Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 7 Last Week of my First Transfer

Hello everyone!

This past week was my last week of my first transfer. Wow, I can't believe I made it through, only 12 more to go!! I like counting that way because it is shorter haha. Today is also my two month birthday. I feel like I have been gone way longer than two months but they say it starts to speed up real quick. Don't get me wrong, I love everything I am doing here, I just wish I was doing it with the people I love most around me but hey that's life :) Okay Mom I will go back to my daily updates since you like that better.

Tuesday the 6th. We had zone meeting which was such a great meeting! My zone leaders are amazing! That morning two of our elders left to go home so that made me sad thinking that I just started and won't get to come back for awhile. That was when I think it really sank in but it's okay I am keeping my head up and not thinking about all of that. I have noticed that my positive attitude has helped me so much. I am surprising myself that I have have it in me haha. But anyways back to my day. We then went to Walmart to print off pictures for Aneeka because we were putting together a little something to give to her for getting baptized and Walmart is the cheapest place to print. It felt really weird being there when it wasn't a Monday, but don't worry everyone, we got permission from our zone leaders so we weren't breaking the rules. That night we didn't have a dinner appointment so Sister Henrich was nice enough to make us dinner.

Wednesday the 7th. We met with Brandon and Jessica! I love meeting with them because they are such great people and I love seeing them get more excited about the gospel. We brought former Elder Jackson from our ward. He just came home and was looking forward to going to lessons with us. It was great because we needed a member present and male to connect with Brandon. We found more of her concerns about going to church so I asked her if she wanted to set up a church tour and she was excited about that. I also taught most of that lesson and I was thrilled and proud of myself that I was able to rely on the Spirit and not what to say next. I left that lesson so happy. We then went to a lesson for Aneeka. She has been struggling really bad with her family. Her family doesn't accept the decision she has made. We gave her the gift after the elders left because she wanted to talk to us sisters longer. We gave her a photo album of her baptism and a picture frame with all of us missionaries who taught her. We each wrote her a letter telling her how much we love and support her and are proud of her for doing this. She loved it and we also wrote her confirmation so she has that now and she was super excited about that cause she said she was trying so hard to remember everything in that blessing. We ate dinner with a really cool family that night and it was nice to be in a home with loud kids and just talking about each other's day. That is something I miss a lot is eating dinner as a family and catching up on everyone's day.

Thursday the 8th. We were able to meet with some newly weds in our ward so we could set up fellowship for Brandon and Jessica. The Santos are super excited and are planning a FHE at their home with a bunch of couples and we get to come with Brandon and Jessica which will be so much fun! I love all the young couples because they seem more excited and willing to do missionary work. It makes our job so much easier. We went to an employment thing with Brandon at the church to help him find a job. He brought his friend DJ who was really nice and had a lot of questions about the church. We invited him to come to the church tour. We were super happy about that.

Friday the 9th. We called our referral we got and set up an appointment to see them which fell through but we will call them again to reschedule. We also had weekly planning which wasn't much fun but we did it at the church because we had to get out of our house. It is still crazy there because she still has family in town but guess what?! I am learning some Spanish! Sister Henrich's sister doesn't speak English very well so she is teaching us Spanish and we are teaching her English! It is awesome!! We also had a lesson with Michelle who is the recent convert. We taught with the elders because she still doesn't know if she wants to go to our ward or the singles ward so we told her to pray about it.

Saturday the 10th. We went and saw the people that the ward council needed us to see. We decided to do it on Saturday because more people are home. We also had the church tour. We brought a family from the ward who had little kids which was great because Brandon had his son there so he got to meet people. The tour went really well. DJ had a lot of questions and we were able to get his number and he said he would come to church with Brandon and Jessica which made us all so happy to hear!

Sunday the 11th. Brandon and Jessica didn't come to church :( We told them that we were singing and wanted them there but they had family come in town I guess. It made us both super sad but then I was freaking out because yes Sister Miles and I were singing a duet in sacrament. I have a copy of us singing it that I will email but I messed up once on that because it was our second time going through it. But Sister Jackson who was in charge recorded it and sent it to us to send to you. I was super shaky at first but on key still but then I took a deep breath and did amazing on our duet part! Yeah I hated every minute of it but it was good for me to do something like this.

Well that is my week for you! Today we are spending time with the other Sisters in our zone because Sister Heagy is still struggling so we want to help her out. She passed out Saturday because she had a panic attack. I wish I was there to help because I know how to help people who pass out and just to be there for her, but we are today. We got transfer calls Saturday night and I am staying where I am with Sister Miles!!! YAY!!! We are however gaining a sister and we are hoping and praying it is Sister Heagy because she is being transferred. We know we aren't getting a new sister coming in so it very well could be her and that would be the best thing ever!!!! But we are trying to not get our hopes up but I think it is a little late for that.

Well I love you all so much! and love to hear from you all :)


My first district in the field
Elder Warner, Elder White, Elder Chase, Elder Heath
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