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March 10 - March 16

Oh my goodness I have so many things to tell you all but not enough time! I hope I can share with you all what I want to share! I want to thank you for the hump day package I got! The pictures with the sign was the best! It made me smile so big! I miss you all so much :) I cant believe I am half way done its crazy to me!! Anyways enough about that. This week has been super crazy and exciting and eventful!
March 10- I was still in Terra Vista with my companion Sister Green. We were together until Wednesday. We had the transfer meeting in the morning which was fun cause I got to see all my friends who I haven't seen in so long! This meeting is where we got our car taken from us since we are both walking sisters now! It has been strange without a car but really fun! We then went shopping with some other sisters who had a car and spent all day with them. We had dinner with the Berquist family which took us an hour to walk to their place. We didn't want to ask for a ride but she gave us a ride home. We then went and said bye to the Diebold family! I am sure going to miss them so much!
March 11- We had district meeting in the morning which was super painful! I went to sister Greens new district and I am so thankful that isn't my district! haha she is super jealous of me for that one! We then met with the ZLs to talk about splitting the ward and the work they have and we gave them all the lists they needed. We then went to Stephanies to say bye and to have a last lesson with her. I am going to miss that family so much! But I will go back to when they get baptized and I will always keep in touch with them! This is the part about the mission that is so difficult because we move so often and have to leave the people we love. After we had dinner at the church for the RS birthday which was so cute! It was a mad hatter theme which was so cute! Pinterest worthy! haha that took forever! and I still had to go home and finish packing since we were getting our greenies tomorrow morning! We finally caught a ride home and had a late night!
March 12- MY HUMP DAY!! We were at the office by 8 am because I had to be there early to sign for our new apartment! We waited for a little bit and then talked with some our friends who were also training as well. The new missionaries then came in and we all sat together and then split off for some trainings!

The computer is signing me off but I will finish later today hopefully!! I love you all so much!! I loved all the pics of Marcs fundraiser too! I had no clue you all were doing that but I loved it and it made me so happy! Mo I will keep him and his family in my prayers and Kels You looked gorgeous as usual :) Bay I am happy to hear about your grades and the no drama! Daddy you are almost done with school!! yay! hang in there! Mom you are the best!

The family we were teaching in Terra Vista! Stephanie and her kids

Stephanies other son who wasn't in the other pics. Chase and he is 9 and is investigating too!
 I will go back for their baptism!

Last pic with Diana Dire :) 

My new comp! Sister Dunford.
 She is older than me in age by one month and she is from Morgan Utah. She is a trap shooter and could have gone to the Olympics for it but decided to go on a mission. 

My hump day pic!!
 Crazy to think I am half way done!
I didn't have the package yet to take it with the sign you sent me :(
 I loved that package though!!! Thank you so much!!

I went to urgent care sorry to pay $100 for it :( I had a blister that got infected really bad and I had to be on crutches for a few days and couldn't do leave the apartment for a few days per
 President Hobbs and sister Deputy.

My lovely accessories :( I had them for the huge 2 mission conference thing and everyone came up to me and asked me what happened!
 I have so many friends here I love it haha I am having a Morgan moment for a minute haha

Outside of our apartment. Really pretty. Couldn't pass up a picture

Sister Dunford and Me :)

The name of my very first apartment complex!

There are aton of ducks and cows here in Onterio!
 It smells like cow crap all the time and the ducks get so close to us!

Myself and those stupid crutches! bleh

Sisters Taylor and Bond came and picked us up today and pulled up like this! What creepers!!
 Sister Taylor is from Australia, Brisbane area and she is super cute!! I love her lots!
We are in the same district yay and they live by us in the same complex

The sisters picked up mustaches for us as well!! hahaha
Happy St. Patrick's day!!
Love you!

