Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jan 6 - 12

This week has been crazy busy! We had a miracle baptism on Wednesday and we were able to set up many appointments for this week with potentials! Miracles are happening here in Rancho!!
Jan 6- This morning we had a huge miracle! We got a text from our investigator Diana Cox saying that she wants to be baptized. We were shocked and she said she felt the spirit so strong at testimony meeting and this morning she felt it even stronger telling her to get baptized. She wanted to have it that evening but we couldn't do it that fast so she settled for Wednesday the 8th. We made many phone calls that morning. We were so excited and didn't even know how to react. We got on our knees that evening and thanked Heavenly Father so much for that miracle! She came to our zone activity to be interviewed by Elder Jarvis (out District Leader). He said she was good to go!
Jan 7- This morning we had zone meeting. Sister Edwards and I gave the Preach My Gospel (PMG) thought on how to be a successful missionary. We dont know why they had us do that cause we have no clue haha They then had us share our miracle that happened the previous day. Everyone was super happy for us. In zone meeting we set new goals for the next 6 months for the Rancho zone. Then Elders Newton and Olsen (our zone leaders) gave a few trainings on back to the basics, gratitude, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They were great trainings, I learned many things from them. I don't envy zone leaders at all haha After we went and typed up Diana Cox's baptism program. She didn't want one to pass out to everyone so we didn't have to worry about making it all cute and nice which was a bit of relief. We made one for us and the person who was conducting. We then called and got a baptismal suite. We still couldn't believe it was happening. We went and did another POS chalk drawing at another Park with Elder Bowman and Hair and Diana Dire came. That was so much fun!
Jan 8- Its the big day!! We were so nervous on how everything was going to pan out but everything went great! She was super excited and didn't let anything ruin her big day. She didn't care at all that a few elders were there who weren't invited and she met with the bishop before hand and he felt more at peace about it as well, he too had concerns about her becoming less active. The program went on without any issues, I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost because she asked me too the day before but I was happy to have that done. She was really happy and went on with her day. That night we had dinner with the Yates family. Her daughter Jennifer was there and we were able to talk with her and really gain a friendship! She is a LA and her mom really wants her to come back to church. We got her to accept to take institute and she is going to read 3 Nephi 11. When saying our goodbyes she said she hopes that neither one of us leaves and that she wants to keep in touch with us even after our missions. I love being able to meet long life friends out here!! It is one of the best feelings :)
Jan 9- Happy Birthday Daddy!!! This morning we went over to DIana Cox's place thinking that the drama was going to contiune but it didn't. She was able to talk with a friend of hers from the ward who helped her calm down. She was mad at us for some reason and her friend was able to get her to see from our eyes what was going on. We ended up just reading 2 Nephi 31 and 32 with her. We all agreed to not bring up anything and we told her that we love her and are here for her. She isn't the easiest person to get along with but I am really trying to see her through the Saviors eyes which isn't easy but I know I can do it. After we had service at Diana Dires home which we helped her with her laundry and just to clean her house. It was lots of fun and her house sure needed it! We went to another park with the Highland and Redhill elders. The Redhill elders wanted to learn how to do it so they can do it in their area. We then had splits that night and we were able to go and see two LAs which went great and they both came to church!!
Jan 10- We met again with Diana Cox and read with her Ether 12 and talked about our stories and how we gained our testimonies. It went really well and we were able to connect with her better. The drama has passed and we were so thankful for that! She is excited to get confirmed on sunday! That night we had dinner with the DIres which was fun becuase they had a friend come over. He was nice and we were able to gain a relationship there as well.
Jan 11- Today was a very open and empty day but we filled it with LAs and our faith! We went down the list we had and was able to talk with a few of them finding that they are part member families. We also were able to get into a home and talk with her and help her realize she needs to come back to church. She was working on sundays and got out of the habit of going and she went through a nasty dicorce. We are going to be focusing on her and her family. We had dinner with one of our favorite families the Downs which was fun and yummy!
Jan 12- I cant believe I have been out for 7 months already!! This morning we had our normal meetings and then had church. We were nervous that Diana Cox wasn't going to show because she was one minute late to sacrament but she was there with her mom and step dad. She was confirmed and was really happy. I know this church is just what she needs to make her feel complete and truly happy. We also had many of the LAs we met with come to church we were so excited to see them there!
That was my super busy and exciting week! I hope all is well at home. I love you all very much and miss you like crazy. I hope you all have a fantastic week!! 
Love, Sister Megan Johnson

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