Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nov 26 - Dec 1

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the emails! I had a great Thanksgiving but it wasn't the same without the family! Ah! Congrats Makelle!! I am so excited for you both sad to miss it all but I am sure he is a wonderful guy!! 
This past week has been a slower one but I will still update you all.
Nov 26- We had district meeting which was good and then went out for lunch at subway and we all were looking at the pictures that I got from home. Its super weird having the elders look at them cause they always think my sisters are cute and they want me to set them up but nope I will only if they are a good match haha I am like a mama bear when it comes to that haha After lunch we had a lesson with Diana who is getting baptized soon! yay! We talked about the last things we needed to cover on the teaching record and went over the baptismal interview questions with her. We were able to find out a few more things and she is meeting with our mission president to discuss them but we arent worried cause it happened so long ago and alot of it wasn't her fault but we still have to go through protocol. She isn't worried about it at all. We then had dinner with the Hutching family who are a really nerdy molly mormon family haha but we spent all night there cause they wouldn't let us leave it was really fun. They had us help decorate for christmas and showed us all of their many talents. It was fun and we were able to finally share a thought with them before we left.
Nov 27- It has been a crazy day!! We had to wait at home while studying for a repair man to come and fix our members washing machine and that took awhile and then we had to go and take our car in for an oil change. We went and walked around the shop there for a while to be out in public and planned in taco bell and i wrote in my journal. Two in a half hours passed and we decided to go back and ask what was taking so long and apparently our car needed a new tire cause steal was coming out of it and the battery had fluid stuff on it that could make the car blow up cause the cap was missing so he wouldn't let us drive it. He had to talk to our mission vehicle man but he wasn't going to be in until monday so we had a member come pick us up and we were going to be on bike until we got our car. I was not looking forward to it and the elders felt bad and was going to give up their car for us to use but we were stubborn and wouldn't allow it so we did it!! We biked to our dinner appointment with a LA which was great!
Nov 28- Thanksgiving! We went out before one of our thanksgiving dinners and was able to contact a referral we got who she turned into a new investigator!! It was great, He name is Rose and she is a bit crazy but she is wanting to learn more about becoming closer to Christ. We taught her the restoration and have another appointment to go back and talk a little more about it. We went to our first dinner with the Smith family which reminded me of home and it was fun. And then after we chilled there we went to our second dinner at the Montgomery home which they had non members there which was great. We played a game of apples to apples which was fun and just sat and talked until we had to go home. I was able to lose one pound on Thanksgiving thanks to the bike haha
Nov 29- We had a lesson with Bobby another new investigator that we dont know if we are going to keep cause he has some issues and he cant talk to us or write so we dont know if he is really understanding what we are teaching him or not. He had a past with drugs and we think it made him mentally handicap so we don't really know how to deal with him yet. After biking home from that sister edwards gracefully fell off her bike and the chain came off so the elders came over to fix it and we chatted with them for a minute which was fun. Then we stayed home since it was dark outside and we dont like to bike in the dark and we didn't have appointments so we updated our area book and watched the church movies we can haha
Nov 30- We got our car back finally!! apparently the man wasn't being honest and wanted to get more things repaired then what needed to be. So we got it back and we are so grateful for it!! We were able to visit some LAs and a few families in the ward and then we went to McDonalds for dinner cause no one signed up which was alright. then had a meeting with our ward mission leader and then Diana called us and wanted us to come over. We went over there and she was reading our of PMG yes our investigator has a copy that she studies from and she said she wants all the investigators she can get to her baptism cause she wants to be the best missionary she can be! And she said she loves us and is so thankful for us. It was so sweet and we just love her so much! After we watched some mormon messages with her it was really fun. I love this lady so much!!
Dec 1- We went to church which was good. Then we went to choir practice and we stayed longer since we are singing in sacrament next week with a little group and then the following sunday is the christmas program and they wanted sister edwards and i to sing a song with the primary so we are singing a song and the primary kids will sing the chorus it will be cute. After we went home and studied and then went to dinner. We had dinner with the Diebold Family and they are super cute!! They invited us for christmas which made us super happy!! They have 3 boys and one girl. Their oldest is serving a mission and the other is preparing to serve and the girl is probably 14 and the youngest is about 10 and they are such a fun family. We connected with them instantly!!
This past week has made me realize how many things I am grateful for! I am so blessed to be out here learning lots and giving people the chance to become closer with our Savior. I love this gospel so much and the support I have at home! I love you all so much!! Love, Sister Johnson 

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