Saturday, June 22, 2013

First Email

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yay it is finally my P-day! I have been so busy its crazy! I feel like I have been here longer than a week because I have learned so much and the days are super long but then it feels like it has gone by way fast. I got my travel info and I am leaving to California on Tuesday at 4:30 am. Nope, not kidding. I wish I was! We will leave here by 4:30 and be there early to the airport. I am leaving with 22 other missionaries which is exiting and my whole district is going as well. I can't believe I will be there soon. Some days I feel like I am not ready for this but other days I know that I am! I am really happy at where I'm at right now. I sure do miss all of you and all the hugs but I love getting letters and packages because I love to know what is going on in your lives.

The hardest day for me was my second day so my first full day. It was a lot of information all at once. I felt very overwhelmed and not sure if I was ready for this. I acted like I was fine to everyone in my district because I didn't want to bring down anyone else. I found your letters and read those which probably wasn't the best idea because it made me want to come home and change my mind about this whole mission thing. After I read those I decided to pray and to tell Heavenly Father what I was feeling and to help me with this huge change in my life. I went to bed and the next morning I could tell my attitude changed. Heavenly Father answered my prayers because in class I had experiences to share and knew I could do this and that I was ready to do this.

Thursday, June 13-Woke up at 6:30 which came way fast! We got ready for the day and then went to our classroom for personal study time but we now know we can study outside as well just not in our rooms. We had a workshop and then orientation. Class, which was from 1:45 to 4:45, which goes by way fast which is nice. Then we had additional study which can be personal or companion which ever one we feel we need. After dinner we met with the branch president and they introduced themselves to us. The wives are all so sweet. One of them reminds me of Mama which was comforting. Then we plan for the next day and then its time for bed! That is normally how a day looks for me.

Friday, June 14- we started our day with gym time which was nice so I wasn't as tired for the rest of the day. Then had breakfast and class. We normally have two class times since we have two teachers. I love the teachers our district has. Bro. Mosely, he is going to be 23 two days after my birthday and then Bro. Stanley just got off his mission 6 months ago from North Carolina. During those class times we learn so many great things! We do a ton of role playing which is nice to get the feel  of it all. It's pretty much feels like school but just the gospel the entire time.

Saturday, June 15- we began our day at 6:05 am because of a service project. We cleaned building 4m,  which is my classroom building. It went better than I expected cause I wasn't looking forward to getting up that early. Then the rest of it was like any other day.

Sunday, June 16- I made it to Sunday! Everyone here says if we make it to here that it will all get better at this point. Sunday is way different here because we study in the morning then at 9:30 we go to Music and the Spoken Word which made me tear up since it was Father's Day and they had all the kids talk about their dads which made me miss mine even more!! After all the sisters had RS in there and the speaker was the 2nd counselor in the YW Presidency. Then after lunch we had sacrament.

Sorry this is so short my time has expired. Oh I will be there for the conference thing this Sunday so look for me! I won't be singing cause there weren't anymore open spots. I love you all so much! LOVE YOU ALL. KISSES AND HUGS!!!!!

Sister Johnson

My classroom at the MTC

The phone my parents sent me to call them at the airport. 

My roomates!

My companion, Sister Parkin

Me and Sister Davis

District in front of the Provo Temple

The sisters in my district:
Me, Sis. Parkins, Sis. Wall, Sis. Bingham, Sis. Davis, Sis. Heagy

The elders in my district:
Elder Gropp, Elder Fullmer, Elder Donavan, Elder Eves, Elder Schramm

The sisters with our Sister Training Leaders (STL)

My teacher Bro. Stanley 

My teacher Bro. Mosley
Got to meet our new mission Pres. and his wife.
Pres and Sister Hobbs

Walking to our classes

Temple trip! Provo Temple 

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