Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sept 4 - Sept 6

Hello everyone!

I was able to go to the temple this morning and that is why I have my P-day today. I won't have one on Monday so this next week will feel super long! You better write me letters so I get mail next week! That is my only request so while you are up at Park City take time to write me and send it when you get home please and thank you!

Sept 4- In the morning we did studies but we had to go to the mission home because there is an ill sister who needs to be a part of our companionship for awhile. She is staying at the mission home but Sister Hobbs can't be with her 24/7 so they called us asking if we could fill in for her. It is a party! We love it. The plan is when she is not feeling well and needs to stay inside and sleep and stuff, two of us can go out and still do missionary work. It is Sister Morones, she is one of the sisters I did exchanges with last transfer in Upland so we already knew each other which was nice. For lunch we went out with a member because she couldn't take us out for dinner so we went to Five Guys which was yummy! Then we went home and picked up Sister Morones from being with Sister Hobbs at the new missionary training she needed her help there for a little bit. After we went back to our house because she threw up there and needed to take it easy. So Sister Miles stayed with her at the house and Sister Heagy and I went out and worked in a few of our areas. We have a list of people to go and talk with to see if they are interested and we were gone for awhile. It felt nice being out by ourselves because it finally felt real. I guess because we didn't have Sister Miles to rely on which was awesome. I know that I can do it!

Sept 5- We studied again with Sister Morones at the church because Sister Hobbs has family staying there. Her daughter and son-in-law came with their 2 1/2 year old girl named Paige. She is so stink-in cute I can't even handle it! Anyways that is besides the point. We also met with Sister Starr who we did a practice lesson to. We taught her the POS. We as in Sister Heagy and I because we are the ones who need the practice. Before the lesson though we were able to catch a lizard for Sister Starr because it was in her house. We named him Rico haha. It was pretty funny and I took pictures! Later that night we went and contacted a referral that the MTC text us but he wasn't home so we will keep trying. He sounded pretty promising because he requested a BOM.

Sept 6- This morning we went to the Temple! Our session was at 8:30 am so we had to be there at 8 am and we had to find a member ride so we asked the Bishop's wife and she was able to take us. We were supposed to go as a zone but our zone had to split up because the Riverside missionaries were there as well so they had to wait for the next session. The Redlands Temple is so pretty! I loved it and the new film was awesome! I just love sitting in the Celestial Room because I felt so much peach there. I love the Temple so much and can't wait to have my temple buddy back aka Mom!

That pretty much sums up those days. But I do have a Dr appointment on Sept 18 for my eye. The nurse called the number on the back of my Altius Insurance card and set up an appointment for me. I will go and I think I will have to pay the copay but idk if I will get that money back. Here is the Mission Office phone number if you have any questions you can call 909-466-1129. The nurse's name is Sister Deputy. I thought of a few more things I would love as well. I would love the Sept Ensign and New Era because we get one per companionship and I want a copy for myself if that is okay. I want to mark it up. Also, there are super cute Sister Missionary sticky notes that you can get as well and I just want tons of stickers haha but that is all. I will just keep telling you things to put on the possible gifts list.

Well I love you all and will write you separate ones today! I am sending pics too!

Love, Sister Johnson (Meg)

Visiting the Redlands Temple

Sister Johnson, Sister Miles and Sister Heagy

Sisters Heagy,Morones,Johnson,Miles

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