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Feb 10 - Feb 16

Hello!! I really hate having holidays on mondays. Wow I never thought those words would come out of my mouth haha but as a missionary I don't like it at all! It was fun to read and see many pictures about what is going on back at home! Mom and Dad I am so happy that you had a wonderful vacation and are back safe and sound. Kels I loved all the pics and are so happy that you had a blast at both of your dances! You looked stunning!! (as always) As for my week it has flown! We have been crazy busy with our 7 yes SEVEN investigators!! The Lord had blessed us this transfer for sure and we are loving every second of it!

Feb 10- We had a normal and fun pday! We had a zone activity that was super fun and then we had a dinner with a family in our ward who invited their neighbors over and we had FHE with them and got to know them better! We hope they start investigating soon! We then went to our investigators Ben and Messala's home to invite Ben to young mens. Brother Heaton came with us who is the young mens president which was great cause they hit it off great! We hope he goes and will make friends cause that is what he really needs right now.

Feb 11- We had zone meeting today which was great! We talked alot about studies and how to use our study time wisely and how important it really is. I am loving the study time cause I am finally finding ways that works for me! I will be a boss at studying when I get home and go back to school! After we had a lesson with Stephanie which went really great! We taught the Plan of Salvation and her kids were home and were able to listen and participate. Her son Chase had some really good questions about the spirit world and loved hearing about the kingdoms. I used my visual which helped them all understand it so much better! Earlier in the day we had some bad news from our recent convert Diana Cox who texted us saying that she is no longer interested in the church. She found another New Age church she likes to go to and feels more at home there. She said thanks for teaching her but doesn't want to meet with us anymore. I was super sad to hear that but it didn't surprise me. She was baptized really early but her home and visiting teachers are aware of this and are going to do the best they can. Its super sad to see that one of my baptisms are already less active. That night we went to the R.S activity which was super fun cause we got to work out! We did zumba and other little work outs and had healthy smoothies! I have been working really hard on becoming healthy while being out here. I have changed my entire diet! Marc you would be so proud haha

Feb 12- I am 8 months old!! Its crazy on how fast it has flown since being out for 6 months. I only have 10 months to go its crazy! We met with a less active Jim Tafolla who is starting to come back to church! He is a great guy and loves to talk a lot! We were able to have a lesson with Diana Dire which we taught about the Millennium which was super great! I am so excited for that time and its fun to teach it to others and to see their thoughts on it. We then had a really good come to Jesus lesson with our less active Tyler Johnson. Sister Green and I were really bold with love to him about going to church. We said its all up to him and the desire needs to be there for him to do it. He thanked us for being so bold with him and he did go to church that sunday with the Highland Elders!! We were also informed that Ben went to young mens for about 20 minutes until he had to go home and finish his homework. He enjoyed it and made a few friends!!

Feb 13- We had to take our car in and get the battery changed. They were shocked to see that we didn't blow up cause the battery was so bad that it was eating itself away! I know the lord was looking out for us on that one for sure! He really does keep his missionaries safe! We then went and visited CeCe Carpenter and talked with her for a little while she is so cute! Kels you would just love her to pieces! We then were able to go and have a lesson with Barbara and sister Crahan was able to come with us. We watched Elder Hollands talk with her and after she was in tears saying that she knew he was talking to just her. She was able to have her prayers answered and gain a testimony about the priesthood. We are seeing her again on Saturday to do service and to have the elders give her a blessing for her health issues she has.

Feb 14- We were suppose to have a lesson with Stephanie but she did something to her back and was in serious pain. We then called the elders to go over and give her a blessing. They were able to go over there and in a few hours she texted us saying how the blessing really worked and how she feels just fine! It was amazing to see how fast the blessing worked and how Heavenly Father really looks out for his children. We then had a lesson with a less active family the whites who were really sweet and awesome we are going to start working with them and hopefully get them back to church! We then had dinner with Sister Lee for valentines day! It was fun and she got us balloons. We then went and heart attacked our investigators doors with hearts and wrote scriptures on them and how much we love them. That was super fun!

Feb 15- We got to do service for Barbara this morning. The zone leaders were able to come over and give her a blessing and then we went to the store to get her things that she needed to organized her papers that she needed to keep. about 30 minutes after the blessing she was seeing it starting to work. She was able to bend and move her knees better and sit without her back hurting her. She too was able to gain a stronger testimony about the priesthood! Its crazy that we had similar experiences with both of our investigators. We were loving it and was able to thank our Heavenly Father and the elders who were worthy to give those blessings. I just love the priesthood so much!! We then went and taught Ben with the Tongan elders and that went well. We taught him the 1st part of the Plan of Salvation. He had great questions and really wants to join the church but we have to work with his mom more before she will let him get baptized which stinks but it will happen i just know it! We then had a lesson with Marissa who is getting baptized on March 8th! We are super excited about that!! We love her so much!

Feb 16- We were able to have an amazing day today! We had 3 of our investigators come to church! We had Barbara who came to sacrament meeting and loved it! She couldn't stay the whole time because of her back but she said she is coming next week as well! We then had Stephanie come with her 4 kids. We found out that Chase is 8 1/2 so he is now one of our investigators!! We are so happy cause he loves learning about the church! They all loved primary but sacrament was a little struggle for them especially since it was high council week so the talks weren't the best. They were boring for us members haha but they all said they will come back next week!!

Well that was my crazy week! We have another crazy week ahead of us! We are loving this area and loving all of our investigators. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is letting me help him bring souls closer to him. I know he can do it all by himself but he is allowing me to grow while helping others. I know he loves me so much and all of you! I love you as well and I am so grateful for the love and support you give me! Have an awesome week!
Love Sister Johnson 
8 Months Old

Terra Vista is the area where I am serving

Balloons from Sister Lee
Happy Valentine's Day!

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