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July 8,2013

Mon. July 8, 2013

Hello everyone!

It was great hearing from all of you! It has been tough not getting any mail so you better change that! I have been really home sick this week and I'm sure I will be next week too since it is my birthday. July is just hard cause we do so many fun things as a family. I haven't cried which is a good sign but I just catch myself thinking of home all the time. They say after 3 months it gets easier, which sounds so far away. They also say that is when time starts to fly. This week has been good and busy. The lady we are staying with left for Utah and has been gone all week. She was driving so it was hard for me and my companion not to jump in and just take the vacation with her. My companion is from Sandy, Utah.

My P-days consist of laundry and cleaning the house and getting ready for the day. We still have to wear dresses which sucks cause I share do miss my jeans and leggings! We go shopping for a little bit and then make our way to the library to email which is the highlight of my day! We do have zone activities which is fun so I will have that today at 2. It will be fun cause I love my zone. They are all so great! That is about all we get done cause then at 6 pm our P-day is over. Then it's back to work.

 Tuesdays we always have district meeting in the morning. We meet as a zone at the Woodruff building which is our mission office and talk about our weekly numbers and how we can improve and what goals we want to make. We made the goal to have 11 baptisms as a zone this transfer so that makes it one baptism per companionship. We prayed about it after we all decided that was a good goal to set. We all knelt down and someone offered the prayer. After, we all just sat there for about 3 minutes pondering and seeing what the answer was. We all felt like Heavenly Father is on board with us and will help us make our goal. After that, we split into districts which mine has a companionship of elders and another pair of sisters and us. It is great cause we all get along great except one of the elders who is really shy who doesn't talk at all. I haven't heard him say one ward. It breaks my heart cause I wish I could make him feel comfortable. After the meeting we got a new car!! We were driving an older one cause they only have cars until there is 50,000 miles on it. Then they sell them. We had a car with over 50,000 so we knew we would be getting a new car, we just didn't know when. We now drive a Cruz 2014 which is super cute and a really nice car! It is silver but I don't get to drive it since I'm not the driver. Later that day we went contacting in a park in our area. I was so nervous cause I hate just walking up to people and talking with them. I was quiet at first and made Sister Miles do all the talking but then I started getting the hang of it. The thing is, that it doesn't have to be awkward. It's really just simple and if they are interested they will start asking us the questions. We met a black guy named Brian. He thought our church was racist, which isn't the case at all which he was happy to hear. He asked a few more questions and we gave him a mormon.org card. He sounded interested but not enough to start taking lessons. But we knew that we planted that seed which is still a great feeling. Then we met a guy in his 20's who was playing basketball and we joined and made a few shots. He asked what our names were and when we said "Sister" he knew we were Mormon cause his cousins are members. He then just kept asking us questions about Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ and some of them were hard to answer. It wasn't going anywhere and my companion got caught up in the moment so I stepped in and gave him a mormon.org card and told him to check it out with his questions and he will be able to find the answers he is looking for. It was dark at that point so we went home cause we are suppose to be in by dark.

Wednesday we just met more members of the ward and met with less actives. We stopped by a house where the lady is a member and her husband isn't. She is 80 but looks like she is in her late 60's which I hope I age that well! She let us in and we got to know her. Her husband was sleeping cause he has lung cancer for the third time. They don't think he will be around much longer which is sad but he is so scared to die, which breaks my heart. He needs to be taught the lessons and that way he won't be scared of death. I shared a message with her and it was John 14:18, 27 which in verse 18 it talks about comfort and in 27 it talks about peace. Our message was how our Heavenly Father loves us and those are ways that I feel his love for me. She wrote down the scripture because she said that is exactly what her husband needs to hear. That made me feel way good cause I was being used as a tool in that situation.

The 4th of July felt like any other day to us except that we woke up at 5 am to get ready cause the stake put on a 5k called Faith and Freedom Run. It was fun to help cause we got to meet many people and just hang out with our zone. Breakfast was served after that. At 11 am we had our first lesson with our first investigator! His name is Thomas and he was referral from other elders who street contacted him and lives in our area so we get to teach him. He is awesome cause when the missionaries went up to him he said sorry we believe in different things cause he knew we were Christian. He said he believed that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost were 3 separate people and the elders just laughed and told him actually that is what we believe also. So he was really excited to learn more. WE planned on teaching him the restoration which he understand until the Joseph Smith part. So we spent time talking about that. We had a member there with us as well, Bro. Hoffman, which was great cause he answered a lot of his questions. Cause Thomas is one who knows anything and everything about the Bible and I know nothing, which is hard and realizing that I need to change that. The lesson went well. I invited him to be baptized but he said no which is okay cause he wants to meet with us again so his no is really a maybe. He has an issue about reading the BOM cause he feels like he understands everything we are saying cause he has read the Bible and he know that what we are teaching him is true so he doesn't feel the need to search. So we did invite him to at least read the intro page to see if that makes him want to read more. He didn't way yes or no to that we we will see what is going to happen there.

That night we had to be home by 6 pm cause they don't want us out with all the drunk people so I didn't see any fireworks which stinks cause they are my favorite but oh well. That night we watched a movie about Pres. Hinckley which was fun cause I sure do miss my movie nights.

Friday we met an awesome family who just got baptized so they are recent converts. The dad was a member but less active but his wife and daughter got baptized. They are so cute. Tracie, the mom, is one who gets excited about everything! They are a black family and he is from Nigeria and I don't know where she is from but they are all so sweet and we love them already and they love us which is great!

Saturday we just went out and met members and less active people in the ward. Nothing really exciting happened that day.

Sunday we had ward council which is such a boring meeting but something we have to do. This week it wasn't too bad cause half of the time was about missionary work and who we contacted during the week. Our church is at 1 pm so after that meeting we have an hour before church starts to just study. This Sunday I was asked to say the closing prayer in sacrament. There were a lot of people there cause we had two baby blessings so I should have done it last week when he asked us, but Sister Miles did it then. That night we didn't have dinner with a member cause the ones who signed up were out of town so we just ate at home which was nice to have a break.

Well that was my week here in California! I am loving it here and I love the ward I am serving in. I sure do miss everyone at home. My testimony has grown so much already. I love it! Especially about the Book of Mormon. I took that book for granted and didn't use it to get personal revelation but I know that you can get that in every verse, it just depends on if you are looking for it or not. I love this gospel and am so happy that I get to share it with people. I love you all so much and miss you lots!! Hugs and Kisses!!

Love Megan

PS We just got a call saying that we get to have a 2 week missionary and we will get her on Thursday. This area has a program where they spend two weeks to see if they want to be a missionary or not so we get one and we are super excited about it!
Their new car

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