Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dec 9 - 15

Hello everyone!

This week has been a busy one for us! We had a wonderful baptism and got a new solid investigator!! We also just had transfers and it looks like I am staying here in Terra Vista for another 6 weeks!! And my comp is Sister Edwards still. We are both super happy about it!! We didn't want to leave this area cause it is one of the areas that has the most work right now!! Some of my really good friends in my zone got transferred which was really hard to see them leave but I am sure I will see them around again soon!
Dec 9- It was a normal p-day but this time we had zone activity which was super fun! I got to have better relationships with others in the zone which was good. We then had dinner with the member we live with which was good and then Diana asked us to come over so we were at Diana and Andrews house for a bit talking with them and we were able to have Andrew agree to read The Book of Mormon!! We were so excited. He says he isn't investigating at this time but the questions are starting to form and he is now comfortable to ask us those questions which is a step in the right direction!
Dec 10- This morning we had zone meeting which was good cause it was the last time we were going to be together as that zone since transfers were coming up. The zone leaders gave great trainings and then they had the former AP elder Norton give one since he is going home ( today actually) that one was great! He always does great trainings. After we went to district lunch at Wendy's which was super fun! That night we went to the Relief Society activity which was a Christmas dinner. The men served us all and we ate on peoples china plates. It was really fun and we were able to meet more sisters. After that we went and picked up Diana's baptism suite!! 
Dec 11- We went to the stake center to help a few elders out with a musical number they got themselves into for the Christmas party/devotional we were having as a mission. They needed sister Edwards to play the piano and they wanted me to sing but I didn't want to cause I would have been the only sister singing so it was kinda like a solo and you all know how I feel about those. So I ended up being the judge for them and telling them what they needed to work on and how to help them. After we went to a service project to help move our LAs into another ward which took all day. We had the elders come and help who are now in their ward. It was a good way to have them meet them.
Dec 12- Ah i can't believe I have been out for 6 months! I am a third of the way done that is just crazy to me!! We had a lesson with Albert and Rose which went really well. We did the Apostosy cup visual and showed them the restoration video. Rose was crying the whole time and Albert was actually quite and listened to our lesson. The elders came with us again. After we met with Diana for a little bit and then she had to go back writing her many final papers for school. After we went to the church to practice with the elders again. We then sat in on a lesson with the zone leaders and taught Michelle the one from San Sevaine that I helped with her Recent Convert lessons. It was really good to see her. She was so thrilled to see me and gave me a huge hug!! We read the scriptures with her. We then went and visited a LA sister Quintana who was really sweet. She says she doesn't go cause she usually works on Sundays and she doesn't feel like she fits into the ward. She says she goes to San Sevaine which was funny cause I probably only saw her once there in my 4 1/2 months I served there. She thinks in her mind that she is fully active but we are going to start and work with her and get her to our ward!
Dec 13- Today was full of Christmas parties which were fun! We had our mission party which was fun but it was split into two so we weren't able to see all of the missionaries but just the ones in the Valley. We ate lunch and then enjoyed a slide show which I was on so much! They will give us copies by the time we go home so that will be fun to have. Then we had musical numbers by each zone and then heard about traditions from the international missionaries serving here. So we heard about Canada, Australia, Philippines, and Spain. That was really cool to hear and we love to listen to their accents haha Then Pres and Sister Hobbs said a few words and then we all sang Christmas carols and then got our gifts and took pictures. We then went to our ward Christmas party which was fun and that was where we saw one of our members bring an investigator. She investigated a few months ago and is ready again to investigate. Its another Diana, her name is Diana Cox. She seems pretty solid and ready this time around. That was fun to see her. She recognized me from Aneekas baptism that she came to and asked us if we still teach investigators and asked to meet with us on Wednesday! We then invited her to Diana Dires baptism and she was super excited to come.
Dec 14- The big day for Diana Dire!!! The baptism went great! She was baptized by Derek one of her best friends from Utah. She bore her testimony after which was amazing and brought the spirit so strong. Her parents showed up at that time. She was thrilled to see them even though they weren't supportive with her decision they still came to support her since she is their daughter. After we went to lunch with Diana and Andrew and Derek and her other friend from Utah Lauren. It was super fun and the perfect way to end a baptism. After we went and weekly planned which was exciting to plan for 7 investigators!!
Dec 15- Diana was confirmed by Derek and we were able to write down her blessing for her and then we were involved with the Christmas program. We sang in the ward choir and we had a special musical number with the primary kids. That was so cute cause we sang the verses of I'm trying to be like Jesus and the kids sang the chorus with us. Diana Cox came to church!! She loved every second of it :)  After we went and passed around our missionary journals to the ones that were leaving and wrote in them and then we went over to Diana's cause she needed to talk with us. She was so cute, she has been crying all day long cause she feels the difference to have the HG with her at all times. We were able to just sit and chat with her and we all shared great spiritual experiences and she was able to tell me things that i needed to hear at that time, she almost made me cry. Its crazy to see how well she is in tuned with the spirit. I love her so much!!

Well that was my busy week and I have another one this week!! We have set appointments with every single investigator this week!! We are thrilled about it!! I love this gospel with all my heart and I am so thrilled to share it these people!! Love you all so much!!
Love, Sister Johnson

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