Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dec 2 - 8

Hello everyone! This week has been great! I love the holiday time because people tend to be alot nicer to us and will actually take the time to listen to what we have to say even if they aren't interested. We have been really busy with things this past week and with the upcoming week. This is the last week of the transfer which always means miracles!
Dec 2- I went shopping for christmas presents and then we went and played district sports at the Woodruff building which was fun. Then we got all the other stuff we needed to get done and then went home and had dinner and decorated the house with sister Lee which was so much fun! It is the first real christmas tree I have had! Starting new traditions while being out here!
Dec 3- We had district meeting which went really well. We changed it up and had it just be a big group discussion rather than trainings the whole time. After we went to Chiles for district lunch which was fun except the elders were all into the football tv that was on haha After we went and had the interview for Diana's baptism. She met with Pres. Hobbs for an hour and we were freaking out a little cause that was a long interview, but the baptism is still on for Saturday the 14th!! She is amazing and she got some info out of president about transfers and she said we are both staying but we still dont know for sure if that is the case cause he likes to change things up so who knows but we really hope to stay in this ward! We went out and tried to see LAs but no one was home we then got a call from Diana (our investigator) and she told us her husband Andrew (who isn't a member) is sick and would like us to bring over soup. We offered it when Diana was sick last week but he actually took us up on it. So we went and brought him some and some hot chocolate and just hung out there. We played Settlers and dont worry family i didn't let you down cause i won!! That was really fun and good to do cause Andrew loves us now! He has a different look on missionaries as they aren't robotic but are normal people! He prayed for us as we left and also asked for a blessing! We were so excited about it!
Dec 4- We went and had a blessing at Andrews place. Our district leader was on an exchange so Elder Sanchez came and Elder McAllister which we weren't to thrilled about. Elder Sanchez is great but english isn't his first language so he didn't feel comfortable giving the blessing so Elder McAllister did who is a very awkward elder and was so nervous! I think this was his first one he has given while out here bless his heart! They both did great but Andrew felt the nerves they had. After we went and gave out living Nativity flyers and then had a lesson with the Brich family and one of their sons gave us christmas CDs!!
Dec 5- We had an interesting lesson with Rose and Albert. The spanish elders came with us cause one is our district leader and Rose speaks spanish and we were hoping to pass her off to them but Albert claims to speak spanish but doesn't really. We also wanted priesthood holders with us. Albert talked about the whole time and tried "reading" us. He is a freak!! We are so thankful for the elders to be there. Elder Jack point blank asked him why we were there cause he wouldn't let us talk and he does want to learn so we laid so rules down and we have another appointment next week with them. After we met with Diana to have her fill out her baptism paper work and she wanted us to share our testimony with her and why we decided to serve a mission. The spirit was there so strong! I cant wait for her baptism!! We had dinner at the Ranes home and they are sweet. We talked to Adam Johnson on the phone who played the boyfriend of Charlie on the movie. He asked us out over the phone haha it was super weird and awkward but funny. Sister Edwards is a huge fan of him. We then went to the Living Nativity that the stake was holding. It was super cold but really fun! We talked to many non members and members there.
Dec 6- We weekly planned which was weird to be planing already for the last week of the transfer. I feel like I just got here. After we had a lesson with Bobby and taught the POS in 20 minutes. We wanted to drop him but he invited us to meet his "mom" His care taker so that evening we went and met her and she is sweet. She has no religious background and told us more about Bobby and his life story. His frontal cortex on is brain didnt fully develop so that controls his speech and that is why he cant talk. We are still trying to figure out if he is understanding it and if he truly needs to be baptized. We have a lesson with him next week and his caretaker. After we went to panda for dinner which made me think of home haha and then went to the Living Nativity where i was able to see my favorite people from San Sevaine!! They all introduced me to their non member friends they brought. They also told me about the terriable news about one of the little girls in the ward Ashley Gardner was killed. She was hit by a car going to school she pushed her little brother out of the way and died at the scene. I was devestated because a month before her mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They are a great family and it pains me to see them going through this hard time.
Dec 7- We had service all day long! You can call me the professional mover! We helped two families move which was fun cause it was a district service projects and we knew both of the families. We then went to Upland for a big Nativity they put on every year. We were asked to sing in the missionary choir so that was fun and it was fun to see all of the nativity sets. We were bummed to miss the final night of the Living Nativity but it was a cool experience to have.
Dec 8- A normal church day except the two speakers didn't show up so they called on people in the ward to share their testimonies. Nope they didn't have the missionaries go up! it turned out to be a very spiritual meeting. it was great! We then went to choir practice and then to the Bishops to eat dinner and watch the Christmas Devotional. I loved it!!
I am so happy to be out here! It is tough but worth it! I am so thankful for all of your support back at home and the prayers. They have been felt! I love you all so much and hope to hear from you all soon! 
Love, Sister Johnson 

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