Monday, September 8, 2014

August 25 - August 31

Hey everyone! I have loved getting all the emails and updates! It sounds like you all are doing well :)  An update on my week...

Aug 25- Ended up being a normal p-day since we werent transferred! We had dinner that evening with Sister Barton who is super sweet! she too has colon cancer :( she is the sweetest lady and is a pro at family history! it has been the first time that she has had us over for dinner so we are excited about that! she usually doesn't have many people over. 

Aug 26- We had district meeting which went better than I thought it was going to. We were able to talk all together about the goals we wanted to set as a district on making this a great district for the two new elders coming in. We were able to think of many things so we hope it will all go well! After we had lunch at home and then went out to visit some less actives. We were able to do the family mission plan with Lucy Brady and that went well. We are really focussing on the Family mission plan this transfer cause we have seen a great change in our members and how they are all excited to find people! its exciting to see!! We then had dinner with the Trask family which was super great! I love this family they have the cutest kids ever! We then went and followed up with the Davey family on their family mission plans and then visited the Godinet family. We ended up there for awhile cause they sure can chat! haha It was a good visit! 

Aug 27- This morning we went tracting to try and find some new investigators in area 11. We didnt have any success but thats okay cause Sister Mayall and I still had lots of fun! We then went home and had lunch and then went to the Warners home to do the family mission plan. After we went and tried some less actives around that area. We then had dinner at the Delatores which went well until right when we were leaving their son threw up in the driveway so we hurried back in and helped clean up the kitchen cause the whole family wasn't feeling all that great. they came down with the flu but no worries we didn't catch it! thank goodness!! We then headed to young womens! I loved ending the day with the youth! 

Aug 28- We were able to visit with Sister T today and had a great lesson with her! we taught about Joseph Smith and the spirit was so strong during the lesson! Gotta love it when that happens!! We then had a lesson with Irene and her grandson Gabriel who is 13. That was interesting cause he acts like he doesn't want to be taught but he did get into by the end of the lesson which was good! we just think he is resisting a bit cause his grandma wants him to join so bad that he is just rebelling. We then stopped by the Hernandez family and set up a lesson with them which didn't go through :( she has had some serious medical problems so its understandable but we really hope all will be well with them! We then had dinner at the Cady families home which went well. it was the first time they have had us over for dinner! That evening we went and visited some less actives. 

Aug 29- We had a lesson with Monique at Sister Perkins home. It went super great! we were able to talk about keeping the sabbath day holy and the sacrament and the importance of it. She said she never really thought of it the way we taught it and she is committing to come every week to really focus on the Atonement during the sacrament. We were super happy to hear her say that. Oh she also was able to tell us that her and Joseph have been reading the scriptures together!!! YAY!!! we have been trying to get that to happen since i have been here. things are going really well with them!! We then had a district service activity at a ladies home who isn't a member but is a friend of a guy who is investigating right now. We helped her pack up her house for her to move. We cleaned a nasty fridge that smelled super bad!! it was really gross! We then had dinner at the Coria's which went well. and then we went home hoping to get a washer and dryer from the Swarts but he had an accident and couldnt come by to put them in. We then decided to plan for our lesson that we were giving in gospel principles. 

Aug 30- We were able to weekly plan today since yesterday we were booked solid! We then went and had a lesson with Lina and then Dixie Murry and then stopped by sister Driscolls. It was a productive afternoon for sure! We then had dinner with the Birdsall family which is always great!! We then had a lesson after and Alex came to that one. We were a bit nervous for this lesson cause we are teaching the Word of Wisdom and Tithing the two things that tend to be the hardest for people. It went better than expected so that was good! he did have a bit of an issue with the coffee and tea thing but is willing to give it a try!! and he committed to paying tithing once he gets baptized. We did follow up on the bap date and he said he still doesn't know yet. We think when he realizes that he has gotten his answer that it will all happen really fast! We are still so excited for this family!! We then had ward coordination with the elders at Bro Swarts home. 

Aug 31- We had ward council and then church! Monique and Joseph came as well as Francis and Everett!! We were so excited to see all of them there. We were able to teach gospel principles and the lesson was on service so it went well we were able to share a video called Pass it on, its on and it went really well. We then had the third hour combined since it was the fifth sunday and of course the bishop gave a lesson on tithing! haha we were happy that we were able to teach that lesson before hand. we then went over to the Stocksdales after church and had a lesson with Frances. We were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation which went super great! Later that evening we went and had dinner at the Englands which was super fun! We love that family! 

This week we have quite the busy week which we are excited about! We have exchanges and then lessons with our investigators! We know we will see many miracles this week! Well I love you all so much! Thank you for your support :)  

Oh and shout out to Elder Arnold and Sophie and Ayden Happy Birthday!!!

Love Sister Johnson 

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