Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct 7-13

Hello everyone!

This week has been a tough week because the work here is extremely slow.
I am trying to keep a positive attitude about it but it is hard because Sister Heagy is still really homesick and just wants to go home. I am trying so hard to keep everything positive but some days this week I just couldn't do it and wanted to go home so bad. I am devastated to hear about Marc. Yep it made me cry at the library! I haven't cried in so long I was doing really well but oh man that kind of news made the tears come. I cant even begin to think how it has been at home but just know you all are in my prayers. Especially you Marc! I love you!! I will update you on my week.

Oct 8- Today we had zone meeting which was really good. We have many trainings from the zone leaders and talk about things our area needs at this time. Everyone in the valley is struggling because the work has been so slow. It is hard to not lose faith at times like these. I keep praying and studying and trying the best I can to see miracles happen in our area. We came up with a different approach on contacting. We decided to change it to chats. We want people to look at us as we are normal people too so we are just going up and talking with people not about the gospel but if a principle comes up in the conversation we will talk about it. Sister Heagy and I didn't have like any chats because people aren't out in our area. They are all working and come straight home but we aren't losing hope that we will find someone! Later that night we had a stake meeting with all the missionaries and their bishops and WMLs. We were suppose to do splits but it is hard with sisters so we had two appointments with ward members so we just went to those.

Oct 9- This morning we went to a class on family history because our stake president wants us missionaries to start using this tool with those we find and teach so we were trained on it a little. After we went out and tried to visit people but no one was home but we were able to set up an appointment with a ward member for next week. For dinner we went to the Barton family, he is from SoJo and went to Bingham. They are a cute family and that was really fun to be in a home like ours. After dinner we had an appointment with another younger family in the ward. That was a good night. 

Oct 10- This morning the zone leaders came by and told us some news. So we are getting a new couple who are moving into our ward. Guess who it is?! Yep it is Aneeka and her husband Charley!!! so i am pretty sure I told you last time that I thought that Aneeka was dating this other recent convert who is amazing. Yeah well they were and they also got married last night at about 10:30 at the church. Something happened so they decided to get married. they are working towards a temple marriage and I hope they invite me to that! They are such a cute couple but it was really sudden! I am so happy for them. That is the recent convert drama haha Later we went to a lesson with the Victoria elders which was fun. Tina and Jordan changed their baptism day to next Saturday which is a good thing because they still need a few lessons and she was able to get permission from her husband which was a good thing! I cant wait to go to their baptism. That night we went to subzero with Bro Wynn to talk about some of the less active single people in the ward for his calling. It was fun but they were showing the hunger games so it was hard not to watch it haha 

Oct 11- Today we did service all day long! we were so happy when one of our members called us and asked if we could get a few elders together to help move on of there non member friends. That took all day long and we were beat afterwards but it was really fun! 

Oct 12- My 4 month birthday!! Yay I am so happy that I have been our for four months already! This morning Sister Heagy was having a hard time and called the zone leaders to come over and give her a blessing. They were over for a while and we all just talked. It was nice to know that every missionary feels the same way and always wants to go home. So for dinner I ate at the Smith's home. She is the sister of Steve Anderson, Dad's boss. 

Oct 13- This morning we had normal meetings and had church. We saw Aneeka and Charley!! Aneeka was so nervous because it was her first time in a family ward and she was nervous about what we would think of her because the marriage was so sudden. I just told them congrats because it really is like my friends just got married of course I am happy for them! She wants us to call her and talk with her because she is freaking out because her family did end up disowning her which is really sad and she needs some good girl friends to vent to. I love this girl and I know she is someone I am here to help. 

That pretty much sums up my week. Oh I am not having my eye surgery until October 30th because on the 16th is zone conference and I didn't want to miss that because a Seventy is coming out to speak with us so I had to reschedule it but thank you all so much for fasting for me! I will tell you how it goes! I love you all so much and miss you like crazy. Oh I am sending a package home soon of my MTC stuff and a little present that a member got me to send to you all. It's nothing big but just look out for that. I was going to send it today but I ran out of time so next week I'll send it. Love you all so much!! 

Love Sister Johnson 

4 Month Picture
Etiwanda Church Building
Like my second home

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