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March 31 - April 6

Hey everyone!
Thanks for all the updates! I too was able to watch conference and loved every second of it! I learned so much and now I cant wait to apply them in my life and with the ones I teach. This week has been quite a crazy one!
March 31- Had a normal awesome p-day! We were going to have a lesson with a recent convert who moved into the ward but an hour before they canceled. I hate it when that happens, I should be use to it by now but it still sucks every time it happens. We had dinner at Sister Warners home who is an older lady and is super sweet. She made us her famous tacos which was super good! She didn't let us down on that one haha!
April 1- This morning we were able to have district meeting which was awesome like always with this district! I am sad to see that this transfer is almost over. It has gone by so fast which is a good and bad thing haha In the meeting we were focusing on contacting people on the street. We came to the conclusion that we always fall back to a routine that we say which makes us sound like a robotic missionary which we dont want to be like. We talked about ways to start conversations with people and we were able to do role palys which we all love so much... NOT! they were good though. We learned alot and helped each other out while doing it. after that we went and worked in area 4a and saw a few people and then went to dinner at the Perkins home. They are a nice younger couple but awkward! We hate dinners where people dont talk to us very much we can only ask so many questions haha Please make note if you ever feed the missionaries to always ask about them and to keep good conversation! They will be so thankful for that! We then went home and finished our studies that evening.
April 2- This morning we went and visited with Sister Crays who is an active member but has a less active son. We were able to go and do our cute easter activity with her and she invited us over to watch conference with her and her son! we were so excited about that :) After we came home and made lunch quickly cause the Sisters were picking us up to go into Rancho to the mission office for the 4 week Training meeting we had that day. We were able to split into two groups. the new missionaries and the trainers. We were able to come together and talk about how training is going and ways we can do better. I was able to learn alot and also feel like i have been doing pretty well which is always a good feeling to have! After that meeting we were able to go to dinner at the Vondersaar home. We love them! We did the easter activity with them as well and we were able to have her brother Tim sit in the lesson as well which hasn't happened ever!! Sister Vondersaar was super excited about it and so were the elders when we told them! Miracles happen everyday out here!
April 3- We had a normal study morning and then off to lessons that sister Swart set up for us with members in the ward! We did our easter activity with the Burnell family who has 3 boys which was fun. Our activity is having 12 easter eggs with scriptures and little objects inside about the true meaning of easter. Everyone loves it so far! We then went to a few more places and did the same thing and then went tracting for a few hours. That evening we were able to go to the Delatore family and practiced a plan of salvation lesson with them. That went okay haha it was our first lesson together and Sister Dunford got really nervous so I did most of the talking which was good for me but by the end she was able to loosen up and talk more and share her testimony. It was great practice for both of us to have!
April 4- I woke up today not feeling all that great but kept going cause we had things to do! We were able to do our weekly planning which was good and then sister Dunford made me go to sleep cause i had a bad sore throat and aches and a bad cough. I needed to take it easy and sleep it off. It is better to take a day "off" than to end up being so sick that we cant work for a whole week so I slept from 1 to 5! I guess I really needed to catch up on sleeping.  I felt so bad for Sister Dunford! She was able to study and do things that she needed to do.  We then had dinner with the Phillipson family who we love so much!! He is from England so he talks so cool and she is super cute and sweet! They have two kids a girl and a little boy who I connected with really well! I love the kids here! That was really fun and I felt really welcomed and loved in their home.
April 5- We were able to watch the morning session of conference with Sister Crays and her less active son Sam who lives with her. It was our first time meeting him and he is really nice and seems like an active member. We talked with him about our missions and his and just about life until conference started. I was super excited to see that Elder Holland would be starting out conference! I always love his talks. I loved this session it was all really good!
We then had an appointment after with Denise a less active and we were able to share a message about hope and faith with her. She is huge into body building and isn't really ready to come back to church yet but hey we are still going to share uplifting messages with her. Her daughter Shayla came to young womens the other day so that was good! After we went to Lina's home who is another Less active as well. She didn't realize that it was conference weekend so we asked if we could watch the second session with her. She said yes and we watched it around her computer. It wasn't very comfortable (daddy I said it in my head how you do hahaha) but we were happy to watch it with her and that she allowed us to do so. I loved Elder Scotts talk so much. it was an answer to one of my questions that I had. Sister Dunford and I both turned to each other and we both knew this was an answer from our Heavenly Father for us! It was a cool experience to have with her.
After we went and had a BBQ at one of our investigators home. Monique and Josephs home. They invited the Buck family in our ward and we had yummy Mexican food! It was really good and we all enjoyed ourselves. It is so important for us as missionaries to gain a relationship with those we are teaching I have come to understand this more and more everyday!
April 6- This mornings conference session we watched with one of our recent converts Dawn and her non member husband Everette and the elders. It was a really good session! I loved Pres Uchtodorfs talk so much! Many people came into my head listening to that talk. It is so neat getting revelation for other people. It is such an incredible calling that I have!! I also loved Elder Ballards talk about following up and how he applied what he learned on his mission to when he got home haha. I don't think I will be that extreme but I still loved it! After that session we were able to talk with them about it and we were able to ask Everette how he felt watching it and he had such a glow to him as he answered. He knows this church is true it is just a matter of time before he accepts that answer! It was really neat to see the change in him and his wife Dawn saw that as well and got super excited about it!
We then watched the second session with Narah another less active. She didn't have the other girls so it was just her and baby Kallie! That session was good with her as well. I loved being able to watch all of conference with the people who needed it the most in our ward. I love conference and the ability we have to get the guidance and council we need! I cant wait to apply the things we have heard. it will be tough and take time but I know my Savior is with me every step of the way!!
A miracle moment happened today!! We were able to find a new investigator! His name is Richard and we contacted him while he was walking his dog. We talked about who we were and he said he was interested in learning more. We told him about conference and he was able to watch an hour of it on his phone and then said he wanted to have a lesson with us. We were able to meet him at the pool in his area and have a lesson on the Restoration. He said he has been reading the Book of Mormon and knows it is true and sister Dunford then asked him if he would be baptized and he said yes!! We both were super excited. We are planning on meeting with him and his wife next week :) I have been so blessed this week with all the miracles that I was able to witness! I love this gospel with all my heart!
Love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week :)  
Love Sister Johnson  

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