Friday, June 7, 2013

The Papers Are IN!!

March 22, 2013

I have decided to serve a mission! Yes, it was a huge shock to me too. I never even thought about serving because by the age of 21, I wanted to be married. When Pres. Monson made the age change announcement I knew that I was supposed to go out and serve. I was extremely scared and not wanting to leave my life behind for 18 months.
I pushed the feeling away to serve a mission for about six months. Then one day, I was in my room alone when I felt inspired to get on my knees and pray that I had decided to serve a mission. As those words came out of my mouth the weight on my shoulders lifted and I received my answer.
I told my parents later in the week about what I had decided to do. I then told my sisters one by one. Morgan being the last because I knew she would be the only one who could talk me out of it. They were all very supportive and knew that was the right decision for me. After I told Kelsey she told me the night that I received my answer was the night that she had a dream that I was opening my mission call. My answers came in many ways first through the prophet, then through the answer of prayer, and through the people around me.
I met with the bishop soon after I told my family to start this process. March 22 was the day my papers were officially in and when the waiting game began.

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