Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 3 - March 9

Hey everyone!
Ah transfers!! Yep this transfer I did get transfered and I am going to be a "mom"!! haha I never thought those words would be said while out on my mission!  I am training a new missionary in the Creekside B Ward in Onterio. I am sharing the ward with a set of elders and I will be walking. No car for me and my greenie! This is going to be quite the adventure! :)
This past week was interesting because most of our appointments canceled or had to reschedule. We were super sad about that but that wasn't going to get us down on the last week of our amazing transfer!

March 3- We had a normal p-day. We went shopping and did chores and had zone activity. We ate dinner with the Nibarger family again which was fun! I love them so much!! We then went and talked with the Coleman family for a while and talked about them coming back to church and the twins baptism that is coming up. They are so excited about that and it is great seeing this family come back to church!

March 4- We had our last district meeting for this transfer. I am really sad to not be in this district anymore cause they were all so great! We had good times together and learned lots from each other. We then had a lesson with a less active Mary Mendez which was super awkward cause her kids weren't being very nice and didn't want to be there. They are teenagers and wanted to be doing other things and didn't even try to hide that. we visited less actives and then had dinner at the Mills home.

March 5- We had a lesson with Jim Tafolla and sister Best was able to come which was great! She was a life savor cause he wanted to have a bible study on the book of Revelations and I don't really get it enough to explain and have a lesson on so we all were able to study and understand it. We then visited less actives since our investigators canceled on us :( After we had dinner at the Crahans and they took us out to eat which was super fun! We just love them so much!

March 6- We went to the DMV after studies today because Sister Green has to renew it out here. I am so happy I don't have to deal with that but it would have been cool to have a California one for sure. We then went and saw CeCe and talked with her. She is such a cute lady! We then had dinner at home and Stephanie texted us and asked if we could go over and have a lesson with her that evening. We were so happy to go over and talk with her. We were able to help put her kids in bed and talk with her. The spirit was so strong there and she was in tears and she just knows this is all true but she is having a really hard time with the word of wisdom. I know that she will get over this but we have to push her baptism back since she isn't living that law. I know she will do it! While we were there we got training calls. The APs called us and asked us to put it on speaker which means we both are training! We didn't see this coming at all cause we thought we would be staying together but I guess the Lord needs us else where. Stephaine was so sad cause we explained to her that this means we aren't together. I hate having to leave the people I love here.

March 7- Today we had a Sister Training Leader with us as our 3rd companion, Sister Redd, cause her comp is going home and it was her temple trip so she had to go somewhere else for the day. We weekly planned and had to take our car in the shop. I am so happy i wont have to deal with that for a while haha We then went and met with Ralph Goodsell who is a less active and he is also coming back to church! We ate out for dinner and then went and droppoed sister Redd back off at the mission home.

March 8- This morning we got bunkbeds for our room so we put those together and then Sister Green went and got a haircut. After we went and did the Plan of Salvation chalk drawing as a district. That was when we found out about transfers and that I was leaving. We were sure that I was but it was final! We then went and had lunch together which was so fun! I am going to miss it here so much and the people here.

March 9- Today at church I had to say my goodbyes. It wasn't as hard as San Sevaine but it was hard to say bye to certain families and especially all my investigators! Jane took it hard but she gave me her email to stay in contact with her and Stephaine took it hard as well. I love them both so much! I am so grateful for all the people I met and the things I was able to learn here in this area.
I am excited for my new adventure!  I love you all so much and hope you have such a great week! :)
Love Sister Johnson

The zone on our hike

We didn't want to plan haha so instead we took pics and then planned....

Our district! Love them!!
 :) sad to be leaving them.

I saw sister Bingham
( a sister I came out with but went home early for health issues)
 she came back to this ward since she served there and I got to see her!


Awesome pics! 

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