Monday, July 28, 2014

July 7 - July13

Hey everyone! we had transfers this past weekend and i didn't get transferred!! I am still here in Ontario in the Creekside ward. I am with a new companion Sister Mayall (like you've got mail haha) she is from England and has been out for 6 months already!! We are going to have a blast together!! I was sad to say bye to Sister Dunford though. I love her so much but she is needed in Barstow to help others the way she helped me!!

July 7- another fun p-day! we were with sisters Bond and Cobabe today. our zone sports was so much fun! We played zombie apocalypse nerf war. it was so much fun and great exercise. that night we were able to have an amazing lesson with Monique and Joseph. we watched the come unto Christ video to bring in the spirit and then watched a talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks called Desire. it was beyond perfect for them. at the end of the talk it became super bold and we had no idea it was like that. we looked over the talk before but didn't see that part. we knew if we saw it, we wouldn't have shown it. The Lord blinded us from that one and we are grateful he did. this whole lesson was directed by the spirit. Monique was bold after and told us all her feelings. she is such a strong woman and desires so much to join the church. she dropped us off and we had a huge heart to heart with her. she told us how she knows that she needed us at this time in her life and is grateful for our friendship. we told her how grateful we are for her and that God loves her so much and is proud of her. the spirit was extremely strong all of us were in tears at this point. I love this girl so much!! she will get baptized, i know it!

July 8- this morning we had zone meeting which went well. we talked all about chapter 8 in PMG. we all brough in our area books and checked each others to see how well they were being updated. don't worry we passed haha after we grabbed smoothies with Sisters Bond and Cobabe for lunch and they dropped us off at Diana's house. we were able to have a lesson on the Holy Ghost with her, that went well and then helped her clean her living room. it looks so much better!! its amazing what we have done to the place! we then went to dinner with Sister Vondersaar to Denny's. it was delicious! we were suppose to have a lesson with Miguel and Bro Chase but Miguel canceled due to having family come in town. we had sister Vondersaar drop us off at Jock and Olivia's. they were home so we chatted with them for a minute and set up a time to come back. we walked home and talked with many people.

July 9- the sisters were able to drop us off in area 4 this morning. we went and visited a less active and he answered his door in his underwear or the lack there of!! AWKWARD!! haha he was super nice but very stange. he said we could come back and chat with him but he isn't interested in coming back to church. he ended this conversation with peace haha oh the wonderfful people we get to meet! We had dinner with the Mathesons that night which was lots of fun! we were able to plan a lesson with Alex for the Birdsalls the next night. we then went to young womens with them and that was super fun! Grace came up to sister Dunford and I ans said I want to be baptized!! ahhh!! we are so stinking excited!! she is getting baptized in December so that way her brother who is in the army can baptize her. I will come back for that baptism!! we are so excited! 

July 10- Happy Birthday Makelle!! 
We had service at Diana's home this morning with the elders. we were able to get so much done! the YSA sisters then came and picked us up and we had lunch with them. that is always fun! that evening we had a wonderful lesson with the Birdsall family. We taught the plan of salvation and Alex did great! The spirit was so strong there and Everett is progressing! he loved it and took it all in! the spirit was super strong there! I love this work! 

July 11- We got the sisters car today! we are able to do car shares with them! I drove which was fun! i havent driven in such a long time! it was a nice feeling! we got the car in the afternoon after weekly planning and visited so many people! we had a lesson with Jazmin about callings and coming to all 3 hours of church. it went really well and she is so excited about a calling and her visiting teaching assignment. after we went and saw all of our investigators and less actives we are working with to invite them to church because sister Dunford and I were asked to speak in sacrament so we were going to use this to our advantage! 

July 12- HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY MO!! 
My birthday was amazing out here! Sister Dunford really spoiled me! haha I woke up to a room full of confetti and toilet paper haha i then opened my presents from home which i loved by the way!! and then we had a zone lunch and the elders made me a cake and sister Dunford got cupcakes for me and tons of candles! they all sang happy birthday to me oh and an elder brought all the decorations for the party! it was so much fun!! after we went and did a district tract which was fun! we were able to find 3 potentials for the Centinnial sisters. We then got our transfer doctrine and then had dinner at the Birdsalls!! they spoiled me too! we were able to end that appointment with a lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alex taught that one too and he did a great job! Everett prayed to close it and Dawn burst out in tears after cause she was so happy! its a dream come true for her!! It was a special moment to share with all of them. We then went over to the Swart's for the coordination meeting which went well! I was able to see former Elder Heath that night cause he was staying with the Swarts for a wedding he came back for! that was really fun to see him! he was my first zone leader on the mission! 
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!! 

July 13- We had ward council this morning and then time for sacrament! I was a little nervous about my talk but knew it would all go great! I was asked to speak about my desission to serve a mission and how i prepared for it, i also focused alot on the temple and making those convenants as well. Sister Dunford was asked to speak about talents and visiting and home teaching. she did a great job! We had 3 of our investigators there and a few of our less actives it was so great to see them there! We had a cool experience happen after church. Sister Hobbs called us and told us she had good news for us. there was someone who was visiting our ward who was from the Victoria ward in Rancho and he went back to his ward and told the sister missionaries there that he just came from a really great sacrament meeting and told them we spoke. The sisters were so excited that they had to relay the message to us so they called sister Hobbs and told her who then told us. it was really neat and made us feel great!! We then visited the people sister Dunford wanted to say goodbye to and had dinner at the Englands. they made ham for me since they knew it was my favorite! they are such a great family!! We then went home and got everything ready for the crazy day! 

I love you all so much!! have a great week! 

Love Sister Johnson 

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