told us where we were going to be working. We split off into two groups Moroni and Nephi haha i was in group Moroni with sister Mayall! we were happy to stay with each other! We went up to a home and their front yard and back yard was covered in huge piles of mud and rocks. We made and assembly line and threw out all the big rocks then we went to the back and started shoveling the mud out! we got some pretty nasty blisters on our hands by the end of it! We had a good time and the people there were super sweet and thankful that we were up there helping them all. After we were able to eat dinner at the Fire station and chilled with our zone! that was super fun and then we rode down with the Perkins. They dropped us off at our place and we hurried and jumped in the shower and cleaned up to go to dinner at the Vondersaars. Yep we had two dinners...not much we could have done cause we didn't know we were going to get fed up there and it was too late to cancel dinner with the Vondersaars. We went over there at about 730 and had a nice time with her. We were exhausted by the time we got home! 

Aug 6- Zone meeting got pushed to today due to the service project we had. It was a great zone meeting and we learned alot! My favorite training was from Elder Ercanbrack cause he talked about FEAR and how we need to over come this with FAITH!! I have struggled with this my entire mission and i think i will struggle with it my whole life in different situations. It was an awesome training and just what i needed at this time! We then talked about taking out the distractions when we are teaching. We need to be bold by doing this and asking families to turn off the TV or inviting everyone in the home to join us for the message. I have been doing better at that but still working on the boldness haha Pres. Remington then came and talked about missionaries and members working together. I already had this training the first time i got into this zone so it was a bit of a repeat but i still learned from it! Sister Mayall and I actually talked about it last week and wanting to work with more members. So far so good! we are getting tons of member referrals! and the last training was from a member in the Tongan ward. by this point we were running about 2 hours late and we were done sitting and listening! it was over and we headed back to our place and had the sisters drop us off at the church so we could work in that area and make it to Moniques lesson in time. That lesson went well! We were able to talk with her and Joseph was there for a minute. He was applying for jobs yay!! that is a huge step for him! They had another serious talk last night and he finally gets that she is done waiting around so he is finally stepping up his game! We hope it lasts though. We then had dinner at the Davis's and Stevie and Cole Paterson were over. They are so nice and so ready to help us out with missionary work! they are here for about 6 months until they go back to school at BYU-I. After we headed to young womens where we played Mormon style family feud. it was super fun! not alot of girls showed up since today was the first day of school for them. 

Aug 7- Not much happened today just the same old missionary work! We had dinner with Martha Espinoza which went well. her granddaughter Jamie who is less active joined us and we were able to have good conversation with her. When we were done there we went and walked down the street to see if the Hernandez family was home. they were outside in the front!! We ended up talking to them for a few hours and gained such a stronger relationship with them!! Can i just say how much i love this family!! We found out that the two boys have crushes on us haha the nine year old likes me and the five year old likes sister Mayall haha they are so cute! we just love this family! we were able to set up a lesson with them for next week! 

Aug 8- We did more service today at sister Vondersaars gym! that was super fun!! we were with our district and we helped fix one of their spring floors. it was alot of work but it was all worth it cause we were able to jump on the tramps after! it was alot of fun! I was able to do a back flip! i was so proud of myself!! We had dinner with Alicia Guerrero which went well. Miguel has backed off which is super sad but not much we can do. We are no longer teaching him we did let him know that we are always here for him if he has any other questions! We then went and talked with sister Lopez and she gave us a referral so we went and contacted it and we were able to get her info and try and set up a lesson with her and her family! she has been interested for a while now she is just super busy with her two autistic boys. 

sorry i don't have time to finish this email but ill include it in my next week one!! so sorry!! 
love you all!! :) 

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