Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 19-24

Hello everyone! this week has been crazy busy and has had its ups and downs. It is weird not being home for the holiday season but I am trying to make it the best I can without all of you to spend it with me!
Nov 19- 
We had a great district meeting and went out to district lunch to Wendy's which was fun. Elder Browning told me that Tina and Jordan miss Sister Heagy and I. She even wrote a sign on her bedroom door that said no elders! Only sisters allowed!! It was super cute but the elders had to go in to finish painting her room she wasn't happy about that one. After district meeting we went and contacted 4 referrals we got. One of them was really crazy cause the address was a hotel but we decided to go in and the front lady was a member which made it less awkward. The referral was for her boss and she was shocked. Her boss wasn't interested but that was okay cause it was fun and we were able to talk with that member for awhile and to her. Our next referral came from our zone leaders... they thought they were pretty funny for this one. His name is Bobby and he has some mental issues we think from drugs. We talked with him for a minute and we couldn't even understand a word he said so we left and called them telling them that wasn't very funny!! They were laughing really hard but we told them we would get them back for sure!
Nov 20- 
Today we went and did Plan of Salvation chalk drawings in the park which was fun cause sister Edwards hasn't ever done it before. We then went and had a lesson with one of our LAs Tyler Johnson. We then went over to the Angle family and talked with them and shared a message with them they are moving December first so we are bringing the elders this week with us to make the transition better for them especially Michael who is investigating. then we went and shared a message with the Brich family that night.
Nov 21- Had Sister Bushman with us all day. I love her so much! We already made plans when we both get home to get together cause she goes to BYU. We had a lesson with Diana and talked about more church history and discussed her baptism which is coming up!! We then went and had a lesson with one of our RC (recent converts) and he gave us a book mark he made it was super sweet. After we went on splits. I went with Sister Mills to visit a LA and she was super great and we had a great conversation.
Nov 22-
Today we did service again fixing Tyler Johnsons cars. It was fun and the Highland elders helped. Elder Bowman and Elder Sudol. Side note he is friends with Brandon Arnold! Such a small world. During service our investigator Shawn dropped us in a text but he said we could still come over and talk about his concerns he had. We went over and his mom ambushed us with the Water of Life pastor. It quickly became a Bible bash and it was so scary!! I hated every second of it. We were there for only about 10 to 15 minutes and we shared our testimonies and left. We felt so gross afterwards. We called our district leader and he helped us stay clam and feel better. We wanted the spirit back so bad so we said a prayer and drove home and sang hymns until exchanges that night.
Nov 23- I went on exchanges with Sister Haas who I love so much!! We are exactly the same it is crazy!! She came into my area and we biked cause she was excited to try that out and we got 23 contacts in one day!! That is like unheard of in our area! We were very excited! We also were able to meet a few LAs. It was a really fun day and a much needed day!  Sister Haas is going to ask pres to put us as companions haha I love that lady!
Nov 24-
Normal church. After we went to choir practice which was fun and then we went and studied and then had dinner at the Denkers who is this older cute couple! That was really fun and then we were driving and we saw a moving truck and pulled over to help and it turned out to be one of our LA families who was moving furniture out of storage so we were able to help them and talk with them for awhile afterwards. They are so cute I connected really well with there 7 yr old twins! Ethan and Sierra! They are the cutest and they snuggled up to me on the couch while we were talking and getting to know the family!! I love them and we are excited to work with them.
Well that was my exciting week here! I love being out here serving and miss you all so much but I am learning so much and I know this is what I am suppose to be doing and California is where I need to be. I love the people I am serving with and hope to love them all even more!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we all have so much to be grateful for!!
Love Sister Johnson 
Helping Tyler Johnson with another car

A rat on the sidewalk Yuck!

Splits with Sister Haas and Sister Johnson

Loving the helmets 

Hike to Etiwanda Waterfall
on Nov 25, 2013

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