Monday, May 19, 2014

May 12 - May 18

Hey everyone! this week was a good one! super busy haha that is usually what happens which i would rather have!
May 12- I cant believe that i have been out for 11 months. this is just crazy to me. We had a normal day today. We did studies and cleaned and did laundry. the sisters came and picked us up and dropped us off at the library to email while they went to Target. we didn't need much so we just went to Ralphs right before dinner. We emailed for a few hours and then went to the little shops around the library waiting for the sisters to be done emailing. that was really fun, it reminded me of down town Salt Lake. The sisters were done and we headed to zone sports. I love being able to hang out as a zone. We tried playing a game outside but it was super hot and no one understood the game so they gave up on that. We all went and played ultimate ball in the gym. We left after one game of that cause the sisters had to wash their car. that was okay cause we were able to bike to Ralphs and pick up a few things. We biked back with milk, eggs, and a huge watermelon and a few other things. We were so proud haha being on bike wont limit us! after sister Buck came and picked us up for dinner. I love going over to their home. its loud and fun and just how a home is suppose to feel. we played with Addy and Benson for a minute while sister Buck was finishing up the food. we ate and chatted and then watched a few Mormon Messages for FHE. it was a fun night with them. the sad part is that they are moving in about 2 weeks. we are so sad to see them go. We got home and made some chocolate covered strawberries and planned. it was a good day for sure!
May 13- This morning we had district meeting which i enjoyed today. Elders Paulson and Shelton gave a great training on the light of Christ. Elder Francis then told us about a training President Hobbs did with all of the zone leaders and district leaders. I wish i was able to be there for that training cause it sounded like a good one! President said that he doesn't want this mission to focus on numbers. He wants us to focus on Christ and changing ourselves to become like our Savior. Because if we do this then everything else will fall into place and we will be able to see the success. Later that day we were able to have a lesson with Jazmin. We went over the commandments and talked about the Law of Chastity which went well and then we read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon with her. She is making progress she just really needs to start reading her scriptures everyday! We had dinner with the Paterson family and they took us out to a place called Brandons. it was okay but not my favorite food. After we had them drop us off at the church for Young Womens. it was a stake awards night. That was really fun to see all of the young women from the stake there and it was fun being there supporting our young women. The Tongan ward put on a dance which i had to record haha it was a good night! I love our ward so much and they were happy to see our support for the girls.
May 14- Today we walked all day cause it was so windy and super hot. We didn't feel like fighiting with our bikes today. We went and visited Irene and she had us sit on the stairs outside her apartment and she just broke down and cried again about her life and how nothing is going right. I shared with her Hel 5:12 and we talked about her having a strong foundation. We were bold and told her that she needs to read and pray and go to church and then she will be able to see the blessings. We were able to talk to people on the street that is always interesting! haha makes for good stories later. we went and visited a few people and many of them werent home. We then had dinner with sister Lopez who took us out to Olive Garden. I haven't been there in so long! it made me think of home but in a good way! It was so good! The breadstick are better at the ones at home though :/ oh well i don't need the carbs haha After dinner we went and visited a few more less actives and then walked home.
May 15- Today was one busy day! We had a service project with the zone. We were able to help a tongan family paint there living room and kitchen. It was so much fun! we were all probably having way too much fun haha I got some good videos and pictures! I love being with the zone it makes the day so much better! they made us lunch to show their appreciation for all we did. After we went and did more service for sister Vondersaar. We cleaned her house. She is still under the weather. After we were super hot so we went and walked and got juice it up to hydrate ourselves. We were suppose to have dinner with Jazmin and Ivan but they canceled. we went and had a lesson with the Mejia family which was fun. they are such a cute family! she doesn't speak english very well but we do the best we can! her daughter translates when we dont understand haha We read some scriptures with them and answered some of their questions.
May 16- We weekly planned for so long! man i hate doing that but it really does help. After we went and visited Irene. She let us in and we were able to read 3 Nephi 11 with her. today she was in a better mood cause she said she has been praying and doing the things we told her to do and she can tell a difference. We were so happy to hear that. After we went and grabbed lunch and Jack in the Box. We then went and dropped by Jock and Olivias place and they were home. We were able to share the Because of Him video with them. They were a little stand offish cause they heard a few things about the mormons. they were able to ask us about the things they heard and loved our answers to them. it went back to the normal feelings and they were still interested in learning more. We invited them to church so we hope they come! After we headed to China Cook for dinner with Cathy and her daughter. After we went home and the other sisters picked us up to go and plan with the zone leaders at the church.
May 17- we went and dropped by Jazmins place. We invited her to another baptism but she said she couldn't go so we decided to drop by. it was a blessing that we did cause she was able to sit down and chat with us and she had her friend Mercades there as well. Jazmin was able to teach her friend about the plan of salvation. I love it when our investigators get so excited to share what they are learning with their friends. It made us both so happy to see. We went and did to find a mormon message about the priesthood cause Sister Dunford and i are teaching gospel priciples tomorrow. We hope it goes well. We went and worked in area 10 but no one was home. We then headed off to dinner with the Birdsalls! we just love them so much! Mariah was attached to my hip the whole time! it was a good night!
May 18- We had our normal meetings today. We got out of ward council and saw that Sister Hobbs called us. They wanted to go to our church today and needed to know the time. the elders called her back and let them know. We were freaking out cause we were teaching gospel pressure!! It all turned out so great! We had Irene come to church today which was a miracle! she said it was good to be back so hopefully she will keep coming. Monique also came as well as Christine. Our lesson went better then we expected it too and got many complements on it. President and sister Hobbs told us how great we are doing and the ward only said good things about us. We told President that we love this ward and will be happy to stay here for another transfer haha he just chuckled and said the Lord decides that one. After church we had a lesson with Monique. We were able to talk about her feelings about everything that is going on. it was good and we set up another lesson with her. after we dropped by Linas and met Nelson. we shared because of him video and then headed over to the Englands for dinner. It was such a good week!
I hope you all had a great week as well! I love you all so much!! Thanks for all the support you send me and the prayers on my behalf :)
Love Sister Johnson

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