Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 17 - March 23

Hey everyone! This week has been a great week! We are finally getting use to our area and we have people we are teaching! I just love being a missionary :) It was great to hear all the updates from you all and I am happy to hear that you all are doing great! I love hearing that and not have to worry about you all at home. The Lord really does watch over you all and I am so grateful for that!

March 17- It was an interesting p-day since we dont have a car. We were able to hang out with Sisters Taylor and Bond all day which was super fun! We just love them and we all get along great :) We had dinner that night with the Vondersaar family which was really fun. They are a great family. She is from Germany and is a convert and has a little 2 year old Josh. We weren't able to meet her husband but I'm sure he is a great guy too. We had some yummy german soup and Sister Dunford fixed her kitchen cabnet for her as well. You all know me... me and power tools dont get along so I was cheering her on haha
March 18- This morning we had zone meeting at the stake center which went really great! The zone leaders did a training about teaching people not lessons and then Pres. Remington who is in our ward came and did a training on missionaries working with the members. It was really great. Side note. He is the dad of the 2 weeker I had at the beginning of my mission. They were so excited to hear that I was going to be in their ward. They are a great family! Later in the day we had a service project with the elders in our ward. We went to Sister Vondersaars house to do yard work which was really fun! We did her flower beds and made them look all pretty. It was fun cause we got to know our ward mates better and they are great guys and we were able to help her out! After we went and had dinner with a Less active family. Narah and Darren and they aren't married yet but are living together and has a daughter together and he has 2 girls from a previous marriage. They made us great food and then we had an awesome lesson with them! Sister Anderson came to that lesson and she called us earlier in the day and invited herself to the lesson which never happens! We were so excited about that. They have the biggest dog named Oden he is a great dane and is huge! Narah answered the door and invited us in she then ran and took ahold of the dog and he was dragging her to come greet us. Sister Dunford walked in first and turned right around right when she saw him. I was super confused and asked her what she was doing as I was walking in but then I saw HIM! He is huge!! It was so scary! but i stayed calm and he came and snifted and said hi and then booked it for Sister Dunford hahaha it was really funny cause she was freaked out! She took pics so I will try and send those.
March 19- Today we went and visited people on our ward list so active members and less active members. No one was really home but it was good to get to know the area. We then went to mutual that night because we want to be more involved with the youth. It was a combined activity and we played toilet paper dodge ball. It was really fun! We were able to get to know them and they were able to get to know us as people and not as robotic misssionaries which helps so much!
March 20- We did our normal studies and then went out and worked in area 11. We decided to walk around and visit less actives and we were able to talk with a few people which was good. Sister Swart then called us and wanted us to go to Sams club to get a bike. Yep she paid for our bikes! She is going to heaven for sure! We put up a big fight to not let her pay but she won :( I am so blessed to have her in my life. We then had dinner with the cutest family the Bucks! They are younger and have 3 kids. My favorite is Benson who is 3 almost 4 we played football together the whole time! He is so adorable!
March 21- We had our lovely weekly planning which took so long because we finally were able to have things in our area book and we were able to plan things out! We went over to the Swarts to make invites to the womens conference as well which they turned out really cute! After we had a lesson with a part member family but the non member wasnt there but that was okay. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ which went really well. Sister Dunford and I taught really well together which always helps.
March 22- Today we went out and visited former investigators and contacted a refferal we got! The Ramero family were given to us from the Salmon family in our ward. They are really good friends with them and wanted us to go over and say hi! We did and they are super nice! We are excited to get to know them better! We then had dinner that evening with the Swarts and Dawn who just got baptized and her daughter Grace. She was visiting from out of town and she is super cute. She is 12 and is struggling with things and so Dawn wanted us to get to know her and help her out kind of be her older sister figure in her life. We hope to help her as much as we can!
March 23- Today we taught the gospel principles class about the Holy Ghost which went really well. We got many compliements on it idk if people were being nice or really felt that way haha we then went and visited a family had a death recently. She lost her mom and she wanted us to come over and talk with her. The spirit was so strong there! We then had a wonderful lesson with Monique an investigator and her boyfiend Joseph. That went great!
Well I am runing out of time but I love you all so much and I am so happy being here in this ward! :) Have a great week!
Love sister Johnson

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