Friday, June 21, 2013

Going to the MTC

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

     Today was a day I was dreading. (Megan's Mom writing now.) I went down to wake Megan up at about 9:00 am by giving her a kiss on the check. Of course the tears were already flowing. This was her last day to sleep in for a very long time. She got good at it over the years but I know she will be able to get up early from now on.
     We ate a normal breakfast. There really wasn't too much talking going on. It felt like we all knew what was coming.
     The night before, Megan had been set apart as a missionary. It was an amazing experience. The Spirit was so strong in our home. Our family was there along with Nana and Grampy (Chris' parents), Mama and Papa (Michelle's parents) face timed from their mission in The Philippines, Pres McCorquindale, Pres Marshall and Bro. Newman. The Bishop felt bad he couldn't be there. He was out of town for business. The blessing Megan received was perfect for her. It seemed like it went on for a long time. It was full of advice and compliments to her. I know the Lord is so proud of her and the choice she has made.
Megan was to report to the MTC by 1:15pm on Wednesday. We had decided to leave home around 11:00. Just before then, Chris gave Megan a father's blessing. That too, was amazing. I'm not sure we all felt comfort but we knew this is what Megan was ready to do. We went out and took a few pictures in front of our house. The bags were loaded and we were on our way. The drive wasn't too bad. We all talked and laughed. Megan asked that we not cry because she didn't want to arrive at the MTC with red eyes. Of course I did my best but wasn't very successful. We offered to take her to lunch but she wasn't hungry. So instead, we drove to the Provo Temple grounds. We got out and took more pictures there. Time was coming soon. Megan just wanted to get going. When we were in the car, Chris said it is 1:15 time to go. Megan replied, "Dad, I don't need to be right on time." Spoken like a true girl. Always wanting to be fashionably late.
       Pulling up to the MTC was such a blurr. Everyone says it is fast and of course it was. They had us pull around to number 17 by the curb. She got out and we all followed. There was a sweet missionary Host there from New Zealand to greet her. She let us give our final hugs. Oh, that was so hard to let go! Then off she went. She's going to be amazing!!

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