Monday, December 15, 2014

December 8 - December 14

Hello everyone! 
This week has flown by and I am pretty sure the next two weeks will only go faster and faster! Ah its so crazy to me to see this experience ending so soon. Its a bitter sweet moment for sure! This week was a great one and we were able to stay busy :) 

Dec 8- We had a zone activity at the church and played apples to apples which was fun and then we all went off and did our own things. That evening we had dinner with the Roberts family. We had tacos and they had some guacamole and i tried some and oh boy it was so spicy! me and spicy dont get along! haha but it sure gave everyone a good laugh at the table! We then went and talked with the Dunbars for a minute and came home and planned for our training we were giving at zone meeting the next day. 

Dec 9- Zone meeting was super great! It was sad to think that this was going to be my last one cause i sure do learn lots from them! Sister Lampinen and I were able to give another training but this one i really liked. We titled it Enjoy to the End, it was about enjoying missionary work and how it can be a fun time in our lives not something we have to endure and count down. in our training you could feel the spirit so strong and it was just what everyone needed. I love when the spirit gets to be the teacher. We ended the meeting with mine and sister Shaws testimony! Its something we do when missionaries are leaving. We then ended the meeting and took pictures. We went to a lesson with Ann soon after and then visited some other people but didn't have much luck. We then had dinner at the Parr's which we had a good time. We shared the He is the Gift message with them and Bro Parr told us that he shared this with his brother and that he is now ready to take the lessons! it was a neat experience to hear and we sure hope the best for him and their family!! we then went to Sister Kile's home for a lesson. We had a lesson and then went to go and see some christmas lights! it was really fun :) 

Dec10- We were able to go and visit with a former investigator this morning. She is still interested in learning but right now is a super busy time so she said to come back in January. Its times like those where it hits me that I wont be here :( its sad but i sure hope the best for her. We then went and had a lesson with Raquel and Leonard. They are doing so great! Leonard is super excited to get the Holy Ghost that is like all he could talk about since our lesson was about baptism and the Holy Ghost. We hope that he will get baptized soon! We then went and passed out more He is the Gift pass along cards and then the sisters picked us up to go and do After we went to dinner at sister Tuckers and her daughter was able to join us. We then went and had a lesson with the Dunbars! it was a great way to end the day :) 

Dec 11- We didn't have much success today but its okay we still worked hard and ended up having a few lessons that evening. We stopped by the cophers and talked to them about coming to church. We then had a lesson with the Kelly family which went well. after we had dinner with the Hedges which is always a blast! 

Dec 12- My 18 month mark! wow crazy to think that i did it! and how fast 18 months go. We weekly planned and then went and had a lesson with Ramona. The elders were kind enough to give us the truck since they were weekly planning and it was raining outside, they do have hearts sometimes haha We then went to the Ridings for dinner after we gave the truck back to the elders. After the Ridings we went to Sister Kellehers and visited with her for the evening. Goodness that lady can talk! it was a great evening though. 

Dec 13- We were able to help sister Shelton with decorating for the Christmas party all morning. We were in charge of the center pieces. she gave us a box of stuff and said the theme is Frozen so do whatever you think will work best! it turned out super cute :) We then went and tried some people before the party and then walked to Marie's house. She was taking us to the party. It was so great for her to be there she even brought her dad and then her brother who is a member came with his daughter. We were able to give them a church tour before the party started and then we got food and mingled with people. it turned out great! People brought non members and then Raquel and Leonard came! We enjoyed ourselves and so did everyone else :) 

Dec 14- We had our normal Sunday meetings. I can honestly say that I wont miss ward council when i get home haha At church Raquel and Leonard were able to sit with us in Sacrament meeting. We also had Carlos Copher there and his grandma and then Bro Wilcox and Sexton were there too! We had quite a few people come it was great! After church we went out and had a lesson with the Hammonds and then visited a few more people before we headed home for dinner and language study. It was a great productive day for sure! 

These next two weeks we are busy with the holidays and all of my departing things so im sure they will fly by! I hope you all have a wonderful week :) Love you and thanks for your love and support you give me! 

Love Sister Johnson :)  

the zone!

the ward mate picture at the Christmas party!

The theme was FrozenSister Lampinen and I were in charge of doing the center pieces

us setting up for our ward christmas party!we had to take pictures before everyone came :) 

me :) 

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