Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 11-17

Hello everyone!
This week has been full of miracles! The work in the Terra Vista ward is picking up and we are so excited about it. Thank you for all of your prayers everyday, I feel them and don't think I can do much with out them!

Here is the day by day update on my week.
Nov 11-
It was our p-day and it was very relaxing. We were in no rush because our president is not letting us do zone activities every week anymore :( we are all super bummed about that. Anyways so all we did was email and do our chores and we went shopping. It was fun cause I actually went shopping for clothes and bought two cute maxi skirts for a great price! It felt nice to shop again haha We then made some dessert to take to zone meeting the next day and then had dinner with Sister Lee who we live with and had a FHE with her which was really fun.
Nov 12- 
We went to zone meeting from 10:30 to 1:30 which was long but really good. Our zone leaders Elder Olsen and Newton gave us trainings the whole time. We talked about to plan better and to not just to try and fill our time with things but to be productive. Talked about raising our expectations of ourselves and that Faith=personal righteousness, and that we need to recommit ourselves to Him. It was really good and just what we all needed at that time. Sister Edwards and I took it to heart and we did what they invited us to do and we were able to see many blessings this week. In the afternoon we went over and helped sister Yates with the RS activity she was putting on cause she was overwhelmed doing it by herself. We then went to dinner with the Mills family and then went to the RS activity where there were a few non members there and a lot of less actives which we were thrilled to see. It was really fun and we were able to build a lot of trust with the sisters there.
Nov 13- 
We had a full day of just visiting members and less actives of the ward and we decided to bike down to the bottom of our area. We weren't very smart cause it was about 90 degrees and we were dying. No one was home so we decided to go back home and pray about a street to go to and pass our living nativity flyers to them. It is a production our stake puts on for the community and it is really neat and we were able to have 1400 people show last year and 700 of them were non members so we are super excited to be apart of it this year! So far the people we have invited are really excited about it. Later we went and had a lesson with one of our less actives Tyler Johnson and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After that we went and ate with our favorite family so far who is the Nibarger family and we had breakfast for dinner which was yummy we had pumpkin waffles. After we went to the young womens activity which was fun to get to know all of them.
Nov 14- 
We went and passed out more flyers and had a lesson with Diana who is getting baptized on Dec 14! She is solid and is really excited about it. We talked about tithing and she had concerns that we were able to address. We also went on splits that night which was fun but I got a lady who doesn't talk at all but its okay cause I am now more outgoing and can take the lead in things but the lady I went and saw was sister CeCe Carpenter who is about 70ish and she answered her door in her shirt and underwear! no joke! She isn't endowed yet so yes she had underwear and you could see everything! Ah I was freaking out haha she went upstairs and put on pants thank goodness while we were there visiting.
Nov 15-
During weekly planning we went through the phone and called all of the potential investigators we had and we were able to talk with Shawn who set up an appointment with us the following day. We were freaking out cause that never happens!!! We were able to get 18 contacts today while passing out more flyers! Today was an awesome day!!
Nov 16-
We met with Shawn and brought Sister Lee with us. We taught him about the restoration and he loved it. We invited him to be baptized and he agreed! We were super excited and he said he will read the BOM and pray about it and we asked to come back and he said we could tomorrow. Something crazy though was he had no clue how we got his number cause he never has had any encounter with missionaries before but he needed us and knew it was an answer to his prayers.
Nov 17- 
We went to our normal meetings and then went home and got ready for Shawn's next lesson which we were going to teach half of the plan of salvation and invite him to have a baptism date. Before we went Sister Edwards and I prayed about a date and after the prayer sister Edwards said she had a date and I did too so I asked her what she got and yes it was the same date Jan 18th!!! It was crazy cause during the prayer I heard someone say 18 in my head. It was really cool and we both freaked out after. That was a huge testimony builder. We brought a couple to be the members present and they weren't the best cause they both kept diving into deep doctrine and made it confusing so we wont be having them come next time. He was really excited about the date though and accepted and we are meeting with him again on Friday!!
Well that was my week! I am super tired but I know it is cause I have felt the spirit with me all week and have been working my hardest! As a zone we are focusing on finding families and we need 17 more baptisms by the end of the year so we need our "17 miracles" I know the Lord will bless us because he already has with Shawn and Diana. I know He answers our prayers and that he takes in the considerations of the desire of our hearts. I love this gospel so much and I am truly happy being out here spreading this wonderful message. I love you all and miss you dearly!!
Love Sister Johnson

Sister Edwards and Sister Johnson

 New Comp Sister Edwards

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