Friday, June 21, 2013


June 9, 2013

It's crazy to think I am down to days before I leave. I feel like I just decided to go on a mission. Today is the big farewell talk. I am beyond nervous. I have all of my family and friends coming to hear me speak and not to mention my entire ward. I think having those people there to hear me talk makes it more nerve racking than comforting. I was asked to speak on how the priesthood strengthens the home. This was a hard topic for me because I didn't know which way I wanted to take it. I finally got it done with my Dads help of course!
I met with the Bishop about a half an hour before sacrament meeting started. I was done with that and was waiting in the chapel freaking out! I was looking over my talk and making sure it looked good. Some friends and family started to show up and that helped get my mind off my talk. I finally made my way up to the stand and all the nerves came right back. I hate public speaking because I cry, it runs in my family. I was the first speaker of the meeting. I was speaking with Bro. Ford from the High Council. As the Bishop read my name I thought I was going to puke. My mouth went dry and my stomach was doing flips. I stand up there and of course the first person I see is my Mom who is already crying and that set off my emotions. I started my talk and only cried a few times but I felt like I cried the whole time and it just was a complete blur to me. Everyone came up to me afterwards and said how ready I am and that I am going to be an awesome missionary. I think they all were saying that to be nice but I hope what they say is true! I finally made my way home where we had breakfast foods out for everyone to enjoy. It was nice to check the talk off my long list and to just enjoy everyone's company.

A few of my friends!
Brayden and Des, Megan and Ashlyn

Megan and Ashlyn

Megan, Me, Des, Morgan

Playing with Molly

Goff family

Bailey family

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