Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aug 26- Sept 1

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I wasn't able to write because of the holiday, but I will update you on my week. This transfer has gone by way too fast maybe because I am having a lot of fun and I love my comps. I only have 2 more weeks and then I will be training ahhhhh I am freaking out!

On Monday Aug 26- It was a great P-day and we played Skipbo and Phase 10 together all night haha It was really fun and reminded me of our game nights we had as a family.

Aug 27- We normally have district meeting but we are having zone conference this week so Tuesday was a normal missionary day. We did phone calls in the morning because we are trying to set up appointments with every family in the ward because we have a 30 day challenge we are doing for them to come closer to Christ. Don't worry I am sending it home for you all to do. I am doing it right now and wow I have already felt the blessings. We had to go and see Dr Anderson because my eye has gotten bad again and so they want me to go in and get it removed. Yep another thing to add on my list of things to do but I will be happy when it is all taken care of.

Aug 28- We had exchanges this morning. I stayed in my area with Sister Heagy and Sister Ott came who is a sister training leader. They are also calling more next transfer because we have a little over 40 sisters in our mission. Crazy huh? It is so much fun but anyways, our day was full. We went and visited less active people and a few members. We were really tired by the end of the day. I actually had my first mini break down. I cried that night for the first time. I was talking with Sister Heagy and Sister Ott about how I was doing and how I was with Sister Miles. Last week I thought I was doing everything wrong in Sister Miles' eyes, so I started crying and thought that she hated me because she would say mean comments and be really short with me. Come to find out that she was struggling herself that week and took it out on me, but it sure wasn't easy. Sister Ott and Heagy were there for me and it felt good to cry! I haven't cried since I have been out here in the field.

Aug 29- We got Sister Miles back and it was a little awkward at first because everyone could feel the tension. We did comp study and I can't remember what we were talking about but my eyes were watering and Sister Miles asked me if I was okay and I just said I yawned but then a minute later I just started to cry and told her everything like I felt inadequate and that I thought I wasn't doing things right. She shared with me Either 12:27 saying that when I come closer to Christ I can see my weaknesses more but she said that I am humble and that I need to ask for His help and His strength. It was a bonding moment for us for sure! After that we had such a fun day and we were all best friends again. That day we met with 7 members and gave them the 30 day challenge and everyone of them were so excited to do it. I can't wait to follow up with everyone about it, well that is if I stay in this area.

Aug 30- It was Sister Miles birthday and we had zone conference all day long. It was from 10 to 4 but it was AWESOME!! Pres Hobbs mostly talked and taught which was good because we got to know him better and Sister Hobbs too. Oh man I just love them so much! They really are like my parents while I am out here. I learned many things during that conference. After we had dinner with one of our favorite families and we went and ate at the Cheesecake Factory for Sister Miles birthday! It was really fun and they spoiled all of us so much. When one comp has a birthday it's like we all do haha.

Aug 31- We had weekly planning which we did at the church because the air conditioner is broken at our house so we have been getting out of there as soon as possible and we take freezing cold showers every night to cool down. Idk how people do it where it is so hot and they don't have those things. We always thank Heavenly father for sending us here to California. After weekly planning we lost our keys and couldn't find them anywhere and we had an appointment with a potential investigator we found the day before. So we were freaking our. Elder Hair and Passey came in and helped us look for them. We were looking in the room we were at and the Elders were looking in our car. I said lets say a prayer and after the prayer the Elders ran in and found them! We are positive that we all were saying a prayer at the same time. The keys were on the grass and we have no clue how they got there but prayers really work!! That appointment fell through and we were really sad. His mom was really mean to us about it too. His name was Robbie and he was a teenager kid and he seemed interested so we set up an appointment but his mom wasn't happy and told us no when we got there and slammed the door on us. Some people are just mean!

Sept 1- We had our normal meetings and then went and saw more members. The last member we saw totally reminded me of Papa! Bro Ashworth is the cutest man ever! I walk in and he smelled like him and had the exact gray hair haha. It made me love him even more! He is the cutest and funniest man ever! That night Sister Hobbs called and said we needed to come over to the mission home. We were confused but we came over and we sat down and talked for a minute. Then Pres said that he needed to talk to me in his office. I was freaking out. I had no idea what was going on. Sister Hobbs came in as well. Pres started off the worse way he could and said, "Well, today I spoke with your father." and my heart dropped. I was freaking out hoping everything was okay with my sisters and Mom. I knew my Dad was okay since he was the one who called. He told me that Great Grandma Johnson passed away. I was quiet for a minute and didn't really know how to react. I never thought I would be that missionary sitting in the office saying that someone in my family passed away but I will say that peace came over me. I knew she was in a better place and happy there. I was thankful that they were able to tell me instead of finding out about it in the emails.

Sept 2- Labor day was just another P-day except I couldn't email which sucked! We did have a lot more time to do things and it was a way chill day which was fun. We payed sports as a zone from 9:30 until 12:30 and then all the sisters went and had Wendy's together. It was fun. Then we went shopping for food and went home to get our chores done around the house and then wrote letters. Morgan and Daddy, I sent yours today in the mail so I hope you get them soon.

Well that covers my week. I hope all of yours was great! I love you all and miss you all so much!

Love,Sister Johnson  (Megan)

Sister Miles birthday meal

Went back to the Wach's and had a party for her!

The zone at zone conference 

Studying at the Church
Yay for air conditioning!

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