Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dec 16 - 22

I cant believe it is Christmas this week!! It is crazy to think that about this time next year I will almost be home! It has been kind of a hard week not being home with all my loved ones but Sister Edwards and I have been trying to stay busy to keep our minds off of it. Its nice that we have such a large teaching pool to be able to not be focusing on home.
Dec 16- Today we went to transfer meeting and I was able to say bye to my friends who were leaving the area and I was able to see Sister Miles. She gave me a huge hug and said she missed being my companion which was nice to hear. We then went shopping and emailed and then went to Diana Dire's home to hang out cause she wanted to have a girl day with us it was so cute. We just sat and talked and then went clothes shopping but I didn't get anything. We then had dinner at the Moss family which was fun and then we went home and I decorated my journal that all the missionaries sign and my planner.
Dec 17- District meeting was held at the institute building this week which was super fun! I am struggling with my district this transfer. They are all the typical nerdy elders who I have nothing in common with. It is going to be hard but I know I can do it, its only six weeks right? After district meeting the institute director Bro Price who is in my ward made everyone waffles and we all hung out and ate and played pool and ping pong for about an hour which was super fun! That was his christmas present to us. After that we went and saw some LAs but most people weren't home due to the holidays. We had dinner with the Pitt family who is super cute! We then had a lesson with Shane and Ashley which was awesome! She is now an official investigator!! Shane is a LA and they are getting married the day after christmas and they know they need to have the gospel in their lives!! They want to raise their son in the church he is a little over one. We found our LA Tyler Johnson finally! He lost his job and they took his phone since it was a company phone. He just got a new job and says he is back to have lessons with us again. We are going to have him recommit to church for the new year!
Dec 18- We went to the mission office to pick up Sister Edwards package because it was too big to fit in the zone leaders car!! We fit four sisters in the box!! It was super funny!! We then went and had a lesson with Diana Cox which was good we got to know what she was expect from us and what she new. She talked alot so we weren't able to get the full restoration in but that is okay we aren't worried we are going to have another lesson with her after Christmas. Diana Dire came to that lesson which was great cause they are going through about the same things. Diana Cox is so ready this time around!! She said she knew she wanted this because she now knows what she is missing. We are taking it slow for now with her but we are excited!! We then had dinner with the Downs family and that was fun. We then had our first recent convert lesson with Diana Dire which went great! We talked more about the priesthood and then got into some deep doctrine haha it was really fun!! We love her so much!
Dec 19- We had three lessons planned for today but only one worked out but that is okay! We met with Barbara who is so cute! Daddy you would love her! She is southern and is so sweet! She had her sister over and they were able to ask us questions and to get things straight. They love us coming over and we gave them a book of mormon and we are meeting with her at the beginning of the year! So she was a new investigator we got this week!! We had dinner with the Byers family and they are a young couple with young kids so that was fun!
Dec 20- We weekly planned forever!! It was really good though and made us feel great about how many people we are teaching!! We were going to have a lesson with Diana Cox but she wasn't feeling good so she rescheduled. We had a little get to know you lesson with Charlie and Aneeka for them and sister Edwards since I already know them. I still cant believe that they are in my ward haha I love them so much!! We got an amazing referral today!! We got a family who is ready to be baptized!! They walked into church last week in the highland elders ward and said they want to be baptized and have the lessons. They live in our area so they passed them on to us! We haven't met them yet but we will soon. Their son goes to USU and lives with RMs so he told his family that he is getting baptized and they wanted to learn more and loves what they hear. We thanked Heavenly Father for that one!! That was a great christmas present!
Dec 21- We had service this morning to help the Angles move again. We were only there for an hour and a half this time which was good. We then went to visit LAs but no one was home. We called a few and they said they weren't members or they weren't interested at this time. Its okay everyone has their own time table. We had dinner with Sister Yates and then tried to stop by our WML home to have our meeting but he didn't answer. No shocker there. We are struggling with our WML and the stake is aware of his lack in his calling so hopefully we will be getting a new one soon. We then went and dropped off chicken noodle soup to a sick elder that evening and chatted with them for a minute.
Dec 22- No one was at church today. It was so empty and none of our investigators came cause they are all out of town. The ward is so young that they all went home for christmas. After church we baked cookies for caroling later that night. We made about 9 dozen cookies and wrapped them all cute and had our info on them to give out. It was really fun to be with about the whole zone. I couldn't stop laughing at some of them cause I felt so dumb doing it but then I got over it and just had lots of fun with it.
Well that was my fantastic week! I hope you all had a wonderful week. Have a Merry Christmas and know that I love you all and will be thinking of you. Please don't forget the true meaning of CHRISTmas.
Love, Sister Johnson 

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