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April 28 - May 4

April 28- Yay for another P-day! we spent all day with the Mountain View sisters, Sisters Riley and Manumua (she is from Tonga). its their first week here in Ontario and they didn't know where everything was so we took them around today. it was so much fun being back with Sister Riley. We served in Rancho together, it felt like old times. we went to zone activity and played ultimate freesbie. at the De Anza Park. it was really fun but extremely hot! it was in the hight 80's after we went home and got ready for dinner and made cookie dough with the other sisters. the sisters then took us to our dinner appointment with the Davey's. They are a nice older couple. We shared a Mormon message with them about sharing the gospel and talked about their family mission plan and how sharing the gospel can be easy. They were able to make a goal to invite a family over for FHE. they are planning it for next Sunday and invited us to come. We are super excited about it.
April 29- this morning we had another district meeting. it went well and I was able to learn a few things from the Spirit so that made it all worth it. after we talked with the other missionaries for a little bit and then headed off to the rest of our day. we came home and ate lunch and then headed off to Ivan and Jazmins place. We got there 10 minutes early and decided to just knock anyways. Jazmin was there but Ivan was still rushing to get home. We apologized for being early. she invited us in and we talked with her. we told her why we were meeting with Ivan and asked if she would like to join us. She was hesitant at first but then said okay yeah I do have many questions to ask you. we went and sat in the other room and answered some of her questions. she asked about our views on the world ending, gays, if we can be apart of more than one religion, and other random questions. she liked what our answeres were and when Ivan came home she decided to join the lesson. we decided to teach the Plan of Salvation with my visual so we started doing that and Jazmin had some good questions. Ivan was pretty quite and just taking it all in. Jazmin then kept jumping around because questions kept poping up. Teaching the Plan of Salvation didn't feel right anymore so we jumped into the Restoration which helped Jazmin understand what we believe and how it came about. she loved when we gave her, her own copy of the Book of Mormon. she said she can't wait to read it and that she feels excited to learn more. she says it feels good and right!! yay!!! we then invited them to read and to come to church. Jazmin was so excited when we explained how our services go. she especially loved when we talked about Relief Society. It was so fun to see her light up and get so excited. the idea then came to our minds of a church tour. they both loved that idea so much so we set one up for Thursday. we cant wait! we closed with a prayer that Jazmin said. the spirit was there during that lesson for sure. it was so sporadic but they both learned the things they needed to. we left so excited! we rode our bikes down the street away from their house and did a happy dance/jump thing haha. The Lord has truly blessed us these past few days. I am so grateful for that and to be able to see His hand in my life and in the lives of others. after dinner we went out and saw Jose a neighbor of ours. he was home and came outside to talk with us. he asked us many questions about what we believe and like our responses. (Most people do cause its the truth!) Just saying! We walked and talked with him so he could go and pick up his 12 year old son John from his friends house. John doesn't have very many friends and his dad doesn't like to see him like that. we were able to share with him our youth program and how he can be with a good group of young men. he was really interested in that. we invited them to come and check it out sometime. We don't know if they ever will but they invitation is there. 
April 30- Had a normal study morning. We studied for Dawn and Christine since we had lessons with them today! we left early to go to Christines because we were walking. It has been super windy here and riding our bikes against 50 mile winds is no fun. we got over there earlier than expected so we went to go visit Narah and Darren. Narah wasn't home but Darren was. We talked with him for a few minutes and headed on our way to Christines. We got there and sat in her cool home while she finished up a phone call with her mom. she then came and sat down and we started getting to know her better. she is so cute! she is this black lady who is so enthusiastic about everything! she loved seeing sisters and seeing what we do. its amazing how many people don't know about sister missionaries. they all know about the elders but not the sisters. as we were talking with her Sister Buck came over and sat in on the lesson. those two together oh man what a hoot! we asked Christine all that she has learned and she has been taught about the Restoration and Plan of Salvation. We decided to show her the Restoration movie and to talk about prayers. the spirit was there and she was able to learn new things. she did however say she is happy where she is in her life and she does have a good relationship with God. we invited her to read from The Book of Mormon but she won't keep commitments. she is scared of commitments, that is the conclusion we came to. we will drop by here and there but she isn't really investigation right now. Sister Buck was so sad when Christine said all that. We told her she will come around, they need to continue what they are doing. Sister Buck took us over to Dawns to have a lesson there. it was great. we taught about the temple and the things she needs to do to go to the temple and how she can do her family history. she was excited to be able to do those things. We chatted with her for a little bit and then walked home. Sister Warner dropped off Chinese for us for dinner. It was delicious! After dinner we stopped by Irenes place to see how she is doing. She apologized for not coming to church and is going to try harder this week. I told her third times a charm! I really hope she will make it. Satan really does try and stop people from coming to church. we then saw Jose again and talked with him for a few minutes until it got dark. we then went inside and wrote thank you cards and planned. it was a great day!
