Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sept 23- 29

Hello everyone! I am doing great here in California. This week has gone by slow for some reason, but it is nice to finally have P-day. I love the emails and the letters I get and yes I am really behind on my letters but just know they will be coming in the near future! 

Sept 23
It was a normal P-day and got things done for the upcoming week. That morning was transfers and I don't know if I told you all but Sister Heagy and I did come home with another sister. It was Sister Bingham. We all came out together so it was really fun being together again but we only had her for a few days because she is sick and went home.

Sept 24
We did our studies and then went to district meeting. It was fun because we got 2 new elders in our district their names are Elder Browning and Elder McAllister. Elder Browning is really nice but is one of the flirtatious elders and Elder McAllister is really nice but one of the nerdy elders bless his heart! During district meeting we were talking a lot about contacting and just inviting everyone we meet to church that way the people who are really interested will come. After District meeting we all went out to Wendy's for lunch which was really fun. They have TVs in there and one of Hunter Hayes songs came on and I about died! I haven't heard it in so long! I was trying so hard not to focus on it but I couldn't help myself and Elder Browning knew it too and he started singing along. Sometimes it is nice going out to places because it helps me remember I am still human and can remember the things I enjoyed back when I was Megan. Its funny to me that, that was a highlight haha After we went and tried to see less actives but none of them were home and so we stopped by some members homes and set up appointments with them. 

Sept 25
Today we went and dropped off posters to the people in our ward who was doing booths for our emergency preparedness activity some of the members had no clue they were doing booths so that became a nightmare. Our old WML dropped the ball and didn't follow through and when he was released didn't bother telling anyone about it. UGH! Sister Heagy and I were super stressed out! 

Sept 26
This morning Sister Bingham went home which was hard because sister Heagy and I wanted to come with her. It was really weird seeing her leave because she came out with us and so it wasn't our time to leave yet. We had a rough morning after that and listened to old conference talks in our room so we wouldn't think of home. After an hour doing that we ate lunch and decided to get out and work because that will be the best thing for us to do so we could stop thinking about home. We went and visited one of our favorite families the Belnap's and taught them the POS which was fun because we never have taught little kids before and they loved it. Crew who is 6 gave us his number to call him anytime because he wanted us to come back and play at his house! He is the cutest and smartest little boy! I will get pictures with their family so you can see them :) For dinner we went out to Denny's with Sister Braby which was fun. 

Sept 27
This morning we had a service activity!! We were so excited when one of our members who is pregnant asked us to come by and do some yard work for her. We were there for a few hours pulling weeds and trimming plants. It was the greatest!! We love being able to do something different for once. After that we went and did weekly planning which isn't very fun but it was okay because the elders stopped by and said hi and chatted for a minute. Don't worry we were at the church so they didn't drop by our house.
Sept 28
Today is the busiest day we have had thus far. We loved every minute of it! In the morning we had our Emergency Preparedness Activity at the church from 10 to 1. It didn't have the turn out we would have liked but 2 non members did show up and the RC Fire department came and taught CPR which was fun and they were all non members too so i guess that totaled to 5 non members haha After that we cleaned up and helped our ZLs set up for a baptism they were having and then we helped set up for the Sister Missionary Conference we were having at 3. That conference was amazing! it was fun getting all of the sisters together without the elders and talking and having uplifting talks. After we watched the RS broadcast at the church which was so great but it made us Utah sisters homesick a little. You could say that I was drained after that long day but I loved every single minute of it! 

Sept 29
We had our normal Sunday meetings and then after church we had choir practice which they talked us into and then after we went and had dinner at our WML's home and he had some of his family over and then we had to leave because we had an appointment that night with another member. Our WML is awesome because he is setting up appointments for us which is how it should be but no one has ever seen it done! We are so blessed to have him and the other ward missionaries because I know the work in this area is going to pick up! 

Well there you have it! Oh I also got a hair cut today by one of the sister missionaries in my zone and oh boy she chopped it all off :( I thought I was going to cry!!! I told her a half an inch and she chopped off 2 or more inches!!! I know it will grow out but you all know how much I have worked on growing it out. I am still bitter about it but oh well not much I can do now. 

Well I love you all so much and will try to catch up on my letters! Please let me know if Mo passes because it has been killing me! 

Love, Sister Johnson 
The Elders in our District
What Goof Balls!

Sister Bingham who was with us at the MTC 
She went home today

All the Sister Missionaries in The Rancho Cumcamonga Mission
as of September 2013

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