Monday, March 10, 2014

Feb 3 - Feb 9

Hello everyone! You all sound so great! I love getting updates from so many of you :)
Feb 3- Today my amazing companion Sister Green cut and fixed my hair. She was amazed at how bad my hair cut was. I am so thankful for her to fix it for me. It is super short now :( but its okay it is super healthy and it will grow! Well it better haha We mad many lemon squares that evening with fresh lemons we got from a 92 year old member in our ward. We squeezed so many lemons! We were really proud of ourselves for making yummy lemon squares!
Feb 4- We had district meeting this morning which went really well! This district is great and we all learn so much from each other. After the Highland elders said that they have a lesson with an investigator they want to pass off to us. We didn't have any appointments so we were able to go. They found her in their appartment complex and met with her the day before and she wanted them to come back. Her name is Stephanie and she is in her 40s and has 6 kids. The olders two who are 21 and 19 are moved out and the rest are all under the age of 8. She is very interested with learning more. Her brother is a less active and wanted to learn for herself about this gospel. We taught her the restoration which went really well the spirit was there so strong! One of the elders got a little teary eyed when he was teaching about Joseph Smith because the spirit was so strong. Man I just love being a missionary! We were able to set up another appointment to come back on thursday. We are still going to team teach with the elders because they dont have many investigators and they did find her :) That night we then went over to Elder and Sister Crahan's place to welcome them with lemon squares. We chatted with them for awhile and they are such a sweet couple. They are working in the mission office but they want to come to lessons with us and help us with the missionary work in our ward. It is nice to get some help from them!
Feb 5- We went and tried to see some less actives but no one was home. We then had a lesson with Barbara but she was in alot of pain from her back so she just asked if we would pray with her. She is so sweet and we are having another lesson with her this week and doing service for her as well. We then went and visited with Tyler Johnson who is a less active and who says he is going to go to church but he hasn't yet :( We talked with him about a plan to help him get there. Hopefully it will work! We then planned with the Highland Elders for Stephanies lesson.
Feb 6- We had a wonderful lesson with Stephanie again! We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. We left her to read 2 Nephi 2 the previous lesson and she didn't have time to do that so we read it with her and answered some questions she had. Sister Green then extended a baptismal date for her since it was her first one! She was shocked at first about the date March 22 but she accepted and is excited about it! She is amazing and we are so blessed to be teaching her! We then went and welcomed a new family who moved into the ward the Taits and we chatted with them for a little bit. They are wonderful and hope they get callings to be ward missionaries.
Feb 7- This morning we weekly planned for week 3! Its so crazy on how fast this transfer is going. After we went and planned with the Highland Elders for a lesson with Marissa one of their investigators who is getting baptized on March 8 but she wanted some sisters as well and she is really good friends with the Diebold family in our ward so we team teach her as well. Man sometimes we thing we are going to get sick of these elders haha just kidding they are great elders! We then went and had a lesson with Marissa and her friend Nicole came as well who is a recent convert. We love them both so much! It was a good lesson and we were able to confirm her baptism date with her. We then had another lesson scheduled but it fell through. We went home so sister Green could pack for exchanges that evening.
Feb 8- On exchanges with Sister Cook and we were in my area. We had a lesson with a less active that morning that went well. We taught about Faith and Hope and he told us some experiences he had that helped his testimony grow on these two principles. It went great and then we went and tried to see many Less actives but no one answered. We were able to walk alot and talk with many people! I approached this man who I felt like I needed to talk to and it was a good thing I did cause we were able to set up a return appointment!!! I know the holy ghost helped me with that one! That was a neat experience for me to have.
Feb 9- We had our normal meetings this morning and then had church. We were happy to see many less active people there and were able to talk with all of them but none of our investigators showed up which is a bummer but we have most of them committed to come next week so lets hope they will keep it! Going to church tends to be the most difficult thing for investigators to do.
That pretty much sums up my week. I hope you all learn things from my experiences I have and share with you. I know that I am learning many things out here and I am so thankful for it! I am so grateful to be out serving these people in California. I love this gospel with all my heart! I love you all and pray for you daily!
Love Sister Megan Johnson 

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