Here is a post from Sister Edwards.
She said some nice things!
March 12 cont- The training was great and it helped us first time trainers feel confident and ready to train. We all know it won't be easy and the new missionaries know we aren't perfect and that we are all learning together so I felt so ready to take on this new and exciting role! We then all met up together in the chapel to know who are companions are going to be. We all sat on the right side and moved into the middle when President called out our names. Two sisters came and sat by Sister Green and I and guess who sat by me?! Yep my companion Sister Dunford! President asked us if we already knew we were going to be companions. I guess the Spirit directed us to each other haha We were really excited and nervous all at the same time. We then went and ate lunch and got to know our companions better. Sister Green's new companion was Sister Dunford's MTC comp so we all sat together which was nice. We then had a testimony meeting after lunch to end up the meeting. It was a great meeting and we were all super excited about this transfer. We didn't know where we were going to stay because we were informed that our apartment wasn't ready yet. We also were told that our phone hasn't come in either. Oh great! This transfer is starting out great! :/ I was so stressed but hey what can you do then to just laugh about the whole thing so that is what we did! We stayed with the Centenial Sisters who is Sister Taylor and Bond. Sister Taylor is training as well and we are in the same district! yay! We had to take two trips to get everything back to their apartment since we had 3 out of the 4 sisters things. That took about the whole day. The elders who we are sharing our ward with got in contact with the sisters and we were able to set up a time to meet with our WML and them to discuss the ward and how it was going to split. We were super excited about that and were so ready to get started! We sat outside for about 45 minutes waiting for them to come and pick us up since we didn't have a car but they finally found us and we went back to the Swarts home to have the meeting. Man oh man they are an amazing family! I was so excited to hear that he is our ward mission leader and that she is just and even more involved than he is! The elders we are sharing the ward with are great! Elder Patch goes home this transfer and he is almost done training Elder Jopson. They are super great and hard working! We are all excited about this transfer! :)
March 13- This morning we did the normal routine and had another hour of studies since I am training. My foot was killing me and Sister Dunford looked at it and said I needed to call someone cause it looked way bad. I called Sister Deputy and she took us to Urgent care where we sat for hours waiting to see a dr. The Dr I saw was an idiot! He said i didn't have an infection when clearly I did and he said it was too early to tell what to do and what it was exactly. He gave me antibiotics to take incase it was an infection but told me to follow up with my primary care physician. I was happy to get out of there! Sister Deputy was shocked on what he said and was irritated about it. We went and filled up my perscription and she was able to send crutches home with our zone leaders Elders Simpson and Fernando! Yep mama and papa you know his parents! We will take a picture soon but he came up and told me that and I remembered you mentioning to me. We then were told to stay inside and not do much per Sister Deputy so we worked on the area book for awhile and then had dinner and then went out and met an investigator and Less active who are living together. Her name is Monique and she has been investigating for awhile and has a strong testimony its her boyfriend Joseph who is holding her back on joining the church. He is nervous to marry her and doesn't want to grow up. Everyone wants them to break up so she can join and meet someone better but I don't think that will happen anytime soon so we will work with what we got :) We are excited to work with her! Sister Swart came and picked us up for that one and came with us to introduce us. It was great!
March 14- We had normal studies and then weekly planning. This morning I got a call from sister Deputy saying that she was talking with President about my foot and he wants me to stay in today to let it heal. We were bummed and my companion was going nuts which stressed me out and made me feel really bad. She has the greenie fire in her and she doesn't know what to do when we are stuck inside. We did however have Sister Swart come and pick us up to go and meet Dawn who got baptized on Saturday! She is so friendly and so sweet! Her son joined the church about a year ago and is in the army for medical school and the Swarts flew him in to surprise his mom and to baptize her! How sweet is that?! We then went and met the young women pres sister Salmon who is super cute! She gave us a family who she wants us to stop by so we are excited for that! After we had dinner at sister Guerreros home. It was the first member meal sister Dunford had and she loved it! honestly i think she was just super happy to be out of the apartment haha After we went home and planned and did more of the area book and talked with the sisters for a while :)
March 15- Today was quite the busy day! We left early to get to the mission office because we were having a two mission conference with the Redlands mission! Elder Neil L. Anderson came and spoke to us along with 2 from the 70 but i forgot their names but I will let you know later. It was so great and it was fun to see Elder Anderson's personality come out. He is so funny!! I got to shake his hand and look him in the eye! that was really neat to do! I learned many things from them and I was grateful to learn by the Spirit during that meeting. I had crutches there so of course everyone came up to me and asked what happened! I felt so dumb but what can you do! I worked it haha :) We then got our new phone so we got all the numbers from Elder Patch. We were so happy to have that! then we were told we were moving yay! we were happy to get our own place. roomates were fun and all but we wanted to not live out of our suitcases anymore haha! We had a baptism that we went to as well! That was really exciting and Sister Dunford loved every minute of it! The baptism was really spiritual and great! After we went and moved into our new place yay! Sister Swart helped us move all our stuff! she is our mom out here haha love her!
March 16- Our ward meets at 9 am so that means we have ward council at 7:30. yay haha but that went well and we were so excited to finally meet everyone in the ward! I hated that my first impression was on crutches but they were all so sweet and said they would pray for me! I am going to really like this ward and i am so excited to get working! :)
Well I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week!
Love Sister Johnson

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