Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feb 17 - Feb 23

Hey everyone! I have had another busy week! I don't think I will ever not be tired haha that is a good sign of being a good missionary well so I am told :)
Feb 17- It was a good and relaxful p-day. We were able to get many things done which was awesome! We went shopping for clothes which was super fun. We had dinner at the Pitts home and they had family over so it was a zoo but really fun and I felt right at home. I love dinner like those! We then went and tried some less actives who werent home so we went home and made Terra Vista t-shirts! We bought a black shirt and a blech pen and just wrote on it, they turned out super cute!
Feb 18- We had normal studies and then went to district meeting. I love our district a lot they are all so great and so fun! After we went and had a lesson with Stephanie and the Highland elders. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ which she already knew cause she read the entire gospel principles book that she got on Sunday! Yeah she is amazing and is so ready to be baptized! We then were able to email home since it was a holiday on Monday! After we went and saw the Weinzapfels who are a less active family that is moving soon! We are so sad to see them go cause we have been working with them a lot lately and they have been coming back to church! After we had dinner at the Yates. That went well. Sister Green was able to meet her less active daughter Jennifer which was good. We then went and delivered some thank you cards we write to the families who feed us dinners and then we went and planned.
Feb 19- This morning we had a lesson with a less active Jim Tafolla and we taught him about personal revelation which went really well. Sister Green and I teach really well together which I am super grateful for! We then went and had an hour to do which I always love to do. I update my own profile and look at all the other missionaries (its kinda like a facebook but an lds one and one that we are approved to be on haha) I was able to watch some mormon messages as well. We then went and visited less actives but no one was home...big shocker there. We then picked up Diana Dire for Barbara's lesson. We taught her the rest of the restoration. She had some issues with us not believing in the trinity. She said it makes sense of what we believe but she has grown up her whole life on the trinity and doesn't really want to change. We were thankful that Diana was there because she had an issue with that a little bit as well and bore her testimony of it. Barbara has stepped away a little bit since then but we are still praying for her and are going to stop by this coming week. We then had a lesson with Diana and Sister Porter came. We talked about temples and sister Porter is an older lady and was talking about things that we didn't feel comfortable that she was sharing so we asked her politly to not say those things outside of the temple. I am grateful for members coming with us to lessons but then we get some who talk to much about things and think they know it all. It was good it was with Diana though cause she knows a lot about the temple cause she did some looking a few years ago and nothing said was anything new to her. After we went to dinner at the Pedroches home which was fine. We then went back to Dianas house to talk about the lesson we just had and answered the questions she did have. Sister Green was able to meet her husband Andrew and we all were able to have a really good gopel conversation. Andrew loved it and kept talking about it even after we left!
Feb 20- We were able to stop by and talk with Stephanie today because we invited her to a stake RS conference we were having. She said she will try and make it but didn't know for sure if she could. We talked with her for awhile and her cute kids! She also told us about her friend Kelly she invited to her lesson tomorrow. She talked to her about the lesson she had with us and had a great conversation with Kelly and asked her if she would be interested in learning more and she said yes!! Stephanie was super happy and wants her to get baptized with her on March 22! Stephanie is just rockin it! We then went and planned with the elders for the lesson and Stephanie wanted us to talk about the Plan of Salvation with her. After we went to dinner at the Parkers house which was fun. We then went and saw Ben and Messala with the Tongan elders. They were home and we were able to finish the Plan of Salvation with them and they loved it!! We are super excited about them as well we just need to get them out to church.
Feb 21- This morning we had a lesson with Stephanie and her friend Kelly. Kelly reminds me alot of my coworker Lindsey haha We taught the Plan of Salvation and she was a little bored with it cause she felt like she already knew this but she did like the 3 kingdoms. She is what we would call a dry mormon! Those two I tell you are the most amazing people and are so ready for baptism! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she started reading it after we left and has questions that she is writing down for our next lesson. Stephanie told her that she is getting baptized with her on March 22! haha we loved that! She also bore her testimony of the book of mormon which was so simple but very powerful! We then went and had froyo with Marissa and Nicole. I love them so much and Marissa was having a bad week and we all went out for a girls day! She then had the elders come and give her a blessing and wanted us to stay. She found out that her grampa who is like her dad has cancer and her step dad lost his job and she is just under alot of stress and is emotionally drained. I love her and feel so bad for her but she is still going to get baptized!! Her blessing was amazing and just what she needed. After we went and weekly planned for the rest of the night.
Feb 22- We went to the stake RS activity which was fun. We did like a speed dating thing to show everyone how easy it is to talk with strangers and how easy it is to get to know someone and love them in a little amount of time. They tied it into Visiting Teaching. They then had a guest speaker and then served lunch. It was fun cause I saw many people from San Sevaine!! I am so lucky to meet so many wonderful people out here! After we finished weekly planning and the Coleman twins were out riding their bikes and came over to us and hung out with us for a little while. They are so cute! they are 7 turning 8 this year and they are less active so Ethan was talking with us and told us he is reading the book of mormon by himself and so is Sierra and that he wanted to talk about church. They miss coming every week. Their parents are busy and don't make it a priority to come which is super sad. After we visited CeCe Carpenter and she is doing great just super lonley. After we went to a High Priest party and had dinner there. It was really fun and we talked with many people there.
Feb 23- Today at church we had Stephanie come without her kids. They are with their dad every other weekend. She liked sacrament a lot better this time cause it wasn't boring speakers haha She loves church and looks forward to it every week!! We then went home and did studies and then had dinner at the Denkers who I love so much! they are the cutest elderly couple and they told us many stories. After we tried to visit the Colemans cause the twins wanted us to stop by but they weren't home so we will try again this week.
I love this work and I love that Heavenly Father has given me this opportuinty to be apart of it. I know I couldn't do it without Him. I love being a missionary and I love you all so much! I love hearing about things that are going on at home and awesome experiences you all have being missionaries there. It doesn't matter where you are. You can always share your testimony with others! I love you all!
Love Sister Johnson 

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