Monday, November 10, 2014

November 3 - November 9

Hello! This week has been a longish one but full of excitement! Can i just tell you that i am a pro bike fixer?! yep it has been one of those weeks here.  

Nov 3- We were able to do some service this morning for the Copher family. Brother Dunbar and us and the elders went and helped them move. after we went and did our normal p-day things. we went to McDonald's for lunch and this random guy came and sat by me with my backpack in his lap. He started talking to me and he was a little mentally slow but he was hitting on me! He started stroking my arm and just saying she loves my gorgeous eyes hahaha He started using church lingo so i thought he might be a member but he isn't or that I tracted into him one day. The sisters were cracking up and laughing at me the whole time! i was freaking out that he was going to take my bag! He got up with my bag still in his arms and he acted like he was going to run so i said please put my bad down and he said no, i thought i was going to have to scream and run after him! but he said nah im just messin with ya and put it down. Thank heavens! the couple sitting next to us asked if i knew him and they thought it was super strange and creepy! we did however end up have a wonderful conversation about the church with these people. We then went to zone activity and played a game it was fun. We then went to dinner with the Esplin family and that went well! We then went to go and see amy and terry but they stood us up :( we were super sad about it. We ended up talking with the Dunbars for a little bit. It was one crazy day! 

Nov 4- We had district meeting this morning and then went to all of our appointments. We were able to meet with Ann and Chris. That lesson went super great! We talked about our baptismal covenants and remembering the feelings we had on our baptism day. We then had a lesson with the Wilcox's and Bro Sexton. that went well too. We then went and dropped the truck off to the elders and headed to the Cophers since they live closer to us now we dont need the truck for that lesson. it went well but the kids are still crazy and out of control but i still love them all! We then had dinner at the Warnocks and they came and picked us up and we ate with them and ended up watching the CES fireside with them cause he didn't want us to leave cause he knew we were going to have to bike in the dark haha we were stuck there! but it was a good devotional. 

Nov 5- This morning after studies we went to the stake center to have our interviews with Pres. Hobbs. My interview went great! I just love Pres. and Sister Hobbs. After i got out of the interview Sister Hobbs said to me, You only have one transfer left :( you will be leaving me here for another 18 months. haha she is sad to see us go cause we are their MTC babies is what she calls us. its cute! We then went and had panda for lunch with sisters Toolan and VanHeel it was lots of fun! We then went to the library so i could finish my sacrament talk. We then went over to have a lesson with Amy and Terry and we taught them about temples. Amy was so confused about them cause that was the topic of the lessons at church so we were able to help her understand it better. We then went to the Higareda's for dinner and had a great time! They are a great family! 

Nov 6- we met with the Zacher family this morning and before we left we were able to set up another lesson with their daughters husband. He isn't a member and is interested in learning more. The elders were teaching him a year ago and really pushed baptism on him and he didn't feel ready but he is now ready to try again! we were super excited and wasn't expecting this at all! We then went and met with Amy and Terry. The elders came too cause Terry needed a blessing. We then had a lesson and watched the Restoration movie with them and asked them if they believe that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and they both do! We then went and had a lesson with Ann and then went and visited an active family the Britt's they needed a few copies of the book of Mormon so we dropped that off to them. We then went and had a lesson with the Cophers but we had to walk cause sister Lampenin's bike tires were flat. yes both of them! We didn't have time to fix them so we walked to the cophers and then tried our referral but no answer. We then walked home to have dinner and the elders were over and gave us the stuff to fix the bike and gave us a super spicy pepper! they said it was sweet... not even close!! i was crying it was so hot! haha but they were super proud of me for trusting them ha we hurried and ate dinner and then Michelle picked us up to go to a lesson with Sister Winkleman. The elders showed up there too cause they were giving them both blessings. 

Nov 7- Not much happened today cause we weekly planned and then had to fix Sister Lampenins bike. We were going nuts but we were able to fix it with a little help from the elders. we then had dinner dropped off to us and then went to our appointment with Bro Gonzalez. On our way sister Lampinens bike tire exploded! no joke! it was crazy so we got to walk to our appointment which went well! and then we walked home and the elders were there to figure out what was going on. I am so over this bike thing haha the elders took the tire home to try and fix it. 

Nov 8- We were able to do some service at the Squash farm again this week! it was fun! We got to wear our cool shirts! haha The elders quickly came over with the fixed tire and on the way over the tire exploded again so they quickly went and got one of the elders bikes so we could go to our appointments today. We went to the Kelly's and had a lesson with them and then to Zachers and had a great lesson there. We got a new investigator! We then went home and had dinner and then went to the church with Sister Valentine to open the church for our church tour with Debbie. that went well sister Wilcox came and was our member present. it was good for her to be in the church building! 

Nov 9- We went to our normal meetings and then I gave my talk in Sacrament meeting. Amy and Terry came and then Sister Pope too! she even stayed for all 3 hours! We then went home and i fixed my bike all by myself! :) and then had dinner and then contacted our referral! We were able to set up a lunch appointment with her for this coming week! so we hope things will go well there!!  

Well that was my week! i hope you all had a great one! This week we find out about transfers which is crazy! i feel like i just got to this area but im sure my comp and i will stay together! Well i love you all and hope you all have a great week! 

Love Sister Johnson :) 

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