Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct 15-20

Hello everyone!

 This week has been a little rough because Sister Heagy has been really sad and has had a hard time getting out of the house. Its so sad seeing her like this and I wish I could do something for her. We think she has anxiety and that depression is coming from it. She doesn't know what she has no one does and that too is stressing her out. Right now they have counseling sessions for her once a week but we all think she has to go on meds to fix and help her. She sleeps almost every morning because that is the way that she is coping with it so I just am by myself for most of the day which gets really boring. I just study and write in my journal and try to set up appointments. It gets really hard but I love her so much and I wish so badly I could take her pain away. 

Oct 15- This morning was fun because we had service all day long! We went and painted Tina's house with the Victoria elders. We painted the family room and the kitchen. It took so long but we got it done and it was super fun! After we had dinner with the Nordstrom's which was kind of awkward because he was like pushing us out the door but they are a nice older couple. After there was a fireside that one of the Seventy was putting on for investigators and recent converts in upland so we were able to go to that with Aneeka and Charlie. That was really good, it was Elder Robins who came and spoke to us for zone conference too. 

Oct 16-Today we met at the Woodruff building at 10 am to go up to the desert. Sister Deputy drove me and Sister Heagy and Sister Pollard. It was about a 45 minute drive and they forgot to feed us so before we got to the church we stopped at subway to eat lunch cause we were waiting until 6 pm to eat anything. We got to the church and they gave us our flu shots which so many missionaries were freaking out about it was kinda funny. After that we just all hung out until 1:30 when it started. Pres and Sister Hobbs spoke to us. Then Sister Robins and Elder Robins spoke. I forgot my notes but I'll write to you what I learned because it was a wonderful conference! after we drove home and we went and picked up Panda my favorite! and ate it at the church waiting for the other sisters companion to show up. After that we went to the Etiwanda building to nightly plan as a district because that is what we are struggling with because we don't know how to plan when we don't have anything going on so that was fun and helped a lot. I love our district we are all so close, the elders look out for us because they know sister Heagy is struggling.

Oct 17- This morning was a bad day for Sister Heagy. She didn't get out of bed for a long time. She told me to take the phone so she wouldn't call her mom. I felt so bad and I didn't know what to do or who to call if I should. I now know to call someone because this is a bigger problem and I cant handle it by myself. So I just studied for a long time and wrote in my journal and made the phone calls we needed to. At about 3 we were able to go out and stop by some LAs but weren't able to share a message with them. After we went to dinner and then we stopped by our last LA on the list for that day and we were able to set up an appointment with her for tonight (Monday) we are super excited about that!

Oct 18- We painted Tina's house again for a few hours until we had to go to Sister Heagy's counseling session. We painted her daughter, Megan's room. Our whole district came to help which was good cause we were gone for awhile. After we went to dinner with Bro Wynn and his daughter Tessa to Bass Pro Shop which is a Cabellas type place which was fun and we ate at the fish place they had. Guess what I tried... Alligator!! Yep i sure did and it was good. It tastes like chicken and I tried Mahi Mahi ( pretty sure I didn't spell that right) It was good. Dad you finally have someone to eat fish with! haha

Oct 19- Today is Tina and Jordan's baptism!!!!!! Yesterday Elder Browning called me and asked if I would be able to give a talk on Baptism since we helped teach her. It was their WML idea and I said I could. Sister Heagy was playing the piano for it. It was really awesome and I felt the spirit so strong. Idk if I count them as my baptism but we did help teach them and I love them both so much! I have pictures I'll send. After the baptism we had a lesson with Michelle Lima with the elders which was fun but she isn't doing great she needs better friends for sure so we are going to have our young women know and to see what they can do for her. We then did weekly planning and then went to dinner with the Bishops family which was super fun we just all sat and talked and ate. It felt like home cause it was all girls and then bishop haha that was just what I needed to top off the day!

Oct 20- We went to Tina and Jordans confirmation and stayed to watch the primary program they had which was super cute and then we went to all of our church meetings. it was a normal sunday. We didn't have dinner because they both canceled and the second one she made us come to her house and gave us money to go out and eat haha she is a convert and I don't think she understands to keep the Sabbath day holy haha so we went home and picked up food and Sister Henrichs microwave broke so we had to go to the church to use theirs. As we were there Sister Starr saw us and asked if we had dinner and we said no so she said for us to come over. It truly was an answer to our prayers! After we had an appointment with a family in our ward and then went home and talked for a while and went to bed.
It was a good week, don't get me wrong but it was tough at times. I know that my Heavenly Father is giving me the strength I need at this time to get through this because right now I am pretty much on my own and I have to keep the positive attitude for both of us which drains me some days. I know my prayers have been answered this week and will still be answered. I love hearing from you all and I miss you all so much. I hope you all have a great week and cant wait to hear from you soon!! 

Love Sister Johnson 
Tina and Jordan's Baptism!!

Tina and Jordan's Confirmation
The Victoria Elders
Elder Browning (left)
Elder McAllister (right)

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