Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 30 - July 6

June 30- another fund p-day with the YSA sisters! we did our normal routine and had zone activity. we played mafia which was fun and then left to go to dinner at the Coria's they are such a great family. their oldest daughter is going to BYU-I in September and she is super excited about it. we shared a message with them and walked home. it was perfect weather so we were okay with it. they YSA sisters picked us up at the Rite-Aid parking lot and took us back to our place. they were suppose to have a lesson with Marcel but something came up on his end. we all walked over to Irene's place cause Sister Crowley use to teach her in the desert so she got to say hi to her.

July 1- Happy Birthday Brian!!
We had district meeting this morning and we had a special guest join us. President Hobbs came to do interviews with us and joined our district meeting! Elder Rudolph was freaking out! can't say I blame him haha we were grateful we weren't doing a training that day. the elders who were suppose to were sick and ended up not going so Elder Ercanbrack gave a wonderful training on the Book of Mormon and how to simply teach it. after we ran and grabbed lunch before our interviews with President. those went well, after we did Mormon.org and walked home to have dinner. then we went and had a lesson with Miguel. Former stake president came to that. it went really well. Miguel is stuck on reading. he says his answer is in the Bible and won't read the Book of Mormon cause he believes that. We shared Ezekiel 37:15-17 and 2 Corinthians 13:1 with him and talked about how the Book of Mormon completes the Bible. Brother Chase was able to talk him into reading a few verses from the bible and read the same amount in the Book of Mormon so we will see if he really does it this Tuesday. Our fingers are crossed!

July 2- woke up not feeling good. was coughing all night long and hardly slept. slept most of the day. yep I have a cold in 90 degree weather! got ready to go to dinner at the Salmons. we walked there cause we were going to yw's with her after so we didn't want to worry about our bikes. for yw's we went to a few homes and gave treats in honor of their service. it was fun to be with all the young women. Grace was there and another girl who wasn't a member. it was quite the turn out!

July 3- this morning I still wasn't feeling all that great so I slept in. I did get up and got ready to go to Diana's for a lesson. that went really well. we watched the 20 minute Restoration movie with her and her daughter Sali. Diana loved it so much and she can't wait to share it with her friends. after the lesson we helped them pack and move furniture in the garage and loaded the truck for her to drive up the hill that night. We did all of that in skirts! who ever says girls can't do things in skirts is so wrong!! haha we were so tired after that! we went and did Mormon.org cause Jazmin bailed on us the last minute. we were going to have a lesson with her but something came up. oh well what can ya do? after Sister Vondersaar came and picked us up for dinner.

July 4- this morning we had to wake up early to be ready by 7AM for the Ontario Parade we were in. it was so much fun! our whole zone went and carried flags of all the states, I carried North Carolina! Represent!! haha we also were the first people in the parade! it was pretty sweet! we then walked back and saw more of the parade. that was the highlight of the whole day. we also came across some JW's they are just so silly. they talked at us for about 20 minutes or so and brought out their bible and everything to try and prove that it was wrong for us to have Jesus Christ on our badges. we smiled and thanked them for sharing their beliefs with us and walked away. we then came home since we had to be in by 6PM and weekly planned. after that we played phase 10 outside on our patio and saw a few fireworks that went off around us. that was really fun!

July 5- this morning after studies the sisters dropped us off in area 5 for us to work in. it has been so hot for us to ride our bikes all the way over there. we were able to see many people! it was a successful day for sure! we talked to a less active for awhile and she shared some crazy stories about the CPS and mafia that she has seen in her life. we left just baffled about the whole thing! as missionaries we are told crazy things, everyone feels comfortable around us and just spill everything, its crazy! after sister Swart picked us up and we had dinner and ward coordination meeting it was fun and we ate lots of delicious food! the elders investigator Venous came over with her two girls too so we were able to meet them. the girls are so adorable!

July 6- we had ward council as usual and church. at church Jazmin bore her testimony in sacrament meeting! she turned to me and said she wanted to share it but forgot the one she wrote. half way through she just got up and did it without it! the spirit was incredible when she bore her testimony. it was simple but powerful! I was so proud of her for doing that and she felt better doing it too. after church we went and had lunch at the Swarts cause they invited us over. Venus and the girls were there too. Venus came to church and had a good experience. it was lots of fun being there with all of them.

It wasn't as eventful as other weeks but still a great week! I cant believe this is the last week of the transfer! it went by so fast! So next week I will have news on if I am moving and getting a new companion. its so sad but change is good. that is what I have to keep telling myself! haha I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Love Sister Johnson

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