Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 7/22-7/28

Another week has gone by. It has gone by fast buy yet again really slow. It is the strangest feeling ever! I will catch you all up on what I have been doing.

Tuesday the 23rd we had district meeting which was fun. I always like to be with all of the other missionaries. After we went home and got some lunch and went out to pass out some invites we made for our ward BBQ we had coming up for Pioneer Day. Later that night we had a lesson with Aneeka. The elders taught WOW (word of wisdom). She struggles with tea and coffee but is willing to give it up. She sure is a golden investigator! Oh and at dinner Sister Miles had an allergic reaction and she was freaking out cause she hasn't ever had on before. It wasn't that serious but just freaked her out. I knew what to do which she was thankful for but she still talked with Sister Hobbs and asked the elders for a blessing to give her some peace. Aneeka was able to stay and be there for that. She was super excited about that.

Wednesday the 24th, it was super strange not having it as a holiday here. Our ward celebrates it with a BBQ but that is it. I miss going to see all the fireworks but it's okay I will live without them for 18 months. We went and saw more LA and people ward council wanted us to go and see. We had an appointment with Brandon and Jessica but it fell through so we were really bummed cause we were super excited to teach them about the Plan of Salvation. Sister Miles and Sister Remington got the impression to call Loraine another gator who we haven't talked to in awhile. It was a good thing we text her because she set up an appointment on Friday! Sister Remington was bummed out because she would be home by then but was excited for us. We filled Friday up fast so we were stoked! Later that night it was time for bed and Sister Remington was out cold and we couldn't sleep so we got up and walked around downstairs and talked until 1:30 am. You could say that I was super tired the next day!

Thursday the 25th was the day we had to drop off our two week missionary Sister Remington. We were all super sad about it cause she was finally being herself and we finally got used to having another one around. It was a great meeting but opened up my eyes. It was exciting to see the families there waiting for their missionaries but all the missionaries didn't want to leave. They loved everything here. All of them bore their testimonies and wow they sure learned a lot in two weeks. It made me realize how much I am going to learn in the next 17 months and how much I too have already learned. It really is such a blessing being out here. After that we stayed and helped Sister Heagy because she was a wreck. She is so homesick and it is sad to see one of my bet friends out here hurt like that. I wish I could take that pain away and she wishes more than anything that she could just go out and work but she thinks she won't be able to make it but who knows. Later we were able to go to another lesson with the elders in the YSA ward who are our zone leaders and help them out with a RC (recent convert). Her name is Michelle Lima and she is 18 and just got baptized 3 weeks ago. She has one hard life right now because she is the only one in her family who isn't anti and her mom wants her to go out to clubs and drink with her and her sister flew down when she found out she was getting baptized with all of the anti crap and told her to watch and read it all. Michelle didn't but she feels super alone right now. She wants to move out but doesn't have the money to do so. Her mom takes her child support and spends it all on herself. She is going to be a senior in high school so they think a family ward is where she needs to be. She needs the young women program for sure so we went to get to know her and brought the twins in our ward to become friends with her. They hit if off great! She is planning on coming to church on Sunday and to the BBQ on Saturday.

Friday the 26th we taught Loraine the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she really needed that. We only had about 30 minutes until our next appointment so it was short but she was so grateful that we didn't give up on her. She is having a hard time with her husband because he drinks all the time and he gets crazy when he has been drinking. She knows Satan is trying everything to make it hard for her to come to church but we aren't giving up on her and she isn't giving up on us which is great! We gave her the BOM and invited her to read it and she sounded really excited about that and we meet with her again on Tuesday. We taught Aneeka about the Priesthood and prophets and she just gets it all. She is just waiting to be baptized but her date is changing which sucks so I think it is Aug 9th but still don't know for sure but I will let you all know when I do and don't worry I will send you pictures since it will be my first baptism!

Saturday the 27th we helped non members move as a zone which was fun but super gross. Their house was so gross and they had nothing packed! When people say they need help moving it means to pack and load everything. They wanted us to help them unpack but they were moving to Fontana which is out of our mission so we couldn't. Later we had our ward BBQ which was fun to go to but no one came who we invited which stung a little but we did have Michelle there who enjoyed herself and is making friends which was great.

Sunday the 28th just a normal Sunday full of meetings.

Well there was my week and I am excited to see what this next one brings! I am so thankful for all the prayers that have been said. I have felt them a lot recently so thank you. I love you all so much and hope to hear from you all soon!!


Sister Remington (2 week Missionary)

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