Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dec 30 - Jan 5

Happy New Year everyone!! This week was a crazy week! We were busy which is always the best. I cant believe that I have a year left. This year will fly by just like 2013 did.

Dec 30- It was a typical P-day. Was able to get everything done we needed to and played basketball with the elders in our district and the Highland elders. That was fun. We then went out to dinner because we didn't have a dinner that night. It was crazy to think that I have one year to go to the day.
Dec 31- We had district meeting today and Sister Edwards and I gave a legit training. We were asked to prepare a training on faith based goals. We used the first article in the Ensign and PMG on goal setting and had a disscussion with our district on what we can do and how we can become better this new year. The spirit was there and I actually felt confident teaching! We then had a lesson with Diana Dire and her home and visiting teachers were there the Porters. Sister Porter took over the lesson cause she is one who loves to talk. Bro Porter was able to give Diana a blessing which was just what she needed. We then had the Schmitt family bring us pizza for dinner since it was New Years Eve and we had to be in by 6pm. We had a party and watched church movies and just messed around being super hyper. We went to bed at 11 so I stayed up for the New Years Utah time haha
Jan 1- Today we went out and contacted many of our LAs because we knew they would be home for the holiday. Most of them were but weren't interested. We went and publicly wrote in our journals for awhile too and then had dinner. It was a long day but we made it through it!
Jan 2- I got another hair cut by my recent convert Diana. I do miss Libby doing it.  We also went to the library for sister Edwards to look up talks because she has the wonderful opportunity to speak at the adult session of stake conference! I get to sit on the stand and look pretty!! I was okay with that. We then had dinner with a LA family and we shared a message that they needed to hear. The spirit was so strong there. When we left she called the lady who is incharge of our dinners and said she loves us and wants to feed us all the time! We then had an appointment with another LA family and Diana Dire came to that one as well. We shared a mormon message and got to know them better. We hope to work with them more as well.
Jan 3- We weekly planned which takes a few hours to do especially since we have so many people to teach! We had a lesson with Diana Dire which was good cause she was having a rough day. We then went to subway for dinner and I wasn't feeling good all day so we went and picked up medicine and I went home and went to bed.
Jan 4- We went out again and saw more LAs and we were able to come in contact with one family. The son answered the door he is in high school and was hitting on us it was super weird and awkward! After we had a lesson with our investigator Ashely and her husband Shane. We read scriptures with her and talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ with her. We asked her to pray about her own baptism date because she knows that is what she wants and needs to do. She said she wanted Shane to baptize her and he said he wants to do that. He just needs help to quit smoking so we are starting that program with him soon. We were so excited to hear this news from them!! After we went and did an awesome POS chalk drawing with the Highland Elders and talked to many people. Diana Cox randomly texted us and asked if we could come over that night to read with her. We read 3 NE 27 with her and in the middle she said she needed to be baptized so she understands and the desire is there. We had a discussion on tithing cause that was one of her concerns as well. That lesson couldn't have gone better! She said she was coming to church and will be able to come more since it is now at 11am.
Jan 5- We had our sunday meetings but not as early anymore!! We had ward council at 9am and then we sat at church and greeted everyone. Diana Cox and her mom came which we were super excited about and so did the LA family we had dinner with this week. We were happy missionaries for sure! We prayed so very hard that testimony meeting would go well and that the spirit would be there to direct the people who were sharing their testimonies. Our prayers were answered! That was one of the best meetings we have had in that ward. Diana Cox's mom was crying the whole time. They came to sunday school as well and participated and then had to leave. Diana said she felt the spirit really strong and knew this is where she needs to be. After church we went to the Diebold's home for dinner. They invited their friends Marissa and Nicole over for us to meet them. Nicole was recently baptized and was taught by the online missionaries and Marissa is getting taught as well but has to wait until she is 18 to get baptized cause her family won't let her. They are the cutest girls ever!! We had a lesson with them and was able to gain their trust. We love that family so much!!
That was my busy week and we have even more things this week! I am so happy to be out here serving! I love you all very much! Hugs and kisses!! love you lots!
Love Sister Megan Johnson 

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