Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feb 24 - March 2

Hey everyone!
Feb 24- For zone activity we went and hiked up Etiwanda Falls. That was really fun and I got to know more of my zone members. Sister Green and I made cute matching shirts that we wore! We then came home and did some cleaning and shopping. After we had dinner at the Hutchings home where we made cookies and went and delivered them to families of our ward who spoke in sacrament that previous Sunday, that was fun but they are quite and interesting and crazy family!

Feb 25- We had district meeting this morning and we had the bright idea of walking because we didn't think it was that far from where we lived. Oh boy were we wrong! We left 30 minutes before it started and we were still 15 minutes late! We felt so bad but the other elders were later than us so we didn't feel as bad but they give us so much crap for walking when we have a car haha Hey sorry we like the exercise! They are going to have sisters in walking and biking areas because after this transfer we will have 80 sisters in this mission out of 200 missionaries. We are catching up to the elders! yay! We then had a lesson with Stephanie and Chase. We taught them the 10 commandments and that didn't go as well as we hoped. We were interrupted many times by her kids which was okay but we weren't able to get all that we wanted to teach. It showed us all how we aren't quite ready for kids yet haha  

Feb 25 cont-  We had dinner at the Heatons home. We love that family so much they are so cute and super fun to hang out with! It felt like home when we were there. After we had a lesson with Ben and Messala. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to read the pamphlet because he hasn't been keeping his reading commitments that we have left with him. They aren't progressing yet but we still have hope for them! Ben and Venessa really opened up this time around which was good. Venessa says she isn't ready yet but knows that it is true. And she knows this is what Ben is looking for and he feels that as well. We are still going to work with them!

Feb 26- Today we had our huge zone conference. We had it at the woodruff building with the Chino zone. It was really good and we had many trainings. We were asked to prepare a talk on a talk that elder Bednar gave. President Hobbs called on my to share mine and I was so ticked haha I felt like he was going to ask me while I was writing it. I hate getting up in front of my fellow missionaries idk why but I do. It went well but I never want to do that again haha After we had a lesson Tyler Johnson which went well and then we had dinner with Elder and Sister Crahan the senior missionaries. They told us they were getting transferred to another ward which made us really sad. We love them lots!

Feb 27- Today we had more of an open day and not many appointments. We did our studies and then went and did for an hour and then went and visited less actives and a few of our investigators. No one was home so we were bummed about that. We had dinner at the Wirtz home which was fun. They are a younger married couple and they showed us pictures of when they went to Peru. Being on my mission has made me really want to travel even more haha I don't know if that is a good thing or not! I guess I better start saving! After we went to the Weinzapfels home. I was told that I had to go over there again because they were in the Butler 17th ward with Mama and Papa and the kids. It was really fun to go there and to hear all about my uncles from him! They are sad to leave but they will keep in touch with me! we live in such a small world! it blows my mind haha 

I will finish this up next week! sorry I didn't have any time! 

Megan with the Weinzapfel's

Sister Johnson and Sister Green

The Sister's at Etiwanda Falls

The Sisters in my zone

Funny Faces

The T-shirts we made

Sister Green and Sister Johnson
Love her!

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