Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 18 - Aug 24

Another transfer has come and gone and I am still in Ontario Creekside ward!! With Sister Mayall :) By the end of this transfer I will have served in this ward for 7 1/2 months I am sure they are quite sick of me by now haha but my work here isn't done yet! I am super excited to still be here cause of our Investigators :) Things are going great in this area and im excited to see what will happen these next 6 weeks. 

Aug 18- For zone activity we went to the Vondersaars gym and just jumped and messed around there. it was super fun! I was able to do a front flip on the trampoline! I was pretty proud of myself haha We then did our normal things for a p-day and then had dinner dropped off to us by the Marx family. We then finished preparing for our training in district meeting. 

Aug 19- In district meeting all of the companionship's had to do a 10 minute training on subjects from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Mayall and I had repentance. It went well and we were able to learn lots from the other missionaries. It is Elder Rudolphs birthday on friday so Sister Mayall and I got him a cake and a card on behalf of the district so we were able to have a little birthday party for him! that was fun and we completely surprised him!! We went back to our place to have lunch and then went out to work! we visited a few less actives but had no luck. I then got feeling super sick which was weird but we headed to our dinner appointment anyway. We had dinner with the Remington family which went great! It was fun getting updated on Emma their daughter who just left to the Brazil MTC. We then went home since i still wasn't feeling well. I dont understand what is going on with me! I dont want to be sick anymore!! haha 

Aug 20- I was up most of the night and still had to stay close to a bathroom so we did our weekly planning today and updated our area book and stayed in our apartment. We were so done with our apartment we were beginning to go nuts!! haha 

Aug 21- what a crazy day! we were slammed today cause this is the only full day we have to see all of our investigators and less actives we are working with. We were able to see most of our less actives and a few of our investigators. we did have a car today which was a life savor!!  We had dinner at the Vondersaars and then went and picked up a young women who wanted to come out with us. it was super cute we picked her up and she was wearing a name tag like ours! haha she got it from one of the young women activity and decided to wear it today. We then went to Monique and Josephs which went well and then we went to Diana's and had a lesson with her. We were exhausted by the time we got home! We love busy days like these!! 

Aug 22- We spent all day up at Mt. Baldy doing service again. It was loads of fun! We were there from 9 to 4ish it was a long day for sure. We dug a lot and moved rocks. Sister Mayall got stung by a bee well bit by a wasp which wasn't fun for her. I was the one that was screaming and running away and she is the one who got stung. i felt so bad especially since it was her first one ever. I hurried and put mud on it since we have a life long supply of mud up there! haha she was okay after that. We then got home and showered since we were super dirty and then went to dinner with the Marsh family. It was fun and we were super tired by the end of it all. 

Aug 23- Mission Conference with Elder Nelson from the 12!! yay! It was so good! I was able to learn so much from him and Elder Larry Kacher. they both did such a great job and the spirit was there so strong. It was really neat cause at the end of Elder Nelsons remarks he promised us like 10 blessings. One that made my eyes water a bit was that he said our family members who may be struggling with health will be okay. I instantly thought of Marc and a calm feeling came over me that all was going to be okay. He also promised us many other things that i wrote down but dont have with me at the time but it was really neat. We then went and took a mission photo after and then mingled. I was able to see many of my friends! it was so good seeing them all! We then went home and then had dinner at the Birdsalls and then had a lesson with Everett. I was able to extend a baptism date to him!! he was super open to it and positive about it but we invited him to pray about it and get the confirmation for himself. We were super excited about it!! We were all talking about them getting sealed as a family as well. I know it will happen one day! I love seeing families accept the gospel it is the best thing ever!! We then had a meeting with Bro Swart and he was super excited to hear about Everett as well!! We finally got our transfer doctrine at 8pm that night! this was the longest wait we have ever had!! 

Aug 24- We had ward council and then church. Everett and Frances were there!! we then went to the Stocksdales for lunch and a lesson with Frances which went great! she is loving learning and cant wait to learn even more! We hope to extend a baptismal date with her this coming week! After we went home and did our studies and then had dinner at Sister Neweys place. It was a good day. 

Thank you so much for all of your love and support! I couldn't do this with out you! I love being a missionary and seeing how this gospel changes so many lives if you let it. I love you all so much! Have a great week :) 
Love Sister Johnson 

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