Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Transfer Number 2!

I survived my first transfer and it was a 7 week so it seemed like it was never going to end! Normally they are 6 weeks which seems to be the right amount of time. Okay so I think I mentioned that I was going to be in a tri companionship this transfer and I was hoping and praying that we would get Sister Heagy who is my best friend out here and guess what?! It happened! The Pres called mine and Sister Miles name and then said Sister Heagy's. I was sitting by her and we hugged and were super giddy haha. Transfers are always fun and loud. We all couldn't believe that this happened. Monday we spent all day with her and Sister Wood because we helped her pack and we were talking about her being with us but we didn't want to get all excited about it and not have it happen. So we left it as a thought and now it is a reality which we are all so excited about! It feels like a sleepover every night, it is the best! We all get along so great and we even talk about getting together when we all get home. It's great meeting new friends out here that I will have forever.

This week was a hard week because we don't have any investigators anymore. None of them were coming to church and won't get back to us when we want to set an appointment, so we had to drop them which was super sad and hard to do. We are now back at square one with finding some new investigators which is the hardest part but I have faith we will find some this transfer. After this transfer I will probably be training which stresses me out so I can't think about it for too long. But something that was crazy that happened at transfers was one of the Sisters who came out with me is already training!! I was so thankful that wasn't me!

Well that is about all that happened this week and we have fun plans for next week and hope that it will be a better week. Oh Sister Heagy's friend, who is in North Carolina. said that he has already started using FB and is getting an I Pad soon! It also started in Provo, so we are excited to hear if it is happening for us sometime soon. It's crazy to think that I will be on Facebook but I am super excited! I have taken many pictures that I want to email but haven't had the time to do it but don't worry, I will soon!

I love you all so very much and miss you all like crazy!

Love, Megan (Sister Johnson)

Sister Johnson, Sister Miles and Sister Heagy

Looking Good!

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