May1- another normal morning. I was able to learn lots in my personal study. For our companion study we went over the church tour because we are giving a tour to Jazmin and Ivan. we are so excited about it! we got to the church at about 1:30 to set everything up. it was still windy so Sister Swart drove us. idk what we would do with out her! we were able to get a TV in the chapel to watch the 20 minute Restoration movie after the tour. we were super excited about this cause the chapel has such a strong spirit inside of it that it would be perfect for them to receive answers. the church tour is set up to teach the restoration, its really cool. the Smiths were able to be there and share their testimonies with them. it brought the spirit really strong. after the tour we went and watched the movie and talked about it afterword's. Jazmin was a little hesitant about it but said she would pray about it and read the Book of Mormon. We then sat in the chapel talking and answering questions for them for about an hour. time flew! at the end they were both excited to come to church on Sunday. We were also able to invite them over to the Swarts for dessert on Saturday night, that should be really fun. we are so excited for Jazmin and Ivan as they come closer to our Savior. it is so neat seeing and being apart of peoples journey. we are so blessed! after the tour we went and visited Narah and Darren. Narah was home so we were able to go inside and chat for a minute. we just wanted to make sure they were doing alright. Darren is looking for a job and Narah is still taking it easy until the baby comes. they said they will see us at church Sunday as we left. we then walked over to Sister Bridges for dinner. She is an older single lady. she took us out to Denny's for dinner. it was fun going out and getting to know her better. she went on a mission in 2005 to New Mexico and served in the office so she told us about that and when we got back to her home she pulled out the pictures. it was so cute! she was so excited to share them with us. we soon left after that to try and visit Maria and her family but they weren't home. we walked home after that since it was getting dark and we didn't have any appointments.
May 2- this morning I woke up with a migraine. I tried getting up and doing my stretching but I couldn't do it. my head hurt so bad. I went back to bed. I slept all day long. I felt so bad for Sister Dunford cause she was stuck inside all day long. she was able to finish 3 books in the Book of Mormon though so I guess that was a good thing haha. I was feeling better so I got ready for dinner with the Crays. We love spending time with this family. Jan came and picked us up and told us that Sam her older son who still lives with her will be there along with one of his friends Marcos who isn't a member. we were excited about that! we ate some good Mexican food and had ice cream for dessert. we had great conversations and had a good time. we were able to share the Because of Him video with them and have a little conversation about it. it ended up being a good night.
May 3- we had normal studies tis morning. we also had to do our weekly planning that we weren't able to get to yesterday. we got it done pretty fast this time around thank goodness! we went out and stopped by Johns home to set up a lesson but he wasn't home so we headed to the Swarts cause they were taking us out to lunch to Souplantation which was in Rancho. it was nice being back there. Lunch was so much fun with that family! their kids were telling jokes the whole time haha love them! after that we went out and tried to contact a referral we received but no one was home. we were biking and it was about 91 degrees and we were dying so we stopped at the church to refill our water bottles and take a breath. biking in the heat isn't much fun but on the bright side im sweating off calories! we were off again in the hot weather. we stopped by a few members homes in the area and talked with them for a minute after we went to our apartment for dinner and to freshen up for dessert at the Swarts with Ivan and Jazmin. they came and picked us up cause they didn't want to show up alone. we went over and had a really great time. we talked for a little bit then had strawberry short cake and played Mexican trains. that was really fun! by then everyone was comfortable and just being their selves. it was a fun and successful evening for sure! Bro Swart mentioned that they did this at church and said how easy it was. that was cool to hear him say. Missionary work isn't meant to be hard, its fun!
May 4- this morning we had ward council and then church. church was amazing! we ere able to have Ivan and Jazmin there, I sat by them, sister Dunford sat by Monique. we had Sam Crays come which was a big deal. we were so excited to see him there. it was such a great time and to top it all off testimony meeting was wonderful! Missionaries always freak out a little during those meetings cause you never know what people are going to say haha my prayers were answered! oh man I just love this ward so much! Ivan and Jazmin weren't able to stay the whole time but they loved it and are coming back next week. Ivan told us that it was good to be back! we love them lots. Sam was able to go to Sunday school with us and he mentioned he will be back next week as well WAHOO!! after church Dawn and Mariah took us home and we got to do studies until dinner with Sister Newey. we always have a good time with her. before we left we were deciding what message to share with her and we kept throwing out ideas but none of them felt right. I mentioned to watch a Mormon message on prayer and we both felt good about that. as we shared our message with her we knew the Spirit told us that was what she needed to hear today. it was cool to see that. I love moments like that and how we can really see the spirit working. after dinner we went to the Davey's home to have FHE with the Upchurch family and their daughters friend who isn't a member was there. Bro Davey did his 3 circles lesson which is the plan of salvation. it was great! it was fun to sit back and not be the teacher this time around. We asked if their friend wanted to learn more but it just wasn't the right timing to do that. she is nervous to talk with her parents about it cause she is only 14. we just want her to keep doing what she is doing. she is going to girls camp for her third time and is wanting to start seminary! I know she will join the church one of these days. its amazing to see how strong the youth really are. being on my mission has really opened my eyes to that.
That was our busy week! we cant wait for another one next week either!! I hope you all had a wonderful week! I love you all so much!!
Love Sister Johnson

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