Monday, May 19, 2014

May 5 - May 11

Hello everyone! This week has been wonderful! I was able to call home yesterday and wish my mom a happy mothers day! I loved talking and getting updated on everyone's lives. Not to much longer until I see you all. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing haha I am enjoying it so much out here that I don't want it to be over but then again I miss my family and friends so much!
May 5- had a great p-day. we were able to get everything done and even had time to spare! we didn't have a zone activity which sucked but its oaky we still had fun. we went shopping at Target and one of the workers there asked if we were LDS as we walked by and we said we sure are! He started cheering and saying that we rock haha he was an RM for sure!! it made us laugh so hard. we love it when members say hi to us even if we don't know them. Later we went to dinner with the Anderson family. they made homemade pizza! I wish I was a better cook. I've still got time to learn right?! haha they have 3 boys so that was fun. after we walked home since the sisters dropped us off there. As we were walking, Darren came out of his house with Kallie and Oden and was going for a walk. we tagged along for a few minutes. Sister Dunford walked Oden well actually Oden was walking her haha it was a sight to see! it was nice talking with him and seeing how he was doing.
May 6- after studies we headed off to zone meeting. I love these meetings cause I always learn so much from them! we learned to use the Book of Mormon more while we are teaching doctrine, updating the area book, and doing all we can and seeing the blessings that come from it. they were great trainings! we had lunch with sisters Bond and Cobabe at their place and then came back to ours cause we were still hungry. we didn't eat much over there cause it wasn't all that good haha we are such snobs sometimes haha. we then made a few phone calls and updated the area book while waiting for Ivan and Jazmin to come and pick us up for dinner and a lesson. Our dinner fell through and we mentioned that to Jazmin while on the phone with her figuring out what time would be best. We had fish and potato's and broccoli and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert! our lesson that night was really good with them. We were able to watch 17 miracles (no worries we got permission to watch it) and talk more about the history of the church. they loved the movie and seeing all the miracles. we weren't able to finish the movie because of our curfew so we set up a time tomorrow to finish it with them.
May 7- after our studies we got a text from a less active we have been working with. she asked us to come over to be with her as she left the house. she was leaving her boyfriend and wanted us there because we have the spirit so strong. she broke down and said she loves us coming in her home cause there is a different feeling when we are there. that was cool that she recognized it and for us to hear. sometimes I forget how much of the spirit we do have and carry with us. it was a great reminder for myself. she left in a cab to go to a shelter. their relationship isn't healthy for anyone in their family so we hope they are able to figure it all out. it breaks my heart to see them go through this. as we walked away we called our bishop back and updated him on the situation. after that call we got a text from the boyfriend who is a less active as well and he asked us for a lesson or a prayer. we didn't feel good about us going by ourselves so we asked if we could send the elders but he didn't want that because he didn't want to bring them up to date about the whole thing. we said we can go over later that evening with the bishop and he agreed. after all that craziness we went to Ivan and Jazmin's home to have a lesson. Ivan was doing homework so he wasn't able to sit in but it was okay we were able to teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And talk to her more about baptism. she told us she can see herself getting baptized and joining the church but she wants to live it first to make sure she is ready. we loved that answer because it shows us that she is truly commited and understands the importance of this. we did however let her know that she isn't going to be perfect at it because no one is. we invited her to pray and ask when the Lord sees she will be ready and to help her prepare for that covenant. she said she would do that! we then had dinner at the Perkins home and headed to young womens after. The young women were a members home for the activity so we just went and visted a few people around the church. we stayed close cause we were meeting bishop there to go to the appointment with our less active. we went over there and went inside. bishop got straight to it and asked what was going on. sister Dunford and I looked at each other and we both knew we shouldn't be there. I didn't know what to do. finally I got enough courage to stand up and let them know that we will be outside until they are ready for the spiritual thought. once we got outside we both felt so much better and had the spirit back. we both felt like we weren't fulfilling our purpose by being there. we sat out there for about 10 or 15 minutes and then bishop came and got us. we came in and shared the Because of Him video and shared Hel 5:12. we told him that we all need a strong foundation and then we will be able to endure all things. we soon left after and bishop followed us home since we were on our bikes and it was dark.   
May 8- After studies we were able to go over to Sister Vondersaars home and chat with her. she hasn't been feeling well at all these past few weeks. she is pregnant and she has experienced really bad sickness. We stopped by to chat with her and share and uplifting message. We were able to watch a Mormon message called good things to come. it was really good and just what she needed. after that we went over to Jazmins. We were able to give her a for strength of youth pamphlet which is what she wanted. she asked about the guidelines and rules we have and I thought that would be perfect. she was so excited to read it and start applying it. after that we were able to go to dinner at the Delatores home. They tried a new dish with us which can be sketchy but it turned out really good! After we went and visited a bunch of people and headed off to our last appointment for the night. it was with a recent convert in the ward and she wasn't able to make it home in time. we started to head home and we get a honk by Rite Aid and it was the Salmon family they waved and the kids ran out and invited us to come and get ice cream with us. the cool thing about this is that Sister Dunford wasn't having a good day and told me on our way to our appointment that we needed to stop and get some ice cream. it was crazy to see the Lords hand in simple things like this. He really does love us!
May 9- This morning we were able to go over to sister Vondersaars and do yard work service for her. My weeding skills sure came in handy! haha  after we went home and washed us and then went to have a  lesson with Jazmin at the church. We decided to have a lesson there cause there is less distractions for her. We were able to teach the plan of salvation which she enjoyed so much. she was so terrified about death but this gave her comfort and peace about it all. it was a very good lesson! after we went over to Dawns to have dinner. Jazmin came to talk with Dawn cause she is a new convert and we thought that would be good for her to see. they were able to chat and Jazmin was able to stay for dinner. It was such a great night!
May 10- this morning we went to Sister Vondersaars again and I was able to mop her kitchen floor and sister Dunford was able to brush the dogs. We then went and did some and visited people in that area. We were able to stop and visit with Lina which was good. we haven't seen her for a few weeks. we were also able to drop off a get well card to one of our less actives Joseph. then we headed to go to Lucy's house hoping to catch our investigator Julie there. We were able to catch her!! Lucy opened the door and invited us in. Julies face lit up and we were excited, all of a sudden this guy comes up to us and hugs us. he is about our age or a little older and he is Lucys nephew. Sister Dunford and I PANICED!! uh it was super awkward! we were able to teach Julie a little about the restoration and he would just sit and stare at us. Satan you are one funny guy! That is when you know you are a true sister missionary when you freak over a hug. We were able to have a good lesson with Julie and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. We are excited to follow up with her.
May 11- Happy Mother's day!! 
We didn't have ward council so that was nice. We got to church and greeted most people. all of them asked if we were super excited to call home. uh duh!! of course we are haha that day seemed to drag cause we were so excited!! For RS we just sat in the cultural hall and ate goodies and chatted with everyone it felt strange not having a lesson. We then went home and did some studies and then went over to the Dades to call home!! it was the best!! I missed my family so much and it was about time to talk with them. Not as many tears were shed like last time just a lot of laughs and good times! I love you all so much! after they fed us dinner and then we headed over to Dawns to drop a present off to her. She is our mother figure out here so we had to get her a little something. We were able to sit and have ice cream with her family. Gosh we just love them so much!!
That was my busy week! I hope you all had a fantastic week as well. I love you all so much and cant wait to hear from you all :)
Love Sister Johnson  

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