Monday, July 28, 2014

July 21 - July 27

July 21- for p-day we were with the YSA sisters again! and we did our normal routine! while washing the car a homeless man named Joe came and talked to us for a little bit. We talked about the church and then he invited us to lunch and he kept commenting on how cute we are... ugh nope don't even go there Joe!! hahaha Sister Mayall and I hurried and ended that conversation haha we then went to zone sports which was fun. we played dodgeball which I'm not all that good at but we had fun making fools out of ourselves! the zone has changed so much but its okay cause i still have most of my friends here and i get to make some new ones too! that night we had dinner at the Swarts which is always fun. it was a bit rushed cause we then went to the single older women's FHE they hold every Monday night. They invited us to come which was sweet of them. it was quite interesting haha but we had a good time. 

July 22- In district meeting we gave a training on extending Bap. Dates. I learned so much preparing for it and we were both pumped to give it. we focused on setting this expectation of baptism on the first lesson and inviting them to be baptized and then the following lesson extend an exact date to work towards. By doing this it shows that we trust the Lord that they will be able to progress and work towards baptism with His help. Many of us get scared of loosing our investigators cause we think we won't have much work to do or we have gained that relationship with them and we dont want to loose them. But this is the Lords work so lets show Him that we trust Him! it ended up being a great training :) after we had lunch at the church as a zone. we had pancakes! it was so fun! all of us were in the kitchen just having a blast! I love all the friendships i gain out here! When it was over the sisters dropped us off at home so we could have a little more for lunch and then we went out on our bikes and was headed to the church. we had an appointment with Diana for a church tour but of course she didn't make it. We even had 3 members coming so we were super bummed! but not much we can do. We then headed over and tried to visit Dixie a less active we have been working with but she was at the drs. we then headed over to try a few other less actives and we were able to talk with the Runkle family. we have been trying them for so long but no answer until today! He answered and we thought he was a member but he isnt but he isnt really interested either right now but he was super nice so we were grateful for that! We had dinner with the Remingtons and then had a lesson with Miguel and Bro Chase to that with us. oh man that wasn't the best lesson we have ever had. He just isnt interested anymore and isn't opened to learning but the members we bring dont want to accept that and expect us to continue working with him. We have another lesson with him on Tuesday so we will see how that goes but we are probably going to drop him soon but we wont lose the relationship we have with him and neither should the members. 

July 23- We went and tried to visit a referral with the YSA sisters but the address was wrong cause there were no homes in sight! we then came home and ate lunch and then went out and worked in area 9 and 11 for the afternoon. it was so hot! we were dying. we visited quite a few members in those areas and some potentials. We had dinner with the Orantes family and they took us to young women's since they were already going. we did a service relay race it was loads of fun! We had a great turn out and many non members were there too! It was a success!! 

July 24- its still so strange that it isn't a holiday here in California. It was so hot today though! about 105 to 110. we were dying!! in the morning we went and biked to area 10 and saw some less actives. One of them answered the door but he was super busy but said we could come back so we will this coming week! We went home and had lunch with the YSA sisters. during lunch most of our appointments for the evening canceled which sucked! I hate days like those. Sister Swart came and picked us up for an appointment with Christine which fell through so she came with us to see Dixie which went well. After she dropped us off at the library to do time and then we went and visited a few more less actives when sister Swart called and invited us for dinner since Jazmin canceled. It ended up being a crazy night! We picked up Venus to go to an employment night that was at the church and stayed there for a little bit with her. we then finally went out to Black Angus to eat and then went back and picked her up and then dropped us off at home. it was quite an eventful night! 

July 25- Not much happened today! we weekly planned for a very long time and then had a lesson with Jazmin which went well and then had dinner with the Marsh family and cleaned their home. it was a bit disappointing going into the home cause it was pretty messy again but its okay we cleaned it up and even cleaned off the kitchen table! its looking good and sister Mayall cleaned the kitchen again! 

July 26- this morning we met with Irene and had a good lesson with her. she has been praying and has seen the difference it has made! i love it when the people we are working with see the blessings that come from this gospel! its the best :) That evening we were able to have dinner with Sister Vondersaar and then went to Alex Matheson's mission call opening! He is going to Dallas Texas and leaves Oct 29! it was so fun being there cause it took me back to my opening! We then had ward coordination at the Swarts which went really well! 

July 27- We had ward council and then church! Monique and Joseph came!!! and Ivan and Jazmin stayed the whole 3 hours!! and Dixie Murray came as well!! we were so excited!! it was a great day at church for sure. Oh and they finally called a second counselor in the bishopric who is Bro Matheson but they didnt call a ward clerk haha after church we went and contacted a referral we got and they were home! its a family of 3! their names are Evelyn and John and their 3 yr old son. She is going to read the restoration pamphlet and coming to church on Sunday! they weren't able to make it this time cause her husband had to work but he is off next Sunday so we are super excited about that! We then went and had lunch/dinner at the Mejia's which is always great. they are such a sweet family! they found out it was my birthday awhile ago and they were mad i didn't tell them cause they always have the missionaries over for their birthday so they are going to make me a chocolate cake next time we go over! they are too sweet! after we went home and studied and then went out and saw a few less actives! it was a wonderful Sunday! 

We are determined to see many miracles this week and work harder than ever before! We are excited for Saturday cause the elders investigator Venus is getting baptized! so that is exciting! thanks for all the love and support you all give me! love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! 

Love Sister Johnson :)  

Sister Johnson and Sister Mayall

her touch to the apartment! I love it!! I cant wait to go and visit one day!

our companionship! :)

face mask fun!

scary!! hahahah

camera war!! hahaha 

she won! 

what we found on the side of the street! 

Such cute sister missionaries!

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