Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 10 - November 16

Hello everyone!
Well it is official I am now starting my very last transfer of my mission :( it is such a crazy feeling. It is defiantly a bitter sweet moment for sure. I remember starting my mission and thinking this is never going to end! I started counting down and getting excited as another transfer came and went. but now I am trying to hold on to this last one. its sad to think that its coming to an end so soon. I am realizing that it is becoming harder to stay focused cause my mind is having to figure out what will happen next. what my game plan will be but I want to just focus on the work and to do my very best! I want to go home not having any regrets. of course I am excited to go home but I'm not ready to finish this chapter in my life. Good thing I have 6 weeks left!! :) it has been the best to not have to worry about yourself and to focus on others all day and everyday. feeling the spirit so strong everyday and seeing people lives change right in front of you. being a missionary is amazing! and hard work. Its not over yet and I am grateful for that! I will hold on to every moment for the next 6 weeks! sorry that has just been on my mind lately and I thought I would share it with you all :)

I did not get transferred and neither did my companion or my ward mates. So not much change. We had a few people in the zone change but not many at all. We will however have the Ranchos sisters, Shaw and Cornett move in with us in our home so that will be fun and exciting!

now for my weekly update:

Nov 10- We had a normal p-day where we had zone activity in the morning and did our normal things until 6pm. We had dinner with such a cute family the Goldbergs. they are a part member family and so nice! they have two little girls and they danced and sang frozen for us and they even let me record it! it was lots of fun! We then had a lesson with Amy and Terry. We were able to go in and she said okay what in the world is the D&C the bible and the book of Mormon have in the footnotes? I cant find it any where haha we giggled and explained what it was and she was excited that there was more! we had her get the gospel library app. so she can read everything. We then asked about if they believe in prophets and they do! they are doing so great! We walked home and did language study and our nightly routine.

Nov 11- We had zone meeting this morning and sister Lampinen and I were asked to give a 30 to 45 minute training on preparing a baptism. It went super great! better than we thought it was going to go. We then had lessons with Ann and the Wilcox's and Bro Sexton. we then went and had dinner at the Higareda's which was fun and then the Spanish sisters picked us up for a lesson with their investigators cause they have a daughter who speaks English and wants to try out an English ward so that was fun! We then went and had a lesson with sister Kile. it was nice finally being able to meet with her again. she has been one busy lady!

Nov 12- Cant believe I am 17 months old! wow! We visited with the Dunbars for a minute and then had a lesson with Raquel and her boyfriend Lenard was there and he said he is interested in learning more about the church again and wants to get baptized! We are excited he just needs to take care of his parole that he is on. We are excited to be teaching him though. We then visited with sister Tucker and then went to Amy and Terry's to have a lesson with the Chapmans. They are a couple in our ward that has had similar backgrounds to Amy and Terry. It was perfect for them to go and meet with them! We should have done it sooner haha we left there and went to the library to do time for a bit and then we were picked up for dinner by Sister Culbertson.

Nov 13- We were able to have lunch with a potential investigator. She was a referral from her brother who is a member. We contacted her and she said she wanted to make us lunch. We were able to go over there and help her make it along with getting to know her better. Right now she isn't interested in taking the lessons but we are going to continue having our friendship! one day she will get baptized! We then got the truck from the elders and went to visit a few people. not many people were home :( We then went to the Cophers and had a crazy lesson there. actually I wouldn't even call it a lesson. they were everywhere! We stayed for about 15 minutes and decided it wasn't worth it and left. We then went and dropped off the truck at the elders dinner and then sister Capps picked us up from there to have dinner at their house! We then went home and Michelle Camire came and picked us up to go to an appointment at sister Winkelmans place. We were exhausted after that!

Nov 14- We woke up early to get ready to go to zone conference which was with the entire desert cause we had Elder Golden and his wife come from the seventy. It was so great! we were able to learn lots and it was fun to see lots of my friends especially the ones who are leaving in a few days well actually this morning haha Elder Golden had many great things that he said! He talked about how we need to teach our investigators about the why because then they will desire to learn about the what and how. And when they understand the why they will do the right things and make those covenants they need to make. He also talked a lot about the power of the Priesthood and how the men need to focus more on that power when they are giving blessings but he also said to us sisters that we too have authority to bless and promise things through prayers. He then opened it up for some questions and then we had lunch and went back into the chapel to hear his closing remarks. It was a super great meeting! we then went home and studied and then sister riding came and picked us up for dinner. We then came home and started our weekly planning.

Nov 15- this morning we were able to go and do service at the animal shelter with the village sisters Toolan and VanHeel! it was lots of fun! we then went home and ate lunch and then went and visited with Amy Tesch for a few minutes and then went to our appointment with Amy and Terry. We taught them about the restoration but we used the cups this time and they loved it! Elder Baker then called us with our transfer doctrine. Amy was super excited that we were both staying! We then went to the Zachers to meet with Jacob our investigator and had a short lesson on scripture study with them. it went well! We then went home to be picked up for dinner at the Camire's.

Nov 16- Normal Sunday. Amy and Terry came to church along with Raquel and Lenard!! yay!! we were super excited to see them :) We had dinner at the Hedges after church and then went home to finish weekly planning.

That was my busy week! Hope you all had a great week too! Love hearing from you all :)

Love Sister Megan Johnson  

the zone :)

some of the crazy elders!! gotta love them!

our car mates :) Sister VanHeel and Toolan!! love them :)

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