Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aug 19-25

Hello everyone!

Thank you for the letters and emails this week! I don't have much time today so I won't be able to write people back but I will be writing letters this week. Mom and Bay, I just sent you yours today so you should get them sometime this week. This week has been a normal week. Nothing exciting happened but I will go through it day by day just for you Mom!

Aug 19- P-day which was great. I always look forward to these days. We got together as a zone and met everyone which was fun because we got more sisters and a few more elders in our zone. We had dinner with the Larson family whom I adore!! Kels, there son Wyatt is your future husband so you don't even have to worry about looking haha. Sister Larson is one I would go and talk to if I needed anything and when I miss you Mom. She is the best and her daughter just got married and had my dream wedding so she said when I am planning to call her and she will help with anything and everything. Don't worry I will get pictures of the family when we eat with them again.

Aug 20- We had district meeting which was different because we didn't all meet together as a zone like we normally would have, but it was still really good and we all learned lots. I have a new district leader who is Elder Hair. He is pretty cool. He was in our zone last time so we already know him and have a good friendship. We went and visited with a few members later that day and for dinner we went out with the Woods to a place called Panera which is like Kneaders, so that was yummy.

Aug 21- It was a weird day because Sister Heagy had a Dr's appointment so we caught up on our journal writing while she was gone and then went out and meet some less actives and more members.

Aug 22- We made cookies today! Sister Henrich had a list of less active singles that she needed to go and see so she asked if we would help her. We were excited because they were the same people we needed to contact on our list. It was fun but we went out for an hour with Sister Henrich and she was done after that. It was super hot that day but we were planning on being out the rest of the day but we drove so we had to go back and drop her off. We went to dinner and went out again until we had to be home.

Aug 23- We weekly planned which isn't our favorite thing to do but we did it! We came up with this awesome 30 day challenge for members to do. We are inviting them to read a chapter a day from 3 Nephi and on the 30th day to start a fast for a specific blessing. We came up with the wording and I will send it to you in a letter. We decided that we need to work more with the members this transfer because they are the ones who will be finding for us and we need to gain their trust so that is what we are focusing on. We then had dinner with the Cadmans who took us out to this Sushi place. Yep, I tried some! You all should be so proud. I tried the Alaskan roll and spicy tuna and squid and then got a salad. I didn't really like the spicy tuna but everything else I was able to eat and enjoy. We then went home and watched the District as our Friday night movie night haha.

Aug 24- We were asked to go to the stake youth activity. They put on a Becoming a Missionary Conference, which helps them be a missionary for a day and get a better knowledge of how a mission is and what to expect and how to prepare for one. It was really fun and we were able to meet a lot of the youth in the stake. We were there to get to know the young women and get them excited about serving.

Aug 25- We had our normal Sunday meetings. We had dinner with the Scotts which is the Bishop's family. We got there and Sister Scott was in a panic. Her twin daughters, Madison and Taylor were gone at a farewell and she needed help with dinner and dessert because they were having a youth fireside at their home that night. We said we were their "fill in" daughters for the night so we helped them make cookies and set up for the fireside. We got to stay and be a part of it which was so much fun! We are trying to get to know the youth because they are the ones who get excited about missionary work and will give us referrals.

So that was my week! I hope you all have had a good week as well. I love you all and can feel the prayers in my behalf. I love this gospel and I am so happy that I am out here sharing it. Even though I lost all of my investigators, I am still thankful to have met them because I do know that I planted a seed and it's not their time to bloom yet and I can accept that and not take it personal. I have surprised myself with how positive I have been through this time in my life. Don't get me wrong, I still have some hard days but I try so hard to look at the best of times because that is what gets me through the day. I know that if you all apply this kind of attitude in what you all are facing you will be blessed and make it through it a better person. I love you all and am so thankful for the support I have back home! It means a lot and hope you all have a good week!

Megan aka Sister Johnson
Making cookies with Sister Henrich

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