Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sept 30 - Oct 6

This week has been really good especially watching conference. Man watching conference as a missionary is the best thing ever!! 

Sept 30- P-day was a good and fun day. I got that terrible hair cut that morning she cut off about 2 inches and one side is shorter than the other. Libby I so wish you were here to fix it for me! you can bet that I am never having that sister cut my hair again! After that we had zone activity at the institute building which was fun but weird all at the same time. We played ping pong and pool there and just hung out. I saw Aneeka there with Charley who is another RC and guess what they are dating!!! We were so thrilled to hear that news! They are so cute but he is leaving on a mission in December so she will have to wait for him. After that we had a full evening we ate dinner at the Andrus home. They were really fun and very easy to talk with. They have two sons and so she loved talking with us and she works at the Loft and said she will give us a discount when we go there!! After that we had two more appointments with members and then planned and went to bed! 

Oct 1- We ended up not having district meeting today because the elders had a baptism in Hisperia that they were invited to attend. We went and visited members and LA's and we wrote thank you cards while sitting in the Victoria Gardens Mall. That is the mall that is in our area and it is like the District because it is all outside so it is a good public place to be. We went and visited Samuel Wooten who ended up just wanting to bible bash with us so we both just bore our testimonies and told him what our purpose was and left so who knows if we will try them again. The Victoria elders invited us to go to a lesson with them which we were super excited about. Their names are Tina and Jordan so a mother and a daughter. The previous elders were teaching them and they have a baptism date on Saturday the 12th! We went over and got to know them and Tina really liked "the girls" that is what she calls us. So we instantly connected with her which felt good. After that we had dinner and had another appointment with a member in our ward. 

Oct 2- This morning we had to go and pick up Sister Bushman from the office because her sister was going to the dr's and she was going to spend the morning with us. We stayed at the office because we were meeting there at 10:30 to have district meeting. She is such a cute and fun sister! She is Spanish speaking so I won't ever be companions with her which is sad because we hit it off so well but oh well not much I can do about it. We just talked and got to know each other and then it was time for District meeting. After that we dropped off the sister to her companion and went to district lunch. Later we went and visited a few members home to set up appointments but that didn't really work how we wanted it to, so we went tracting. That was really good because we were able to get two potentials that we are going to go back and see. For dinner we went to the RS activity which was a pool party but no one swam and we all just talked and ate food. It was really fun and nice to feel somewhat normal again haha.

Oct 3- This morning we met with one of our less active families and gave them the 30 day challenge and they committed to do that so we were excited about that. We after came back and did our studies and then went and taught Tina and Jordan again. We taught about prophets and invited them to watch conference. Jordan was so cute and made us all duct tape pencils because she learned how to do those at activities days the day before. We are excited about her baptism coming up but idk if she is truly ready for baptism but that is the elders call to make since she is their investigators. We are going to meet with her again this week and see how she is doing and maybe talk more about her concerns and helping her strengthen her testimony. For dinner we went to Denny's again with Sister Braby she is just too sweet and loves taking us out to Denny's and just talk with us. After we had an appointment with another member and then went home for exchanges. Sister Heagy left with Sister Ott to work in her area and I stayed with Sister Haas. 

Oct 4- This morning we had President interviews so we had to go to the office after personal study. We then finished comp study at the office and then went and visited members to try and set up more appointments. I was with Sister Haas all day. She is so cute and is from Texas. She also is a twin and her twin is out serving in Pennsylvania so we connected really well! We went home to eat lunch and then went out again to visit LA's and we decided to park the car and walk to the homes so we could get contacts. We were able to get 9 that day by just doing that! That is something I have been trying hard to work on is just walking up to people and talking with them. We then met Kevin who is a Potential. We taught him the Restoration and gave him a BOM to read. We are going back this week to see how he is and to see if he is interested in learning more. That was our big miracle that day. Exchanges always brings miracles. We had dinner with the Wach's and they took us out to this Chinese restaurant which was really yummy. After we went and did the 30 day challenge with another family in the ward and then went home to exchange back. Oh yeah the winds were so bad here that day! they got up to about 60 and 70 mph. Starting now here in Rancho is the windy season. 

Oct 5- We were super excited to watch conference! We went and watched the first session at the stake center so the Etiwanda building and it was just missionaries there with a few members who decided to come. It was fun and I took many notes. After we went and did our follow-up lesson to the 30 day with the Starr family and they invited us over to watch the second session. So we went home and ate lunch and then went over and watched it with them which was really fun because I felt at home. it is just nice being in a members home because conference was really hard for me and Sister Heagy because that is home. They show the temple and downtown and it made us miss it very much and watching conference as a family. After we left there I wasn't feeling good so we went home and I laid down for a minute and then we weekly planned. We went to bed early because I came down with a fever and a bad headache so I was trying to sleep it off but that didn't work. I hardly slept that night. I just wanted to be home so bad! Being sick away from home really sucks! 

Oct 6- I slept in until about 8:30 and rolled out of bed and I still had my fever but we went to the church to watch conference. I brought my blanket with me and wrapped up in that and watched the first session. The elders were so nice to me and tried to make me feel better. We stayed there until the second session and we watched that. After that we went and had a meeting with our ward mission leader who gave us some food but all I could eat was a roll. They knew I was sick and offered me medicine but I already had some. After that we came home and went to sleep well we talked for awhile and then fell asleep. At about 10 pm Sister Henrich knocks on our bedroom door but we didn't answer it because we were both asleep so she text us letting us know that there is a rat in our house and she is calling the exterminators to come by and get it out. . I still had my fever so I took more pills and read the BOM until I couldn't keep my eyes open. I still have my fever but my head isn't pounding anymore which is good! Idk what I have but a few other missionaries have it too in our zone. I am just trying to heal so I can give it my all after I am done being sick. I am not going to push myself until I get better. Other than getting sick it has been a good week. 

I have loved being able to hear many great things this conference and I loved hearing about all the missionary and members talks because that really is key! I learned many things for myself and for the people I am serving. I cant wait to get these talks in the Ensign! Well I love you all and I can feel your prayers daily. Thank you and love you all!! 

Love, Sister Johnson 

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