Monday, November 25, 2013

October 28- November 3

Hey everyone! 

I did get transferred but not very far. I am now in the Terra Vista ward with Sister Edwards who is from Northern California. She is great and I think we will get along great! It was stressful moving but I think it will be good for me to get a change of scenery. I am going to be on bike... idk how I feel about it but we still have a car. My comps parents just brought us bikes since they live so close. We are the first sisters in our mission to ride bikes. Hey it's a good way to get back into shape and to lose the mission weight gain! We are starting out small cause neither of us are in shape to go on all day everyday haha. 

I did have my eye procedure which went well. No complications but I never want to have that procedure done again. It is healing nicely. Everyone now calls me pirate Johnson since I had to wear a patch for a day.
So sorry this email is short. The lab I am at shuts down at four so I got to run but that was the big and exciting news. I do have work to do in this area we have 4 investigators!! We are stoked about that but I will keep you all updated! 

I am happy to see Mama and Papa home!!!!! Welcome home and I give you a big hug and kiss!! 

Love, Sister Johnson 
Pirate Johnson

Megan's new living arrangements

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