Monday, July 28, 2014

July 14 - July 20

July 14- Transfer day is always so crazy! We went to swap meeting and then figured out how to get all of Sister Mayalls stuff back since we didnt have a car and the car we had going to the office was staying there cause Sister Crowley is training and was going to be in a group of 3 for a few days. That was a bit stressful but it all worked out! We were able to get everything done. we had dinner at the Swarts that night which was good. Venus was there so Sister Mayall got to meet her. She says this area is way different than Chino Hills! haha 

July 15- We had district meeting this morning which went well. we got 3 new missionaries in our district so it was fun meeting them. We went back to our apartment and had lunch with Sisters Wall and Cobabe and then headed to our appointment with Dixie Murray. Her friends were there who are homeless and trying to get back their 4th son from CPS. it was a crazy visit! Beverly prayed on us in her Cherokee Indian language. I didn't know what to think about that! haha after we walked down to Jazmin's but she wasn't home yet so we were able to stop by Rosa's who is a potential who we have tried many times. she was super nice just busy. We then tracted until Jazmin was home. Many people were home and opened their doors to us. This shocked Sister Mayall cause in Chino no one was ever home and if they were they wouldn't open the door. We walked to the park with Jazmin and her dog Ace. He is so annoying and Sister Mayall hates dogs so Jazmin was trying to help her "overcome" her fears. We did have a great lesson about missionary work though so that was a plus! She is so excited about it and wants to invite her friend Mercedes over when she is making us dinner this next week! We walked back to our apartment to get picked up by Sister Trask for dinner. That dinner went great! they are like the picture perfect mormon family. Bro Trask complimented on our talks in sacrament meeting, he said it is his top 5 sacraments he has ever been to. that was a huge for him to say! it made me really excited to hear that and to know that we were able to bring the spirit in so strong. after we visited with Irene and Makala for a minute then tried to see Will but he wasn't home. we then came back for Sister Mayall to unpack some more. we ended up talking until about 11:30 pm haha it feels like i have my twin back haha dont worry mo she cant replace you but its fun cause she gets it completely!

July 16- We had service with the Centennial sisters and elders today! we helped the Jones family pack up their home. we got there and chatted with them for awhile cause they were waiting for their daughter to show up but she never did. we went and got subway with Sister Jones and then we finally started packing. we took down the huge picture wall she had. she painted a family tree and hung all these pictures on it! it was fun looking at all of them especially since they had a few good looking grandsons hahaha We had the sisters drop us off to Diana's for a lesson. we taught her about the Holy Ghost and showed her some mormon messages on it. she loved it all. we wanted to extend a bap. date but her phone rang and she got distracted and it didn't feel right anymore :( hopefully we can extend it next time! we also helped her move more boxes into the garage. her house looks hundred times better. still dirty and i wouldn't live there but we have made lots of progress! after we walked and did until Dawn picked us up for the RS BBQ at sister Marx's home. It was an enjoyable evening and good for Sister Mayall to meet other sisters in the ward! They all love her English accent!! 

July 17- Normal morning routine except the ZL's did come over and dropped off Sister Mayall's bike. Sister Edwards is letting her borrow the one I rode with her. the ZL's gave us biking 101 haha they showed us how to change a tire in case we ever get a flat. idk if i will be able to do it by myself but it was still fun to learn. after Sister Crowly and her new comp Sister Buck came over for lunch. We had the sisters drop us off by Sister T's and we went and visited her for a little bit. she is just great! After we talked to Kimi for a minute but she was leaving so we werent able to share a message with her but we hope to next week. we then walked to the England's home. on our way over we stopped and got some Juice it up! yum! then headed to their home. i thought i knew where i was going but i ended up getting us lost haha no shocker there! i forgot my GPS and we dont have a map of the elders area so we were walking around and found some guys who we asked for directions. they were able to help us out aton! i wasn't too far off just a few streets! Im so happy sister Mayall can laugh about it with me! We then walked to our dinner after and im shocked we found that cause it was in the same area but we never have been there before but we found it without any issures! We ate with Sister Sue Paterson, her husband had to leave so it was a girls night! it was super fun! 

July 18- Today we weekly planned which took so long! its great having lots of investigators but it takes so long to plan them out haha i cant complain! we do however get a car today which we are super excited about! we are able to do car shares once a week with the Centennial sisters. today we went and visited Jock and Olivia but they said to come back a little later so we went back at 5. we thought they weren't going to be home but they were! we went in and chatted for a minute and then Jock had the boys leave the room which freaked Sister Mayall and i out. he told us he and his wife have talked and they want to stick with their church but are grateful we have stopped by and have shared our beliefs with them. We were so bummed to hear that but we said we are here to build on their faith so we were able to share the Restoration movie with them and invited them to pray about where they needed to be at this time. It was a really powerful lesson but we were so sad after. Its apart of missionary work what can ya do? After dinner we went and visited Anthony and Jennifer. They were about to leave to go get dinner so we just introduced Sister Mayall to him but in the neighborhood there was a massive peacock walking around haha it was so crazy to see! Sister Mayall wasn't feeling well so we went home at about 8 pm and she sat down and then the sisters called for us to come and get them so we drove and picked them up and then came home and planned and went to bed! 

July 19- Sister Mayall woke up not feeling well so i told her to go back to bed and sleep so i did studies in the other room while she was sleeping. we got ready for an appointment we had at 2! we are excited about this cause we got a referral yesterday saying they wanted their home to be blessed. we called them yesterday and set up a time for us to come over. we are excited but nervous about it all at the same time. we went there and no one answered the door but the kids kept peeking there heads out the window so we knew someone was home. we waited about 8 minutes or so and then walked away. we got the phone out to call Fernando but he pulled into the driveway so it all worked out. Jessica his wife was taking a shower really fast so she didn't hear the door. We sat in the living room for a little bit talking to Fernando and the kids. they have 3 kids ages 9, 8, and 5. Jessica then came down and they asked if we knew the story about what has been going on in their home. we had no clue so they told us! well long story short they had a friend Linda who is about 22 come and stay with them after she woke up from her coma she was in and she was possessed. they literally had experiences like you would see in a scary movie. it was so crazy! we had no idea how to respond to that haha so I was able to say a prayer on their home and invite the spirit there. Linda no longer lives there and they got rid of everything in the room so there was no sign of anything from her but it was still so sketch! I then asked if we could come back and teach them and they all accepted! We got 4 new investigators!!! The Lord really loves us! 

July 20- We didnt have ward council today! So Dawn picked us up for church. Everyone came and welcomed Sister Mayall and they all ask where she is from haha she gets that alot! after church we headed to our apartment and did our studies and then headed to dinner at the Birdsalls. It was lots of fun and sister Mayall loves them as much as i do! i was happy about that. Alex then came over to teach. we taught about prophets and the 10 commandments which went well. not one of the best lessons ever but the spirit was still there. I was able to get Grace to talk during the lesson and ask questions which was good! I think it helped her feel included in these lessons cause they have mainly been focused on Everett. Grace has been reading and doing her yw's things but Everett hasn't :( its okay he will one of these days! We aren't giving up on him!! 

Well that was my crazy week! and we have another one coming up with loads of appointments! I love being a missionary and teaching all these people! I am lucky to be serving here in California! I love you all so much and miss you lots! Hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Love Sister Johnson   

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