Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 4-10

Sorry about the short email last week. Transfers are always so crazy! I have spent the past week in my new area and I am loving it! I am living with the RS pres who has never been married and is super sweet. She takes care of us so well. She made us PB&J today haha it was cute. I love my companion! She is awesome and we get along great. We laugh a ton!
Nov 5-
We did normal studies and made some phone calls confirming appointments we had for the week which is strange to me to have haha. We went to district meeting which was fun I love this district we will all get along great! We went home to organize our messy area book the other sisters left us. We went outside to ride our bikes and the door shut behind us. Sister Lee's door handle doesn't match up with the one on the inside so the handle just turns and turns. The door was unlocked but we were locked out! haha at least we had the phone with us so we kept calling her to see if she was close but she didn't answer her phone so we called the lady we were having dinner with and she came right over and we were finally able to break in through the window haha what an eventful day that was! We then went out on our bikes to visit a few families in the ward. It was nice being on bike but oh boy I am out of shape!!
Nov 6-
We rode our bikes again today which was fun we just rode to get to know the area and to talk with people out and about. We came back and freshened up for our less active appointment we had. We did the 30 day challenge with him. We went and had dinner and then had another appointment with on of our investigators! Yes you heard me right this area has investigators!!! His name is Michael and he is 13 and has no social skills and is really hard to get through to him. We taught them POS and then we sat and talked with his aunt and uncle who he lives with who is less active. We know that if they go back to church Michael will come so we are working with them too.
Nov 7- 
We went and visited more members of our ward and then had an appointment with our investigator who has a BD!! She is getting baptized on Dec 14! Two days before the next transfer! We lucked out and she is solid! She is 26 and is married but her family and husband aren't happy with her decision. She has investigated the church for about 10yrs and is finally taking the next step. She knows this is what Heavenly Father wants her to do. We told her we are always here for her and the other sisters she knows in the ward. We set up another appointment with her for next week. We went on splits that night with the RS sisters and went and visited less actives which went really well. We both were able to get into a home and the one I went and visited made it to church!
Nov 8-
Today was fun cause I was able to do service for one of the less actives Tyler Johnson. We were able to help him change his brake pads on his cars. He has many cars and fixes on them so he taught us how to do it. It was fun and I learned a lot! I took pictures for proof daddy! ;) That night we ate dinner with an older lady who was divorced and has a messy situation with her kids. We were able to meet her youngest daughter Jennifer who is super nice she is 25 and hasn't been to church for 10 yrs but she said she would go to the RS activity that her mom is in charge of with us because her and sister Edwards hit it off really well because they had similar pasts. We were super excited about that.
Nov 9- 
This morning we were invited to a birthday party that one of the members were having for their 2 yr old which was fun and we met more families there. After we had a zone service project to help move some people in the Redhill Ward which was fun. That night we had our ward coordination meeting with our WML since our church is at 9 am and we have ward council at 7:30 am.
Nov 10-
We went to our meetings and to church. This ward has many young families which we are excited about! This ward changes a lot because most of the husbands are going to medical school around here. We then went home and got on our bikes to talk with people since it was a nice day outside. We rode 6 miles! After we came home and did our studies and then went to dinner with a family in our ward who has a son who goes to the YSA ward and he invited the elders over. It was really fun and I found out that Elder Newton is from South Jordan and graduated from Bingham in 2010. That makes it 5 people are here in this mission from South Jordan haha and I am the only sister.
I had a great week and I cant wait to see what this transfer brings! I love you all so much and miss you bunches!
Love Sister Johnson

Getting her hands dirty

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