Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Made it to California

Monday, July 1, 2013

I finally get a P-day! I am doing great here in Rancho Cucamonga except that it is extremely hot! The hottest it has been is 112 degrees and we melt just walking out there.

My companion is Sis Miles. She is great! She is 21 and really nice and funny and super easy to get along with. I found out who my companion was in the huge transfer meeting we had right when we landed. It was big cause every missionary was there waiting to see what mission they were going in.

This week has been really slow! We got a new area where missionaries haven't been since March so we are still figuring things out. We don't really have any investigators at this time but we are getting to know our ward members right now. They are awesome! They love sister missionaries so we are in good hands. Our ward is the San Sevaine Ward which is the mission president's home ward so they were there on Sunday and we sat with them. They remembered who I was from the MTC so I felt special but idk if that is a good thing or not. They are awesome though.

We do have a guy named Thomas that we are trying to meet cause he is a PI (potential investigator). He just has so many questions but know that our church is true so hopefully we will have a baptism soon! We have only talked to him on the phone but we are calling him today to set up an appointment.

On Saturday I went to my first baptism. It wasn't anyone I taught but my companion taught the daughter of the family who was getting baptized, She was baptized a few weeks ago but got her family to commit which is awesome and so exciting. She is only 14 years old. That baptism was all in Spanish, so I didn't understand a word of it.

I am living in a huge house and really nice members live there. The lady I am living with is Sis Henrich. She is a single mom and has 3 daughters and one son who is on a mission in Chile. He is so excited to have us there in his house. He kept asking his mom when we were coming and she took a picture of us and sent it to him today. They are so sweet! The two oldest are married buy Holly is a year older than me and goes to BYU. She is visiting her mom right now so we got to meet her. We always have dinner at members homes so I am getting food which is nice cause it is hard making things while living in a members house cause we don't want to intrude. I guess she got divorced and right when it was final they found him dead in a pool. That is what we found out when we asked our mission leader about her. We didn't want to ask cause she doesn't have any pictures of him around the house.

I love you lots and hope you will all write my soon! Love you always and forever! I sure am missing all the hugs! muah!!

At the airport, ready to get to California! 

We landed! In Ontario Airport

On our way to the Mission Office, Elder Norton AP picked us up. 

Sister Johnson's first living arrangements
Nicer than home

Must be tough to look at but not get in

Sister Johnson and Elder Jensen
(Friend from Bingham High School)

Sister Miles and Sister Johnson

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